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    11 Things Liebsters Blog Awards Chain Vol. 1

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    11 Things Liebsters Blog Awards Chain Vol. 1 Empty 11 Things Liebsters Blog Awards Chain Vol. 1

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:27 pm

    Eleven Things Blog Meme Chain

    11,000,000 freaking annoying Liebsters!

    "My Seven Links" now "Eleven Things" Notice the numbers? Numerology again.

    The Eleven Things chain was answered and sort of semi-smashed on this blog, it wasn't followed to the letter, and she said she'd done the first couple of steps but had no intention of carrying out the rest, and I say good job there! I also like what she said about the Da Vinci Code. That book, along with others I won't mention in this chain-smash, are in some ways, worse than Twilight. Twilight sends a really bad message to young girls and its popularity is rather confounding. But the one thing it has going for it is that it clearly represents itself for what it is, fiction. It doesn't masquerade as truth like the Da Vinci code and other anti-Christian and pro-left-wing agenda books do.

    Now, to the smash of the eleven Things blog chain. The questions vary from blog to blog because the meme tells you not only to answer questions from the blogger who 'tagged' you, but to make up your own questions and send them on 'tag' 11 other bloggers.

    So I have a feeling I'll be smashing various versions of the Eleven Things for some time.

    * * *

    Chain: Rules

    Ocean Elf: Here we go again.

    Chain: You must post the rules.

    Ocean Elf: Well, to make a smash, it is a good idea so people know exactly what's in the chain getting smashed. But nothing dire will happen to me if I don't post the rules, which, I will break along with this chain.

    Chain: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

    Ocean Elf: No guarantee you'll get much from my sass answers, and I didn't get tagged with this thing yet, thank goodness, I saw it on a blog. I did not and will not tag anyone, much less 11 people with any chain post.

    Chain: Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.

    Ocean Elf: Nope. The linkage is a lot of bother, and I do not tag anyone for chain posts, which I smash rather than perpetuate anyway. If I decide to tag anyone at all, there would be a good reason for it, something to do with them personally and not a viral scheme.

    Chain: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

    Ocean Elf: Isn't that a bit redundant? The whole tagging business, well, it sends notifies to the taggees, I presume… Oh well, no matter, nothing doing.

    Chain: What’s the most played song on your iPod? (or CD collection if you’re old school)

    Ocean Elf: It all depends on the mood I'm in.

    Chain: What do you miss most about your childhood?

    Ocean Elf: I have fond memories from childhood, but am enjoying the rights and freedoms and work and pay I get from being an adult, and the accomplishments I've achieved so far to miss anything about my childhood. Wouldn't go back to being a child again for the world.

    Chain: What is your favorite poem?

    Ocean Elf: None.

    Chain: Without thinking too much, what are 5 of your favorite books of all time? (Just list them as they come to you … don’t think!!!!!)

    Ocean Elf: Besides the fact I can't pick just five, every book I like is a favourite for different reasons, I'll save that info for an actual conversation instead of put it into an answer on a blog chain.

    Chain: What was the last book you read? Tell me about it in 5 words or less.

    Ocean Elf: In five words: - a book I started and finished.

    Chain: Can you define irony and give an example?

    Ocean Elf: This blog meme chain telling people to be creative in the sense that they are told to make up their own 11 questions after answering those of the previous 'tagger' and how likely it is for many bloggers to come up with at least some or the very same questions as other bloggers not associated with them. This is because no matter how much a meme tries to look like real interaction and creativity, it can't escape its own nature.

    Chain: If you were forced to change your name, what would you change it to?

    Ocean Elf: *Shudder* Ugh! No, not that, I mean, I wouldn't change my name to Ugh! That was just a reaction to the idea. The answer depends on the circumstances. For instance, if I was going into witness protection and had to change my identity, I could still use a name I liked, unless they arbitrarily assign them to you, I'm not exactly sure how it goes. If I was becoming a citizen of a different nation where I would have to pick a name to go along with it (you know how immigrants in the past sometimes did this( I would have to pick a name from that nationality I liked, if there were any. If not, probably I would be assigned one, and if I didn't like it, man would that stink!

    So, I have no idea what I'd change my name to if I was forced to do it.

    Chain: What author/TV show/movie/book/celebrity, do you have absolutely despise and avoid at all costs?

    Ocean Elf: Oh, heck, too many to mention. Off limits anyway for this meme-smash.

    Chain: What movie was actually better than the book is was based on?

    Ocean Elf: Meh. whenever this book VS. movie thing comes up in any discussion, I tend to lose interest, fast.

    Chain: Beatles or the Stones?

    Ocean Elf: Depends on the song.

