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    Fandom Angst Part 3 - Temp Removal Of Jeff The Killer From CP Wikia And Comments In Response

    Ocean Elf

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    Fandom Angst Part 3 - Temp Removal Of Jeff The Killer From CP Wikia And Comments In Response Empty Fandom Angst Part 3 - Temp Removal Of Jeff The Killer From CP Wikia And Comments In Response

    Post by Ocean Elf on Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:33 pm

    Fandom Angst Part 3: The Comments In Response To The Meme

    "Waaaaaaah! CP Wikia Just Removed Jeff The Killer!

    Actually, they replaced it, with a 2015 re-write.

    A tantrum meme was posted about this, and it received comments.

    * * *

    StalkerNo0025 Nov 22, 2015

    It's off the site again. And for brays sake- somebody take a look at what they did to JtK wiki. That site is not even an excuse to why it's not on CP wiki anymore, it's a braying mess. If it was at least a decently managed- just take a braying look, I'm lost for words with that site. Shame on you CP wiki, shame on you. I avoided posting my opinion about this for the longest time, and hell- it was braying forever since I read something other on that site other than discussion about removal of Creppypasta classics.

    blast it, going over to the MrAngryDog's Creepypasta Land wiki. Thank you for letting me know that somebody made another site- I was starting to think about making it myself. Well, maybe I'll do my own JtK wiki...

    I just hope it Creepypasta Land will be a site...CSI Miami ... to kill for. As was once CP wiki.

    Ocean Elf: Blah.

    ednoahjones Oct 14, 2015

    Stop getting mad

    Ocean Elf: No kidding.

    Spooky-skeletons Aug 20, 2015 Professional Traditional Artist

    Honestly I'm glad it's on trollpasta now, where it belongs

    Ocean Elf: Hahahaha!

    CKninjaboy Edited Dec 17, 2015 Hobbyist Digital Artist

    Rightfully in its place alongside Deth Trumpet.

    I don't get all the weird infatuation with creepypasta characters.

    Ocean Elf: Oh! Wow, common sense at last! Woo-hoo! I hope there are more comments like these!

    TheFallenSniper Oct 2, 2015


    Jeff was a crappy pasta to begin with, and all the fangirls/fanboys made it worse.

    Ocean Elf: No kidding!

    He needs a foefiction.

    pscheurman Jun 19, 2015

    Jeff the Killer was quite literally the worst story on that site, almost unchallenged, since Sonic.EXE was deleted. I'm not exaggerating or joking. It made no since logically (Bleach isn't flammable, Being burned doesn't give you superpowers), It was a grammatical train wreck, it was a story that was not only, unscary poorly written trash, but it was actively harmful to creepypastas and literature. If we say, THIS is the standard, then people will try to aspire to written pure garbage. It was never good, it was never scary and it was almost literally all reliant on that poor photoshop job. That, Squidward's Suicide, Sonic.exe and other stories like that SHOULD be deleted permanently. Those stories are an insult to written word. Goodbye, Good riddance

    And remember, because I don't want my point to be taken the wrong way, you are not stupid for liking the story, the story is just, by all measures off quality very poor. You can like something of poor quality and it doesn't make you stupid or wrong.

    StalkerNo0025 Nov 22, 2015

    you know he was also soaked with alcohol, right? quote " “What’s funny,” he said, “Is that you’re covered in bleach and alcohol.” Jeff’s eyes widened as Keith threw the lighter at him. As soon as the flame made contact with him, the flames ignited the alcohol in the vodka.".

    Ocean Elf: Oh, brother, do I really have to do this? *Sigh* Okay, here goes.

    rubbish. It takes a lot longer for bleach to effect something, and it doesn't actually bleach your skin, turning it a different colour, unless you soak yourself in it for a ridiculous amount of time.

    Alcohol and bleach setting him on fire? Uh no. That would be the oxygen and the match. Alcohol's evaporated. If he's on fire, I doubt he's just walking anywhere. He'd be running, or if he had the presence of mind and the ability to put it into practice, the stop, drop and roll to put the fire out. Much easier said than done I'm sure. But this "walking inferno" business is bull.

    nibbles7192 May 14, 2015

    It's been deleted, again.

    Gohan-Uchiha Feb 20, 2015 Hobbyist General Artist

    I think ClericofMadness is a cool guy, but this story deserved to be deleted, as there was nothing special or scary about it on a site for internet horror stories.

    IAmLexeh Jan 2, 2015 Hobbyist Traditional Artist

    What is saddening is that even though Cleric stood up for the creepypasta that has the 2nd most iconic character of all time in the CP fandom they still deleted it. I'm afraid to see what this wiki and fandom is coming to. I think even quite a few people left the fandom after the incident. It also makes me sad and a little hurt to see the first story I ever read in creepypasta to be put in such a humiliating position on the Trollpasta wiki. And I know I sound insensitive which I am really but I could really careless if that picture was photoshopped just to make fun of somebody. Also I don't really know why anybody would make the picture look that horrifying just to make fun off someone so I don't even believe in that story or theory that people tell about it. But then again I wouldn't be surprised by it. I think they might probably undelete it in the future but I'm not very forgiving and I hold grudges on a lot of things.

