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    Comments On Danny Green's Pasta Sue Rants Part 1


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    Comments On Danny Green's Pasta Sue Rants Part 1

    Post by Ocean Elf on Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:13 pm

    Fandom Comments On Mary Sue Rants Part 1

    These are comments on the critique/review blog that skewered several creepy pasta Mary Sue characters.

    The second entry got a massive amount of negative comments from people who were incensed at the harsh reviews, going as far as to call it a "hate blog" and accusing the bloggers of wanting to ruin people's lives and cause them to kill themselves.

    Those commenters are forgetting that the bloggers in this case are merely writing what they want on their own blog. If their mission was truly to make people feel rotten and bully them into some kind of submission, they would not be sticking to writing on their own blog. They would be plastering their reviews/critiques and flames all over the sites belonging to those whose characters they were ranting about. They are not doing that, and no one made the authors of these Mary Sues go to their blog.

    The Mary Sue authors and their supporters should have been around during the Senna Maxwell Gundam Wing Mary Sue hate campaign. That was a true hate campaign. Senna went out of her way to get attention and bully another Mary Sue writer right off the net for giggles and kicks. She didn't just make a blog disparaging other characters. She followed her target around message boards, guestbooks, mailing lists, stalking and harassing her with personal attacks as well as flames about her Mary Sue character. That's hate.

    Simply saying unfavourable things on ones own blog about any fictional character is not hate, it is freedom of expression.

    Something everybody does is hold the subgenera of horror known as creepy pasta up as something like sacred. They all go on about whether or not some character is worthy of being classified as a creepy pasta, as if that is some sort of honour.

    It is not.

    Creepy pasta is not sacred by a long shot due to where it originated and because of its viral nature. 4chan chain letters AKA memes with a horror bent, basically. Even the notorious Teddy chain letter is a creepy pasta says David Emery's urban legend site.

    So if it's a Mary Sue, it isn't unworthy to be a creepy pasta, it belongs there.

    Now, to the comments. Edited for language. In most cases, the f-bomb was replaced with the words 'blast' 'mess' and 'bray' because they might as well be braying if they can't think of anything better to say The four-letter c word was replaced with 'puke' and so on..


    Comments on part 1

    Originally found here.

    Reposted here without the flaming lingo.

    AnonymousOctober 1, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    *waiting anxiously for next post, spammingly refreshing the website* too... Addictive....

    AnonymousOctober 2, 2013 at 3:37 PM

    When is the next post?

    AnonymousNovember 24, 2013 at 12:19 AM

    The character Envy was made in a dress-up zombie game.

    And then she says not to use her without permission... ¬¬

    AnonymousJanuary 24, 2014 at 12:14 AM

    Glad someone else caught it!

    AnonymousJune 12, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    Critique for a critic:

    Nice rant, I'm impressed of the levels of mediocrity this one reaches

    And don't get me wrong, I understand your frustration, but filling this review with garbage like insults and jokes just makes it pathetic. However, I think it's still nice, of course if a rabid circus monkey was the one who wrote it....

    Now, I might had published this comment using my Google account, but sadly it seems that I can't even trust the circus's owner here. Oh wait, this is not a circus? My bad, I thought that any place where people try to make you laugh trough any way possible can be called a circus...

    By the way, if this message has some grammatical mistakes, please understand that my native language is spanish and my english is a little bit rusty by now. ¿Or do you also want me to write the critique in spanish, you brute?

    AnonymousOctober 6, 2014 at 12:12 PM


    AnonymousJune 12, 2014 at 10:17 PM

    Mariah’s Rant: Part A.

    I completely understand how it is to be a critical person, especially on artwork and works of literature. Everyone's a critic no matter how they try to look at it. We all still, and forever will, judge they way that other people dress, the way they portray their personalities, how they speak, work, write, draw, sing, etc. It is completely normal. Yet, what I don't agree with is fully expressing all of our opinions out loud or even in writing. So since you seem to have a regular habit at this, then I came up with the idea to point out some of the few mistakes you make very clear right away.

