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    Annoying Fandom Blog Memes

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    Annoying Fandom Blog Memes Empty Annoying Fandom Blog Memes

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:13 am

    Annoying Fandom Blog Memes

    * * *

    Chain: 1. Favorite Band?

    Ocean Elf: Nope.

    Chain: 2. Favorite Creepypasta?

    Ocean Elf: Definitely not! They all suck.

    Chain: 3. Holy crap look! It's J3T! What do you do?

    Ocean Elf: Who the heck is J3T? Oh, never mind, I just looked him up. Bleckh. Not into that kind of *cough* music, and I'm using the term loosely.

    Chain: 4. Favorite song?

    Ocean Elf: I have plenty of those.

    Chain: 5. Cheesecake?

    Ocean Elf: Oh, right, because of Masky the Slender Man slave, I suppose. No thanks. Cheesecake has pretty much become an edible dessert meme. I mean really. If eating places or gatherings don't even have much in the way of dessert, they will most likely at least have some sort of cheesecake. Don't even offer me red velvet cake or anything with cream cheese icing. I love certain kinds, once in a long while, but really, stop putting cream cheese, or bacon into everything. I love bacon also, but it has its place, and I don't want it in my ice cream, or in doughnuts or any sweet dessert type thing.

    Chain: 6. Favorite anime?

    Ocean Elf: Bleckh. There are only about two I like, otherwise, I'm Not into that. I just don't see the appeal, and its whackers fandom has pretty much insured I never will.

    Chain: 7. Best food?

    Ocean Elf: It depends on what I'm hungry for.

    Chain: 8. Would you rather meet HU or Masky?

    Ocean Elf: Look, I get it. You got a dumb crush on Masky. That's your problem. And who or what the heck is Hu?

    Chain: 9. What the hell are you doing here?

    Ocean Elf: Better question, who the heck thought starting a chain letter was a cool idea? Oh, hang on; pasta fan, otaku, well that explains a lot, doesn't it?

    Chain: 10. Will you please get out of my face?

    Ocean Elf: Sure, only because you asked so nicely, and because that's it for this particular set of questions.

    On to the next.

    * * *

    Chain: RULES:

    Ocean Elf: Blast your rules.

    Chain: 1. You must post the rules.

    Ocean Elf: Only to show what they are and smash them at the same time.

    Chain: 2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

    Ocean Elf: no one "tagged" me, thank goodness, I happened on this meme. No guarantees you'll like my answers, and I'm not "tagging" anyone else or making up new questions.

    Chain: 3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

    Ocean Elf: Am I typing too fast? I already gave you a big resounding no on that.

    Chain: 4. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

    Ocean Elf: Which would be a lie since I have not and will not do that, nor do I care to make an annoying pest of myself by "tagging anybody and then obnoxiously going to their pages to let them know I did. I'm not so starved for attention.

    Chain: 5. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

    Ocean Elf: There is no legitimacy in "tagging" scheme blog chains.

    Chain: 1. have you ever thought about killing someone?

    Ocean Elf: When that someone is a fictional character, definitely. I *have* killed Slender Man.

    But I don't entertain thoughts of killing real people. I'm not an otaku, pasta fanbrat, Pewdiepie fan or brony, or Madonna.

    Chain: 2. If you were an animal what would it be?

    Ocean Elf: One that could make a snack of Slender Man in short order. Oh, wait, I already did that.

    Chain: 3. What do you think about Vampires and Werewolves?? (of course I'm not talking about Twilight ù.ù)

    Ocean Elf: Twilight or not, they're creepy, disgusting, and they suck.

    Chain: 4. do you believe in the Boogieman??

    Ocean Elf: Of course not. *Rolling eyes*

    Chain: 5. how long can you hold your breath??

    Ocean Elf: Until it gets too uncomfortable. Duh.

    Chain: 6. do you like scaring people??

    Ocean Elf: Only if it happens by accident, isn't serious, or is done through music.