    Chain: What is your favorite quote?

    Ocean Elf: Meh. I find people quoting quotes in silliness and FB statuses to be really tiresome.

    * * *

    Chain: 1. What is your favorite piece of art?

    Ocean Elf: Meh. Not an art collector.

    Chain: 2. What literary character do you think would make an awesome world leader?

    Ocean Elf: Haven't given it any thought. Neither have the characters I write/rp.

    Chain: 3. What color do you think should be outlawed from clothing?

    Ocean Elf: Don't…Care…Don't…Care…Don't…Care………….

    Chain: 4. Hats. Yes or no?

    Ocean Elf: Don't give a hoot, everybody's entitled to their own preference.

    Chain: 5. What contemporary novel should be added to the high school curriculum?

    Ocean Elf: Not the Hunger Games, Twilight or Harry Potter. Whatever else that isn't so annoying trendy and is actually good. Is there such thing? A lot of books are utter crap.

    Chain: 6. What book featuring real people do you think could work if the characters were switched to animals?

    Ocean Elf: Bleck, that's just anthropomorphically weird. I can think of people in human history who acted like animals but, switching them to animals in books about them - nope, that sucks. Interestingly enough, a blogger who answered this set of questions forgot about the "real" part and put Twilight and Hunger Games! Uh, those aren't real people…

    Chain: 7. Genetically designed humans. Hell yes or absolutely not?

    Ocean Elf: !!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of a warped mind comes up with this stuff?

    Chain: 8. What book would you like to see get parodied a la Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

    Ocean Elf: Any book I don't like because I think it's ridiculous along with some of its extreme fans.

    Chain: 9. What book would you absolutely hate to see get parodied?

    Ocean Elf: Any book I love.

    Chain: 10. TV. Awesome source of entertainment or horrifying time suck?

    Ocean Elf: Depends on what's on. I don't like wasting time watching some show hoping it'll be good, only for it to suck all the way through or at the very end.

    Chain: 11. What literary character should immediately jump off the page and into your bed?

    Ocean Elf: Ewww! I'm not a Senna Marie Mary Sue!" I do not disrespect even fictional characters that way!

    * * *

    Chain" 1. What’s your go-to, pumps you up every time, workout song?

    Ocean Elf: Argh! I wish I could tell you I don't have one. So listen for yourself.

    Chain: 2. Cat or dog?

    Ocean Elf: Erm, I have a preference, but several factors prevent me from getting either one. Oh, and BTW, dogs and cats aren't the only pets people can have.

    Chain: 3. Team Jacob or Team Edward?


    Chain: 4. Beer, wine or mixed drink, and what’s your favorite?

    Ocean Elf: Bleck, none of them.

    Chain: 5. Do you have a “good luck” charm of some kind when you race? (a hat you always wear, hair always in the same style, lucky undies, etc)

    Ocean Elf: *Eyebrows raised* What the…? You actually said "lucky undies" ??? Are - you - SERIOUS!? Don't tell me some people actually have a pair they consider a good luck charm! Now I've heard it all! *caught between laughing and rolling her eyes* Oh, and I don't believe in lucky charms, of any kind and I don't race unless I'm actually in a hurry about something. So it has nothing to do with sport.

    Chain: 6. What’s your favorite iPhone or Android app and why should I download it (if it’s iPhone)?

    Ocean Elf: Meh, any apps I might use are for different things so I wouldn't likely have an overall favourite. And why you should download something? That's your call, not mine.

    Chain: 7. Have you always had the same career and was it what you originally studied?

    Ocean Elf: Okay, I'm going to have to give you a flat - none of your business…

    Chain: 8. Have you ever run in a costume and what was it?

    Ocean Elf: Huh? Run - in a costume? Why would i ever need to do a thing like that?

    Chain: 9. Who would play you in a movie about your life, and who would play your significant other?

    Ocean Elf: You assume way too much. you don't even know if I have a significant other or not. And I have no idea who would play me in a movie, though it would be interesting to find out.

    Chain: 10. Do you have a nickname, and if yes, what is it?

    Ocean Elf: Erm, uh, okay, that's getting way too personal. To put it another way, my online life isn't meant to be an open book.

    Chain: 11. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Ocean Elf: Bleck, I'd get utterly sick of even my most favourite food if I had to do that, so, off the wall question, no conclusive answer.

    * * *

    Chain: A Game Of Tag

    Ocean Elf: No, not a real game of tag. It's a chain letter.

    Chain: 1. Have you ever played an instrument? If you haven’t, what kind would you like to be able to play?

    Ocean Elf: There's your answer.

    Chain: 2. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleeping and why?

    Ocean Elf: I don't keep track.