    Ocean Elf: Nice to know you have such a winning personality. Pardon me for not wanting to be buddy buddies with you. Eww, disgusting.

    Yes, trolls made that picture at that girl's expense. Yes, that matters.

    Having the fandom decrease is the best thing that could happen. Having it fade/die out altogether would be even better. But that's just my opinion. I hate Jeff The Killer. I don't like fandoms. So...Yeah, I'm completely cool with humiliating Jeff. If that ticks off his fangirls, too bad so sad.

    Dusk-deerfluff Jan 12, 2015 Hobbyist Artist

    It's been back up if you seen..

    IAmLexeh Jan 15, 2015 Hobbyist Traditional Artist

    Well I just looked at it a few days ago and I didn't see it .-.

    Dusk-deerfluff Jan 15, 2015 Hobbyist Artist

    there's a link at the end of the journal. I think they like made a totally new link to it or something.

    IAmLexeh Jan 18, 2015 Hobbyist Traditional Artist

    Oh okay thank you.

    Dusk-deerfluff Jan 18, 2015 Hobbyist Artist

    your welcome.

    StalkerNo0025 Nov 22, 2015

    No they deleted it again. Seriously, when you open that link, click on "Latest version".

    Dusk-deerfluff Nov 22, 2015 Hobbyist Artist

    It's still there?? I literally just opened the link, don't know why

    you can't see it. It might be blocked for you.

    Kitty-BootPoots Edited Jan 1, 2015

    Im a creepypasta fan but, don't think I'm a hater.

    If you've never seen the background from the story it's actually based off a photoshopped version of a girl that committed suicide from a bully. The bullies photoshopped her face even the website (4chan DONT VISIT THE WEBSITE) and got a lot of hate, I think it's a good thing to take it off because it's basically about bullying and some nude thing.

    Besides the whole thing will get old anyway....... We got a lot of Mary Sues from it all... I think the girls ould be glad to not be considered an insane murderer that kills his own family.

    Edit: If I can find it I'll give you the link to the info if you'd like me to.

    TheAdorkableNerd Oct 13, 2014 Hobbyist Digital Artist

    I'm personally glad they deleted it. If he was an icon, so what? I'd rather have no icon at all then a crap icon that gives me and my community a bad name. It's like either having Foodfight! as your team mascot or having no mascot at all, you get where I'm going at? And you have yet to explain how they are 'elitists', are you sure you know what this means?

    Ocean Elf: I read comments like this and feel suddenly happy.

    SpikeTheCat666 Sep 14, 2014

    I don't like Jeff the Killer as much as everyone else but that was pretty crappy of CPWIKI to do

    Enemom Edited Jul 17, 2014 Hobbyist Writer

    thank goodness ! So glad that happened!

    forgot to explain why : "they aren't "elitist" for deleting a bad story. From a wrieter's point of view, it's terrible. And, MrAngryDog is worse because his wiki is crap and he is a potential pedophile in asking girls for nudes while drunk and by sexualizing women and lesbians.

    Ocean Elf: Eww! That doesn't surprise me since this is how he reacts to criticism of his precious Jane the Killer.

    if i wanted to get your two cents worth, i would reach for the take-a-penny tray.

    as far as your useless rant goes, that's your period talking.

    i don't trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die."

    Gohan-Uchiha Feb 20, 2015 Hobbyist General Artist

    Not sure about that, though he is a Nazi fetishist piece of crap.

    Ocean Elf: Eww! What gave you that idea? Curious minds want to know.

    Ajones123 Nov 8, 2014

    What? MrAngryDog doesn't do that. Speak for yourself.

    Ocean Elf: Well that was lame.

    Enemom Nov 8, 2014 Hobbyist Writer


    you literally do not know him.

    Ocean Elf: I literally don't want to know him either.

    Ajones123 Nov 8, 2014

    Yea I do

    skyclawthewolf Aug 19, 2014 Student Digital Artist

    Hope you don't mind me asking this but is there evidence that MrAngryDog is a potential pedophile or asking girls for nudes?

    Ocean Elf: Of course there is. If the girl is under age, that's pedo. Pervy no matter what age. Not the kind of guy I want to chum around with.

    MrShuffleDeck Jun 12, 2014

    And It was a brony..XD

    Ocean Elf: Eww. Again, not surprising.

    Kiasuboy Feb 9, 2014 Student Photographer…

    MrShuffleDeck May 13, 2014

    Sounds like this is becoming what I for seen a battle of ideals..

    Kiasuboy Feb 9, 2014 Student Photographer

    Read the link above its pretty much shocking Razz the-metal-maniac:

    Ocean Elf: I have. There's nothing shocking about it. Seems to me the wiki has come up with a very good solution to the problems, which seemed to be caused in the first place by Jeff and Slender fangirls.

    The-Metal-Maniac Feb 9, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on that thread ever since ClericofMadness, the founder of CP wiki, commented on this journal yesterday. Like you said, it's rather shocking what I've seen so far.