    Chain: 7. are you afraid of the dark??

    Ocean Elf: Definitely not. I'm sitting in the dark, writing out this smash.

    Chain: 8. have you ever said Bloody Mary three times in front of the bathroom mirror at midnight with only a candle to shed light?

    Ocean Elf: Of course not. *Rolling eyes* I'm not that gullible, nor do I do moronic things on purpose.

    Chain: 9. :iconslendermanplz: page 1 of 8... and now... what do you think to do??

    Ocean Elf: Operation annihilate!

    Chain: 10. you're exhausted and you have to go home, to do so you have two possibilities: 1) pass through a dark alley that smells like an old basement to shorten the road 2) pass through another route by thats look quiet and safe even if the path becomes longer... what do you choose??

    Ocean Elf: Make the path shorter again. Well, you said the path "becomes longer".

    Chain: 1. on the chances of an outbreak of a Zombie Apocalypse, who would you take as your team, and what weapons would you choose, and What do you pack in your back pack to take along with you? (pictures, clothes, things of sentimental value, ...your cat... etc.)

    Ocean Elf: Oh, seriously? You actually said that?

    There's no freaking zombie apocalypse. end of story.

    Chain: 2. On the chances of an outbreak of an Orca Apocalypse, who would you sacrifice to the Orcas, and what would you choose to defend yourself

    Ocean Elf: Orcas? Really? as in killer whales? Newsflash, they will never over-run the land and end the world either. The stupid question doesn't even deserve an answer. You sure are stuck on this apocalypse thing. Boring.

    Chain: 3. Favorite horror movie Killer?

    Ocean Elf: I hate them all.

    Chain: 4. If you are like me and your into both Bates Motel, and Walking Dead, and right now is the worst f-bombing time for you since both of the seasons ended, what are your thoughts on having nothing to do with your life?

    Ocean Elf: I'm not into either of those. Eww. I've been in that situation where there was nothing good on and no one was available to do online stuff and at the same time life offline was in a downer. What, really, is there to say about that? Next…

    Chain: 5. Ever played Dishonored?

    Ocean Elf: No thanks.

    Chain: 6. What is your definition of 'Hipster'?

    Ocean Elf: Why should I define it? You know what it is, right?

    Chain: 7. if you could do anything with your hair, what would you do to it?

    Ocean Elf: Like I could even be bothered giving this any thought…

    Chain: 8. Oh your a lord of the rings fan hmm? (you have no choice. Your a lord of the rings fan. No f-bombs given) What character is your favorite?

    Ocean Elf: I agree, no f-bombs please. Not a LOTR fan beyond recognizing the odd reference here and there. No favourite characters.

    Chain: 9. Creepypasta fan? Whats your favorite character, and story?

    Ocean Elf: Creepy pasta sucks. Not a fan. All cp stories suck.

    Chain: 10. What do you think of Slender man's real name, Richard? Do you accept?

    Ocean Elf: No matter which name he uses, Richard, Mark, whatever, Slender Man sucks and so do his slaves and legions of trembling brown-nosing fan brats.

    * * *

    Chain: RULES:

    Ocean Elf: Rules be blasted.

    Chain: 1. You must post these rules.

    Ocean Elf: see above.

    Chain: 2. Each person must post 18 things about
    themselves in their journal.

    Ocean Elf: You must stop trying to tell me what I "must" do. I will not post an arbitrary number of things about myself in my - journal? What journal?

    Chain: 3. You must choose 8 people to tag.

    Ocean Elf: See above. No "tagging" here.

    Chain: 4. Go to their page and tell him/her that you tagged them.

    Ocean Elf: See above. No making a big pest of myself for a blog chain letter.

    Chain: 5. No tag backs!

    Ocean Elf: No problem.

    Chain: 6. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're
    tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 8 people.

    Ocean Elf: See above. There is no legitimacy in "tagging" blog chain letters. I will not "tag".

    Chain: [u can change the number lol but that the number of ppl u tag will be same nuber of the facts u write about urself. :3] (what is this language?