    When I first was shown your blog account, the first thing that I saw was the title. "Why Fags" Seriously? Do you actually understand the actually meaning to the word "fag"? Also it really has no meaning behind it, unless you have something against a cigarette butt. If you are trying to call a group of general people “fags” then maybe you should get off your butt and actually do something with your own life. Then maybe you will learn that the title is vague and pretty pathetic in my own opinion. Also, your copyright is "The Secret Walrus Club". I must admit very unique. Though, in all reality, you are all showing how immature each of you four young, or older, men have. Also to add on to that, the fact that you do not give artists the gratitude of taking something down is ridiculous. If you have an issue with someones artwork then go to the website they are using, and then you should comment what you actually believe is wrong with the artwork. At least that is what people who are real critics do.

    Critics are there to not only say a bunch of crap about people (Which by the way, is really not a real critic.) but still they should let known to the artist of what issues they have with the piece of work as well as the writing and background to come along with it. A real critic doesn’t bash on every little thing that they believe is wrong in a piece of work. Instead, they comment on a few things that really need some fixing. I hope you realize that the age of some teenagers or adults affect the way they draw and grow. Obviously it doesn’t seem that you all are taking that into consideration. Instead, you are demolishing down bits by bits all at once. Every artist. I seriously mean every real artist, is emotional. The large variety of emotions are shown by the amount of imagination and the tone or portrayal of an image. Neither one of you take those simple facts into consideration. You just ramble on about what you believe is wrong. Well then, try to take their artwork and do it better trying to use the mind of the age they were. Try to be that person. Be in their own shoes. Experience what they experience in life. Instead of sitting behind your computer typing this bullcrap up with one hand and then fapping with the other to keep your own pathetic critical strain of thought.

    MachJune 13, 2014 at 10:50 AM

    I'm not usually prone to replying to these comments, but I just wanted to agree the Whyfags is a horrible name, and I've been trying to think of a good way to rename the blog for ages. It was a originally a play on the title of Mez, Kenny, and Justin's LP channel "Waifu Productions," with the name of the blog being "Whyfags Productions."

    I regret the name and the homophobic implications it has, but at the same time I'm not one to shy away from using inflammatory language just because it risks offending thin-skinned idiots too wrapped up in their own sense of self-righteousness.

    AnonymousJune 12, 2014 at 10:19 PM

    Mariah’s Rant: Part C

    You are using some decent criticism here, but also, you are going way too far on personalities and appearances. Think about ages, the type of people, where they are located nationality wise, and about the amount of bias comments you really use. The four of you clearly take things too far, and neither of you want to admit to the amount of boring and pathetic work you put in just to put others down and brings yourself up. You pretty much admitted on your About/FAQ that you each do not exactly live life. Well Just because you sit behind a computer screen and say everything you hate about someones work, it doesn’t mean it is a healthy hobby. The way the four of you type up your issues and don’t directly try to fix them is lazy, annoying, and in all honesty you are acting sort of like a bunch of prats. Oh no, yeah I was just vague right there. I am trying to not use cuss words so i can be as polite as I possibly could right now. How about you learn what constructive criticism is. Actually use it like real artists and writers do. It is fine to rate someone. That is clearly normal. Yet basically saying “Oh the way they drew that or the way they wrote that out is dumb hahaha” yeah… just don’t even try to put yourself out anymore. I am serious, learn a little bit. Maybe you will realize what you should actually do from this comment instead of being little wussies that are afraid of reactions from artists that get their work unprofessionally criticized.

    I, myself, am an artist. I am seventeen years old. My name is Mariah. I tend to draw still life, portraits. I paint portraits, emotional states of a person and portray them to the way they are felt, anime characters, human features that I find beautiful, etc. I love to take pictures of nature with my FujiFilm camera. Also I write about fantasy, romance, and horror. The most important part about me is that I like to stick up for others especially those being attacked without even knowing about what was going on beforehand. I am here to stick up for fellow artist and kind hearted people. I understand the emotional wreck some can go through when their artwork and themselves as a person are attacked. As I can see, some of the reviews on here are down with a bit of constructive criticism, but the rest, no it isn’t. I wish to ask of you to realize that you are really not creating anything special. It is just a large group of hate posts made by boys who believe they are some sort of group of special critiques. Go learn a few things before you actually to to make people feel down. People grow, they get better, actually keep researching on their upcoming projects and how they came with idea’s of things before you just try to things of everything wrong on spot. I’d like to see you all try to live the lives of these talented artists. To not sit on your butt behind the screen and hide with your little unicorns in the background. Just grow up and stop being immature little boys. Grow up and be men.

    Rant over. Have a nice day.