    Ocean Elf: I'm not a fangirl, so, don't find it shocking at all.

    Kiasuboy Feb 9, 2014 Student Photographer

    Oh yes, did you get a glimpse of what the creator of Jeff the killer said?

    The-Metal-Maniac Feb 10, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    Wait, who's claiming to be Jeff's creator? Last I checked, Jeff the Killer's creator is still unknown (and has been for years), so I'm incredibly skeptical of anyone that makes such a bold claim.

    Ocean Elf: Bold? It might be an honest, or a dishonest claim. But bold? No. *Rolling eyes* Jeff fan. *Pfft*

    Kiasuboy Feb 11, 2014 Student Photographer

    Jeff is also back into CP for some unknown reason. Not sure if temp.

    Kiasuboy Feb 10, 2014 Student Photographer

    In the CP chat, I heard rumors that the creator was just "OK" with it. I'm not sure if its true, but I'm investigating about it more myself.

    Kiasuboy Feb 11, 2014 Student Photographer

    ^Ignore this. Its not even authentic anyway

    PrincessxCallie Feb 9, 2014 Hobbyist Writer

    Why? Because it isn't just his wiki? Because decisions were made that you don't like?

    We handed you your own wiki. No quality standards, nothing like that. It's practically all yours. We aren't going to sit there and say we liked it, or that it was good, but we're giving you a gift here.

    Ocean Elf: *Aplauds* You tell those cry-babies.

    The-Metal-Maniac Feb 9, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    You know for a bunch of mods who don't care what anyone in the dA community thinks of you, you sure are turning up a lot.

    And why what? Why am I shocked about what I'm seeing? Simple: clericofmadness founded the bloody Creepypasta Wiki.

    From where I stand as a Creepypasta writer, cleric's word > every admin in the place.

    You seem to be under the impression that the wiki is more than an archive. I'm going to be rather blunt when I say this: you are wrong. So what if a community's grown around the wiki? It is STILL an archive. That is only reason the CP Wiki exists in the first place. You can have your perfectionist quality standards for the new content, but you don't destroy ancient manuscripts (in this case, the big-name famous pastas) in order to make room for new material.

    And no, the"JtK Wiki" is NOT a gift.

    To quote the front page of that pathetic excuse for a wiki:

    "Not only is it a place for Jeffpasta, but it's a place where there is no restriction on spin-offs, inspired-bys or roleplaying."

    Sounds to me like the JtKWiki is a virtual landfill where CPWiki is trying to dump everything vaguely tied to Jeff (and therefore must be crap) so they don't have to deal with the iconic killer (or his knockoffs) ever again, not a 'gift', as you call it.

    Ocean Elf: "Waaaaaah! Waaaaaaah! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!" Oh, you poor, pooooooooooor bay-beeeeeeeeee! Gads, what a whiny brat. Please, shut up! Jef got dumped. End of the world for you. sheesh, deal with it and suck it up.

    Things don't have to stick around just because they're old. Old trash is as bad as new trash. and in the case of your precious Jeff, he keeps spawning more new trash thanks to his stupid fangirls.

    gigazankoos Feb 11, 2014

    Hi, this is Agnerstein, one of the current mods of the CPWC. I couldn't help but see that you people are still complaining about something that had happened. No offense at all, but gads help me if I'm going to sit here and listen to your dirtpoor excuse for a debate. EVERYWHERE, there are people that are for something, against something, or see both sides of it. And, No offense to Cleric, he's a great guy, but, he doesn't have the last word. From what I have seen, he does NOT like to take things single-handedly, but rather, makes discussions and threads so other users, mods, admins, Bcrats, and VCROC, can have a say. THE COMMUNITY gets the final word, on whether or not something like this gets deleted, but even then, a lot of people are against the idea of deleting something that brought new people to the CPWiki in the first place.

    Ocean Elf: Exactly.

    PrincessxCallie Feb 11, 2014 Hobbyist Writer

    Let's get one thing clear. The founder has no more say in a wiki than I do. Wikis are community projects.

    And so something allows roleplaying, it's immediately a landfill? blast logic, right?

    And yes, the wiki IS more than just an archive. If it were not, it wouldn't ALLOW that new content. Get your facts straight.

    Ocean Elf: Here, here!

    The-Metal-Maniac Feb 11, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    I had response written up for this and then my computer decided to die on me. So I'll keep it simple:

    - I know Cleric has no more say in the wiki than you. I was stating an opinion, not a fact. I simply treat his word with more weight than yours because he's been around longer than you and has more experience as a creepypasta writer.

    Ocean Elf: So, who's being elitist now?

    The-Metal-Maniac: - An archive is a collection of information. The CP Wiki is a collection of creepypastas (information), so no, it's still primarily an archive, whether you want to admit it or not.

    Ocean Elf: who cares?