    Ocean Elf: Ugh! The typing. It burns. Nope, no list of facts, no "tags" nada.

    Chain: 7.Must answer the 10 questions that are assigned

    Ocean Elf: Drop the "must". There's no guarantee you'll like my answers anyway.

    Chain: 8. answer and ad a bonus question

    Ocean Elf: No. I will not add a "bonus" question. There are no "bonuses" here. Would you consider getting two telemarketer calls a bonus as opposed to getting just one?

    Chain: Questions:

    Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes*

    Chain: 1. Fav song?

    Ocean Elf: Covered, covered, and covered. It's like every meme asks this.

    Chain: 2. You are trapped in a room with a killer what do you do?

    Ocean Elf: Wake up from the nightmare.

    Chain: 3. You are dreaming about your greatest fear it can kill you for realzies what do you do?

    Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Bleckh. The stupid Elm Street thing. Nope, can't really happen.

    Chain: 4. the dude you are dating is planing ti kill you somebody told you what happens in the next date?

    Ocean Elf: Not into dating, but if I was, and this came true, there'd be no next date with the freak.

    Chain: 5. WORLD WAR Z ZOMBIES ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Do you survive?

    Ocean Elf: Again with the stupid zombies, oh really. I survive, and zombies don't exist. Next…

    Chain: 6. WORLD WAR PANDAS PANDA HAVE TAKEN OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Do you survive?

    Ocean Elf: You really seem to be into this silly "They's a taken over da world!" thing. The pandas would die out long before that could ever happen. The world isn't exactly swarming with them now, is it? Ever wondered why?

    Chain: 7. Jeff the Killer is in your room? (Don't know jfk LOOK IT UP!!!!)

    Ocean Elf: He gets clobbered.

    Chain: 8. You are a pony in My little pony What do you do and What are you? (don't know what it is look it up)

    Ocean Elf: *Grimace* Ewww, gross! No, no, no! I - am - NOT - and can thankfully never be one of those repulsive creatures!. *Pukes*

    Chain: 9. What is fav horror movie?

    Ocean Elf: Meh.

    Chain: 10. You got a pet dragon what happens?

    Ocean Elf: Oh, cool!

    Chain: BONUS QUESTION!!!!!!!!

    Ocean Elf: Not a bonus, it's an extra.

    Chain: 11. AHHHHHHHHHH BEING ATTACKED BY A GIANT ANT!!!!!!! What do you do?

    Ocean Elf: Wake up.

    Chain: 1. Your favorite animal

    Ocean Elf: That depends on the animal and the situation.

    Chain: 2. how many dogs can you fit in that box

    Ocean Elf: Huh? What box? What dogs?

    Chain: 3. When do you take showers, in the morning or at night. I need this information. its very important (I shower at night //sexy eyebrow wiggle)

    Ocean Elf: None of your freaking business!

    Chain: 4. If you could live in any other world (Cartoon, Movie, book, etc.) What would it be?

    Ocean Elf: I'd rather just visit, and come and go to different settings as I please.

    Chain: 5. Favorite Marvel character?

    Ocean Elf: No, don't have one. Sorry.

    Chain: 6. I didn't tag anybody, how do you feel about this?

    Ocean Elf: Great! Now if only you hadn't written this chain.

    Chain: 7. How do you taste? Mild or Spicy?

    Ocean Elf: What - the heck!? Look, I'm not into eating myself, let alone having others try to eat me, so back off!

    Chain: 8. If I could force Richard out of my closet, would you allow him to live in your domain?

    Ocean Elf: Nah, I'd force him out of your closet and have him killed within seconds.

    Chain: 9. I'm thinking about changing my socks. What socks should I wear?

    Ocean Elf:*Splutters* How the heck should I know? Why should I care? They're your socks.

    Chain: 10. Do you think that scientists should revive Mammoths? What are you opinions on this?

    Ocean Elf: Blah blah blah.

    Over and out!

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