    AnonymousJune 12, 2014 at 10:22 PM

    Mariah’s Rant: Part B

    Since My Part B is not showing to me right now I shall repost...

    I’ve read through your blogs, your contact information, your “36 Things Not To Do” .Which if I do say so myself, I laughed for a few of the things you say not to do. 1) You know a few young artists start out with bases, and they eventually grow out of that. A base is there to give a young mind an idea of what they can create with a character and what angle’s to use and where to put clothing, bangs, eyes, etc. 2) Accessorizing. Okay, I laughed very hard at this one. Many decent video games and animes use a wide variety of accessories. A few examples of video games: Kingdom Hearts, The Legend of Dragoon, Pokemon, Magna Carta, Tales games, Persona, and of course Final Fantasy as well. For a few anime examples: Date A Live, Black Butler, Sword Art Online, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Mirai Nikki. These of course had the plot to go with them. They each had meanings to go along with the sort of accessories that characters wore. A good character shows their personality not only by how they speak but also of how their appearance is portrayed. 3) Overcompensating. Well this one I agreed with but also I disagreed. A character can carry more than what they can physically handle as long as they also have the correct amount of adrenaline. A good anime that can be an example for this would be Sword Art Online. Kirito was able to carry more than what he could have handled even inside the game. Outside the game, he realizes how weak he truly is. If I remember correctly, Eleven Eyes also would be a good example. Go watch another anime, I promise it is actually decent. All in all, I believe that a few things you typed down were pretty true. Such as 1) Giving a character a theme song is absurd 2) The Ultimate-Life Form 3) Also, the short uninteresting battles. These are all things that some people use in their writing and creations of art. Well in all reality, it is normal. It develops people to become better writers and artists as they realize their mistakes and grow more. Anyways, back to your contact information.

    Your contact information is quite clear. Though, I do not believe that violating others artworks and sharing them on a site that they did not post on is fair use. It may be legal for you to actually use, but think about the amount of possibilities of drama it will cause even more by moving someones work to a hate blog where they can’t control what is said and how to make it all end. It is not only embarrassing but demolishing to the artist’s hard work and motivation to carry on. What you should truly do is once again, comment on their artwork directly. Making this blog to just… well here is where I type and quote your silliness, “...we don't tell the artists about what we're doing, because the last thing we need is drama.” Not only myself, but my friends as well, laughed our butt’s off at this reply to one of your stated questions. Well if what you do not want is drama then maybe you shouldn’t post your judgements about other’s work. There is no point to you posting what-so-ever on blogspot. You should be posting on the artists work directly or messaging them. Yet instead, you are all be a group of cowards who are trying to avoid the fact that you may be taking your judgements a bit too far.

    MachJune 13, 2014 at 10:56 AM

    Note to anyone intending to post an overlong rant like Mariah's: If you're going to essentially make the same "get a life," "grow up," and "you're so mean" comments in your rant and flower it up with a poorly-written failed attempt at intelligent discussion, please just simplify it down to petty name-calling for the sake of my time.

    AnonymousJune 13, 2014 at 8:16 PM

    Well I am glad to see that you not being reliant on the title. Also very glad that you all are not trying to use it in a wrong way. I understand that making a few comments here and there that hurt peoples feelings is normal if they take it to heart. It could get irritating I admit.

    Not once was I trying to make this an intelligent discussion. If I really wished for that, then I would've taken more time on my post. I mostly just wanted to get what I believed a crossed. In no way did I expect any of the host's of this blog to agree with me at all, nor did I expect to agree with much of what you all think is right and wrong. I especially did not think that either one of you would've commented, but I am glad I checked. To see that you took the time to actually reply is a helpful. I just am here to stick up not only for my friends, but also for fellow artists. I believe we both are able to state our opinion. I just am glad that you took the time to read my three-sectioned paragraph. You may have felt like you have wasted time. Yet, that is what you should prepare for when you host a blog. So thank you very much for replying to my comments. I just hope you took some more of what I said into consideration and to thought. I know you probably laughed at most of it. I still made it clear what myself and probably other's also have thought. Have a good day.


    AnonymousMarch 2, 2015 at 6:01 PM

    People say you are blunt with these criticisms but I understand why and I agreed with everything you said. These stories or characters aren't even creepyPasta worthy. More like Trollpasta. And even then I've seen better troll pastas.

    UnknownNovember 7, 2015 at 10:49 PM

    *spamming refresh* get the he|| on with it!


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