    The-Metal-Maniac: Of course, this entire argument is now moot since Lil' Miss Rarity decided to put Jeff the Killer back up on the wiki again.

    clericofmadness Feb 8, 2014 Professional Writer

    Undeleted. The reason for this story to be deleted was utter nonsense. While the sheer volume and majority of JtK clones or spinoff/piggybacking stories are utter garbage (AND THEY ARE DON'T EVEN PRETEND THEY AREN'T) the original is still a well-established piece of internet horror fiction.


    If you're reading not delete any more WELL-ESTABLISHED stories. While new stories may be faulted for grievous errors, deleting well-established pieces of fiction because you do not like them or because they spawn crappy spinoffs is

    I N T E R N E T C E N S O R S H I P.

    Don't do that.

    Ocean Elf: That was already posted somewhere above.

    The-Metal-Maniac Feb 8, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    First things first: holy crap, I never thought the founder of Creepypasta Wiki would weigh in on this.

    Ocean Elf: Oh please. Calm the hex down.

    The-Metal-Maniac: Now with that shock out of the way, thank you so much for (re-)stating the original purpose of the wiki. I always viewed Creepypasta Wiki as an archive for the original creepypasta stories. Granted, I'm guilty of posting a few of my own creepypastas to the wiki sometime last year in order to get them out in public view and recognized, but that was back when I felt like having my stories on the Creepypasta wiki was important at the time.

    But I have to agree, trying to erase the past because you fear the future does amount to censorship, especially when the definition of quality control happens to differ from most Creepypasta readers/writers on the Internet.

    Mind if I quote this comment and add it to the journal entry?

    Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* And we all know that removing old crummy content from *ONE SITE* means "CENSORSHIP" which is like the biggest crime against all of humanity!

    Get a grip, people!

    The more I read from you, the more I dislike you.

    clericofmadness Feb 10, 2014 Professional Writer

    Go for it.

    Also I haven't quit. I'm just one (loud) voice in a large community.

    Looks like everyone else is going to get their way. I'm just letting them know they are on a dangerous and slippery slope. They are deleting a genre-defining piece of fiction. They can debate how it's such a terrible one or how poorly written it is, but the fact of the matter is it is a definitive piece of what makes internet horror fiction inspiring and terrifying, its fanbase aside.

    I am not going to waste my time trying to argue with the majority of my website's community. Unless someone puts up a poll and an overwhelming majority votes to keep JtK, this issue is probably going to be closed.

    MasterPhantasos Feb 10, 2014

    I give up on this site

    MAking maria a b'crat was the worst thing I had ever done

    She is unstoppable and it's up to you guys to report her to staff if she continues to go against the site rules by not involving the community on site decisions.

    - Andrew Movitz, Saturday, February 08, 2014 12:56 PM

    Ocean Elf: What the ruddy hex are you prattling on about?

    clericofmadness Feb 10, 2014 Professional Writer

    This is one message from a series of frustrated messages I sent to Ming, but thanks for taking things out of context like that. This is one of the reasons we cannot have nice things on the internet.

    Ocean Elf: Fandoms tend to ruin nice things, but creepy pasta isn't nice to start with... So...

    MasterPhantasos Feb 11, 2014

    I'm not sure how it's supposed to be out of context enough to warrant dismissal. And yes, your headupownbutt (edit) is indeed one of the reasons why we cannot have nice things on the internet.

    Another thing- how about you see if you can pull yourself up to Cheese's level and quit it with what's basically LEAVIN FOREVERRRR nonsense? For brays sake son, it's bad enough a young genderqueer brony is 2spooky4u!

    Ocean Elf: Get a life.

    clericofmadness Feb 10, 2014 Professional Writer


    clericofmadness Feb 8, 2014 Professional Writer

    And ye gods don't try to tell me it's because of quality issues. Slender Man is still up.

    Ocean Elf: And he shouldn't be.

    * * *

    If it wasn't clear before, it is now

    by The-Metal-Maniac, Jan 20, 2014, 5:07:27 PM

    The-Metal-Maniac: The CreepyPasta Wiki is now a complete craphole, and LOLSKELETONS and his pack of sycophantic admins are officially the self-proclaimed kings of crap.

    Ocean Elf: No, you are the queen of bratty whinge.

    And I'm really sick of you fandom idiots tossing that word 'sycophant' around. Nobody actually uses it in everyday English. It makes you sound like stuffy elitist crapheads trying to impress readers with big words.

    You seem to be a pretty big sycophant of that Cleric guy anyway.

    The-Metal-Maniac: Let's see, over the past couple months, they've (mostly LOLSKELETONS) deleted numerous pastas because they didn't meet their standards, including DeluCat's Bloody Painter, and Luciiid's Clockwork pastas [the latter of which was justified by declaring Clockwork a Jeff ripoff]. Not even the older pastas were safe, either getting shunted over to the dungheap called trollpasta (which they don't even brayING LINK TO ON THE CP WIKI) in the case of Sonic.exe, or in the case of Happy Appy, deleted outright. And apparently they've kicked Jeff the Killer vs. Slenderman down to the Spinpasta Wiki as well.

    Ocean Elf: Awwww, poor, miserable you.

    I'm pretty sure your beloved Jeff and Slender Man don't care.

    The-Metal-Maniac: And now LOLSKELETONS has gone and done it again. This time they deleted MrAngryDog' Jane the Killer (the original Jane the Killer pasta) from the wiki. To add insult to injury, PastaStalker64's knock-off prequel version of Jane the Killer, "Jane the Killer: the Real Story", is still on the wiki.

    Ocean Elf: Because it's a hex of a lot better as far as pastas go. So cry about it.

    The-Metal-Maniac: WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. bray.

    Ocean Elf: Oh, wow, another show of fan-brat falling apart.

    The-Metal-Maniac: Why the he|| would you delete Jane's original pasta, but keep the knock-off (if well-intentioned) pasta "The Real Story", which just creates confusion between when they read/hear (the noncanon) Jeff the Killer vs. Jane the Killer?

    Ocean Elf: That's the second time you've plugged something from MrAngryDog, I guess you're his sycophant, too.

    Look, I'm not even a fan, but I eventually cleared up the confusion between the two Janes on my own for the foefiction I'm co-writing. If I can do that, so can actual pasta fans. They should be willing to put in a lot more effort to research characters they actually love, than someone like me, who has to do enough to write a foefiction.

    The-Metal-Maniac: Either both should stay up, or both should go down!

    Ocean Elf: Well that isn't up to you.

    The-Metal-Maniac: Ugh... I swear, the admins of that wiki have lost their hamgoddemn minds. I won't be surprised if those perfectionist jackasses end up deleting Ticci Toby's and Laughing Jack's pastas without explanation. It's just how those self-righteous moron roll these days.

    Ocean Elf: Oh, dry up. Ticci is a huge Gary Stu, and his creator had more than his share of drama thanks to fan-brats. As for Laughing Jack *Scowl* that story is so disgusting and infuriating that it made me want to kick in some walls. Besides, who needs more creepy clowns? Another stupid meme mythos that needs to die in a fire.

    The-Metal-Maniac: Seriously, spread the word about the outrageous shenanigans by the admins.

    Ocean Elf: Hah! Another chain letter!

    Prawnty Oct 14, 2015

    Do you know what self-proclaimed means?

    ednoahjones Oct 14, 2015

    stop getting mad

    Ocean Elf: Haha!

    ChaoticTempleKnight Feb 2, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    I think it's dumb that they are deleting these pastas. My question is "What is the big deal?" So what if a pasta is based off another or it sounds like a different genre of pasta? A creepypasta is a creepypasta, plain and simple.

    You won't see me removing pasta's at my group. I welcome all pasta's.

    Ocean Elf: Well bully for you.

    MasterPhantasos Jan 24, 2014

    Uh, it's been like that for awhile. And I feel bad for you if you're that upset about actual quality control, considering that all of the pastas listed are probably completely terrible. I'm legitimately curious as to what enrages you so much about a bunch of internet nonsense and what makes it worthy of flipping out over, say, actual injustice. I have a feeling I won't get much of an answer, if one at all.

    Ocean Elf: No crap?! The reason is these are fandom idiots. Not just casual fans of something. Fan-brats who go to pieces when someone doesn't like their favourite thing.

    The-Metal-Maniac Jan 24, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    "...considering that all of the pastas listed are probably completely terrible."

    Does the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover" mean anything to you? Seriously, it's kinda stupid to assert that a person's work is terrible just because an admin deleted it.

    And sorry, but I have to call bullcrap on "actual quality control", for two reasons.

    First, nothing created in this world exists in a vacuum (we're all influenced by something or other to a certain extent, even if we don't realize it), so attempting to force people to be original with their CreepyPastas by having rules that are overly broad only stifles the creativity that this community thrives on and keeps it from going stale/dying off. The biggest offender I've seen so far is their "spinoff/Jeff-inspired stories" rule, which can, in theory, cover most of the original characters in the Pasta genre who have a human background. Case in point, Clockwork's pasta was deleted because an admin decided that it was a "Jeff-inspired" story, when it had been up there for a long time with no complaints whatsoever.

    Secondly, they don't apply the rules equally. As I mentioned in the journal, they deleted the original Jane the Killer pasta, yet for some reason left up the knock-off "Jane the Killer: The Real Story". Now, if we apply their "anti-Jeff-inspired story/Jeff formula" rule to both pastas, obviously they both would be in violation of that rule. However, in terms of which story is the bigger offender, "Jane the Killer: The Real Story" takes the cake because it inserts Jane Arkensaw into the storyline of the original Jeff the Killer creepypasta, which is pretty much Mary Sue standard operating procedure.

    So why the he|| is one pasta, which is a clearly a Mary-Sue story/borderline self-insert story, still up on the wiki, while the original pasta gets deleted without explanation?

    As for being 'enraged about a bunch of internet nonsense" over 'actual injustice', that's a red herring and irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

    Ocean Elf: In other words, you really don't give a demn about injustice because you're too busy being incensed over stupid fictional characters and their stupid stories.

    Jeff is a Gary Stu. Both Janes are Mary Sues, but Jane Richardson is a much bigger Sue than Arkensaw on the super powers scale.

    As for "don't judge a book" that doesn't even apply here. It's the red herring.

    MasterPhantasos Jan 25, 2014

    >Does the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” mean anything to you? Seriously, it’s kinda stupid to assert that a person’s work is terrible just because an admin deleted it.

    I didn’t assert that they did, merely said they probably were terrible enough to get deleted. Can't you read? It's right there. Having experience in the deletion process, I also have good reason to believe the deletions were totally justified anyhow.

    >attempting to force people to be original with their CreepyPastas by having rules that are overly broad only stifles the creativity that this community thrives on and keeps it from going stale/dying off.

    Problem is, that’s not at all what’s happening, or at least in a not-insignificant number of cases. There’s no creativity whatsoever for so many of the stories being uploaded- literally you got loads of “xyz the Killer” or yet another Slenderman/BEN story/sequel, which is why it was created in the first place. Also, considering the vast number of horrible stories remaining on the site, it's not like they're very good at being "perfectionists".

    >The biggest offender I've seen so far is their "spinoff/Jeff-inspired stories" rule, which can, in theory, cover most of the original characters in the Pasta genre who have a human background.

    It only works in theory if they're obviously part of either and the majority are of those. But more importantly: If you're inspired by a story as awful as Jeff the Killer or aim to write a spinoff (important: of a popular story that presumably has been done to death), what does that say? What can be predicted about its quality?

    As mentioned, these stories were almost invariably trash and the psyop number was too limited to handle the weekly influx on a site that from what I understand has had MILLIONS of viewers and god knows how many posters.

    >Case in point, Clockwork’s pasta was deleted because an admin decided that it was a “Jeff-inspired” story, when it had been up there for a long time with no complaints whatsoever.

    Of course it had been, because there’s too many pastas for such a small psyop base to check (assistance from the userbase isn't as common as one would hope) and because Jeff-inspired stories weren’t in the crosshairs as much as now, if ever. Skelly's initiative doesn't seem to be particularly new by itself; I recall various other deletion waves going on before this. The only difference is that lots of loud and stupid people have gotten their feefees hurt.

    >So why the he|| is one pasta, which is a clearly a Mary-Sue story/borderline self-insert story, still up on the wiki, while the original pasta gets deleted without explanation?

    Not sure about the explanation part (though I imagine it's because it sucked an awful lot). As for the inconsistency- because they're idiots. Doesn't prevent the deletion of crappy stories from being quality control. I can't believe I have to explain this.

    >As for being 'enraged about a bunch of internet nonsense" over 'actual injustice', that's a red herring and irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

    Hardly. Your blogpost was not only largely wrong, it was about a matter that's not even worthy of getting so furious about. Like I said, there's actual injustice out there that needs to be brought to attention (you should know about at least SOME). Even if it actually did distract from the topic, ask yourself this: given how things have turned out, is keeping yourself on this dumb focus post's message really so vital? Is the 'distraction' really such a bad idea?

    The-Metal-Maniac Jan 25, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    Guess what: if I were going to write about 'actual injustices', I'd write about them in another journal. However, those 'injustices' are not important to the general Creepypasta community. An admin that, in the eyes of a large portion of the community[or as you refer to them in an ad hominem-style fashion, "loud and stupid people"], is on a power trip, deleting pastas on a whim for no apparent reason other than "because I said so", is important. So yeah, my journal entry's completely valid, thank you very much.

    Although now that I think about it, trying to explain myself to you is like trying to explain things to a brick wall, because apparently you believe your interpretation of what makes a good Creepypasta is the one true viewpoint on the whole matter, and anyone who thinks differently is, to quote you from Requiem-of-Ice's journal entry when Sonic.exe got booted overto that repugnant excuse for a wiki, Trollpasta, "completely braying stupid."

    Here's a friendly reminder: people will have different views than you on what 'quality control' is. To act like they're butthurt idiots is, to be frank, arrogant, and insulting them makes you look like a self-important jackass.

    In other words, yes, this post's message is vital, despite your opinion (which you're perfectly entitled to have. Just don't expect everyone to agree with it).

    Ocean Elf: Oh sure, your journal entry is valid in the sense that it's a perfect display of fan-brattery. You refuse to accept that the admins deleted your favourite pasta and you're all bend out of shape over it. That's all.

    Your post isn't vital to anyone but yourself. It's just a big whine, and it's not as if you're guiltless of calling insults either.

    Like it or not, the admins will decide what passes for quality on their own site. Take your own advice and realize that they don't have to agree with you and do things your way. Or at least be honest and admit you can't. Your incessant whining and trying to get in the last word proves this.

    MasterPhantasos Jan 26, 2014

    >Guess what: if I were going to write about ‘actual injustices’, I’d write about them in another journal. However, those ‘injustices’ are not important to the general Creepypasta community.

    So you're continuing to stick to defending a mostly-wrong topic for community that is incredibly self-centered and heartless enough to not care about injustice, and is supposed to be comprised of people who are solely unjustifiably upset about Skeleton's baleetion (aka, the Sonic.EXE fandom), according to you. Try rephrasing or see if you can impress me more. THE POWER IS YOURS~

    Ocean Elf: Woo-hoo! *Applauds* Oh! Well said! *High5* Here, here!

    MasterPhantasos >An admin that, in the eyes of a large portion of the community[or as you refer to them in an ad hominem-style fashion, “loud and stupid people”],

    It's actually not ad hominem style at all. To be ad hominem, it would have to be an attack on their character or traits to undermine an argument and completely irrelevant. Since my argument involves you and others acting like idiots (the whole point is your almost impossibly horrific misinterpretation of the events)it isn't off topic to declare all of you idiots. It is however an insult, but see below.

    >is on a power trip, deleting pastas on a whim for no apparent reason other than “because I said so”, is important. So yeah, my journal entry’s completely valid, thank you very much.

    It was already explained why those pastas were deleted. If you really have that much of an issue with them you should... oh, I don't know, stop posting here for a moment and actually ask them as to why and use your debating skills and intelligence (You do have some, right?) to get that to change. If you don't succeed, at least you tried, I suppose. You clearly cared enough to post some comment on ImGonnaBeThatGuy's thread, so you don't have much of an excuse. Do you have a hate obsession (edit) for me or something?

    >Although now that I think about it, trying to explain myself to you is like trying to explain things to a brick wall,

    That applies more to you. Sorry.

    >because apparently you believe your interpretation of what makes a good Creepypasta is the one true viewpoint on the whole matter, and anyone who thinks differently is, to quote you from Requiem-of-Ice’s journal entry when Sonic.exe got booted overto that repugnant excuse for a wiki, Trollpasta, “completely braying stupid.”

    Hahaha what?? It was invective and obviously only directed to the people flipping out over a story being transferred (OH THE HUMANITY) to see if they'd make further asses out of themselves, but since you and quite literally every single defender of Sonic.EXE that I've seen are apparently idiots who could not make a convincing argument for preserving it for your lives, there seems to be truth to that after all! Keep it up.

    >Here’s a friendly reminder: people will have different views than you on what ‘quality control’ is. To act like they’re butthurt idiots is, to be frank, arrogant, and insulting them makes you look like a self-important jackass.

    Orrrr maybe you have yet to prove it isn't quality control. Do you have different views on where the Amazon Rainforest is located? and the people who were whining over it and, surprise surprise, were the only ones I'm really against on this matter, ARE butthurt idiots. Can you honestly even for a moment pretend that someone crying bloody murder and talking about retribution over A STORY BEING DELETED AND TRANSFERRED is not seriously hurt and an idiot? I even have a collection of their greatest craps in case you somehow missed out on their headupownbutt and seriously want evidence that they're bad... which I SOMEHOW doubt. Please keep associating yourself with cretins!

    Have you even seen the creator’s reaction:… (Page not found or cached)

    He is the epitome of rational discussion and reactions. His fans are the same way. I, for one, am not surprised at all that they have behaved in this manner, considering the personalities seem pretty similar. Like attract like, especially when the quality is so absurdly low and limited to a few audiences (if even that)? Who could have imagined?! :ooooooo

    Ocean Elf: Ugh. Url makes me cringe.

    Tycholarfero Jan 25, 2014

    Except it's completely reasonable. I don't think the best course of action would be to respond with unbridled rage. Jeff, calm down, the other story will be removed without hassle. It's a spinoff anyway. Also, be glad. Every story they've removed so far was crap. Sonic.Exe, Jane, and all those other really terrible ones. He||, they might be posted on TP or somewhere else, don't get your panties in a crutch, people who post there don't even make money or change lives off their work.

    The-Metal-Maniac Jan 26, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist


    Ocean Elf: Oh, crikey! *Rolling eyes* Grow the heck up!

    The-Metal-Maniac: Looks I have to repeat myself. People have different standards for what makes a good Creepypasta. You think all the ones they've removed are crap. I (along with several others) have a different opinion on the matter.

    Ocean Elf: Listen!

    I - don't - give - a - crap!

    The point is, the admins get to decide for themselves what constitutes quality standards on their own site. You don't get to decide that for them. And the only time you seem to think disagreeing is some sort of crime is when someone is disagreeing with you. You talk all big about how people disagree and how quality standards are different for everybody, and then you pee yourself over stupid crap getting removed from the CP wiki.

    Grow up or shut up already!

    The-Metal-Maniac: The fact of the matter is, quite a few of the pastas delete/moved are treated as part of the core 'CreepyPasta lore' by a lot of people (shoddy writing be damned in Sonic.exe's case). To call the site "CreepyPasta Wiki" and then go around deleting a bunch of the older Creepypastas that a lot of newcomers first hear about when they start getting into CreepyPasta based on some self-righteous, creativity-stifling "quality standards", kinda invalidates the whole idea of the site being the CreepyPasta Wiki.

    Ocean Elf: Apparently some of the admins don't agree with you there.

    So get over it.

    The-Metal-Maniac: As for whether or not they've been moved to Trollpasta, please don't insult my intelligence. Frankly, I'd rather have a story deleted completely than punted over to Trollpasta, where they crap on it just because they can.

    Ocean Elf: So it actually just comes down to ego with you. You feel Jeff has been hurt, and in turn, you are hurt. Pathetic.

    Jeff is exactly where he belongs if that's what troll pasta is.

    The-Metal-Maniac: He||, you'd probably get more respect from the folks who maintain/comment over on Crappypasta than what the admins on the Wiki are doing to pastas they move over there. Perhaps that's why they don't link to Trollpasta from the main CP wiki site (that and the annoying-as-bray image they've got plastered all over the background).

    Ocean Elf: Oh boo-hoo...

    The-Metal-Maniac: >"people who post there don't even make money or change lives off their work."

    ...You're point is what exactly?

    Ocean Elf: *Whizzzzz* Oh I see that went right over your head too. Oh well. Lol.

    emthesmall Jan 21, 2014

    well this person is an arse hold. clearly a CP fascists,

    Ocean Elf: Huh? I don't know if you're talking about one person or a number of people here. Nobody is fascist. Get a grip. The fan-brats created a problem for the wiki and its content. They don't like anyone stepping in and doing anything about it. It's as simple as that. Running a site how one sees fit is not fascism. It's pretty disgusting when people get slapped with a "fascist" label just for trying to improve the quality of a site, which could only help clear up confusion about standards for newcomers.

    MediatorIridescent Jan 20, 2014 Hobbyist Writer

    I swear to God I do not want to have anything to do with that website. I might have before BUT I don't want to now that's for sure.

    Ocean Elf: You swear to God... Over a cp web site. *Rolling eyes*

    Requiem-of-Ice Jan 20, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    Don't worry, a counter-measure has been employed.

    Ocean Elf: Like what? A hack? A holdup? Or maybe just the threat of a knife?

    pncke Jan 21, 2014


    i must know

    we have to create a safe haven for cp's who are actually braying good

    Ocean Elf: Well, IMO most aren't good, and even the one I actually *embarrassed expression and whisper* liked, had a few problems that are exceedingly common.

    But the whole point is the CP wiki admins are trying to create a safe place for "good" pastas. Too bad some of you think the really crappy ones are good. Your problem. Doesn't mean you're entitled to make it theirs.

    Requiem-of-Ice Jan 21, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    It's called the Creepypasta Land Wiki; it's what AngryDog made.

    Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Already promoted before. Still rejected over here.

    pncke Jan 21, 2014

    you should send me this, creepypasta land wiki

    i'm re-doing sadie's story still and i would love a decent place to post it

    if people who don't ridicule and bash or treat others unfairly

    Requiem-of-Ice Jan 21, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist…

    Here. It's starting out...

    The-Metal-Maniac Jan 20, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    Yeah, I heard about what AngryDogs is doing. Very thankful for that.

    And honestly, as much as I dislike Arkensaw's story,

    Ocean Elf: I figured as much.

    The-Metal-Maniac: I just copied the pasta to a word doc in case LOLSKELETONS decides to delete that one too. If nothing else, the demn thing's got some legacy value to it, and should get the same respect as Happy Appy/Sonic.exe because of that fact.

    Ocean Elf: Oh, do stow it already. Legacy schmegacy.

    Username353 Jan 29, 2014

    (Random, but I happen to be an admin over at Creepypasta Land and can help you out if you have any questions)

    But I'm really upset over this too! I knew some people were having trouble with LOLSKELETONS, but deleting things like Happy Appy? Sonic.exe?

    Dude, please tell me this is all just a nightmare...

    Ocean Elf: You're coming unhinged over this tripe, and now there's suddenly some kind of schism - the cp wiki VS. MrAngryDog's wasteland *Lol@my autocorrect! It's p a s t a l a n d!

    The-Metal-Maniac Jan 30, 2014 Hobbyist General Artist

    Honestly, I understand the desire for quality from the CP Wiki. But LOLSKELETONS' actions are just beyond absurd.

    Ocean Elf: No they aren't. Yours are.

    The-Metal-Maniac: [As for submitting "Jane the Killer: The Real Story", looks like LOLSKELETONS finally got around to deleting that one, and kicked Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer down to Spinpasta Wiki (as of Monday anyway).

    Ocean Elf: And that makes you sort of happy. I figured you hated Jane Arkensaw, being a sycophant (I'm going to use that word on you whenever I can) for MrAngryDog.

    The-Metal-Maniac: I kinda want to submit 'Jane the Killer: TRS' to Creepypasta Land (if only because , but doubt AngryDog would allow it since he loathes Jane Arkensaw so much (or at least not without a disclaimer at the top stating that the pasta is a fan-prequel/should be treated as a separate character from the original Jane the Killer)].

    Ocean Elf: Funny how you don't have a problem with that and go off half cocked, calling MrAngryDog a power-tripping, self-righteous jackass git. Even though, in all honesty, he is.

    *Rolling eyes*



    Over and out!

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