    Chain: 3. If you could be a fly on anyone’s wall, whose would it be and what would you hope to learn?

    Ocean Elf: Nobody's and nothing.

    Chain: 4. What are 5 items in your home you could not possibly live without?

    Ocean Elf: Air, water, food, clothing and shelter. You were expecting maybe…?

    Chain: 5. If someone popped by your house unannounced right now, what would you be most embarrassed about?

    Ocean Elf: Uhm, I'm smashing this particular 11 questions mutation at 2:30 AM, so no chance of that…

    Chain: 6. Honestly now – Do you watch any of the Kardashian circus?

    Ocean Elf: Bleck, no! I honestly don't give a crap.

    Chain: 7. If you could be famous for anything, what would you want that to be?

    Ocean Elf: Not so sure fame would be for me. With the upsides always come the downsides too.

    Chain: 8. Who is that one person from your past you would most like to connect with but you either don’t remember his/her last name, don’t know her married name or just can’t find on any searches?

    Ocean Elf: On the off offchance they might happen to stumble on this, I have to put the chain-smash on hold and give a straight answer. not sure I have their names spelled right. Marcy Lee and Faye MacCalder-Strong. Two childhood friends who reconnected with me and another friend for a while, then we drifted again.

    Chain: 9. Who is at the top of your “list?” You know, the one you’re allowed to stray from the marriage for.

    Ocean Elf: What the…? First, I'm not married, and if I was, neither I or spouse would be allowed to stray for ANYONE!

    Chain: 10. What’s your preference: Phone call, text or email?

    Ocean Elf: Text is out unless and until I get an accessible phone.

    Chain: 11. Do you have a new/newer/newish laptop that you just have no need for and you want to send to a family who currently has only one working computer, and it’s a work computer and really isn’t supposed to be used for anything but work but is currently being used for this blog right this very second?

    Ocean Elf: No, if I upgrade, I'll sell the one I don't need. So you are out of luck. Try Ebay.

    Chain: 1. What is your favorite color, and what do you think it would taste like?

    Ocean Elf: The first part of this question has been asked so many times on other memes. But the second part, that's a new one. Well, take one of my favourite flavours for dessert and you'd pretty much get what my favourite color would taste like.

    Chain: 2. Do you sleep on your left side, right side, back or stomach?

    Ocean Elf: That can depend on where I'm sleeping, but I presume all of the above. Everybody changes positions in their sleep, don't they?

    Chain: 3. Do you floss your teeth?

    Ocean Elf: Um, what's that to you?

    Chain: 4. Do you close the lid before flushing the toilet?

    Ocean Elf: TMI-request, well, if you lived with me you'd find out.

    Chain: 5. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

    Ocean Elf: Huh? Why keep track? Really? When I feel it's needed…

    Chain: 6. How many times have you brushed your hair today? If you are follicle-challenged, how many times have you rubbed your bald head?

    Ocean Elf: What's it to you?

    Chain: 7. Do your feet smell? (Go ahead and check, we’ll wait.)

    Ocean Elf: Huh? Ewww. No. I assume everybody's do…

    Chain: 8. Do you have any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in your freezer? May I have it?

    Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Why does it have to be Ben & Jerry's? And no you can't have any ice cream from my fridge if it's there.

    Chain: 9. If you notice food stuck between someone’s teeth – do you make an effort to tell him/her? If not, why are you so cruel?

    Ocean Elf: Weird question.

    Chain: 10. What feature do you most like about me?

    Ocean Elf: Absolutely nothing.

    Chain: 11. Don’t you think I should be discovered, while I sit doing nothing, and become famous for my writing?

    Ocean Elf: No the heck way, you're a chain originator!


    Chain: 1. What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?

    Ocean Elf: Get tired.

    Chain: 2. When, in your life, were you the happiest?

    Ocean Elf: Whenever something or someone made me very very happy.

    Chain: 3. What was your college major?

    Ocean Elf: Guess.

    Chain: 4. What person, living or dead, do you think had the biggest impact on the world?

    Ocean Elf: No brainer. Let's not bring him into this.

    Chain: 5. Have you ever said no to a marriage proposal?

    Ocean Elf: Let's just leave it at saying no to some guys wanting more than friendship.

    Chain: 6. What brand of shoes are you wearing right now?

    Ocean Elf: Even if I was wearing my shoes, I wouldn't tell you.

    Chain: 7. Where in the world would you like to work?

    Ocean Elf: If I had any idea where I might want to live other than where I am I might know.

    Chain: 8. Do you have a favorite time of day?

    Ocean Elf: No, body clock always changes, and it all depends on time of year, what's happening during the day etc.

    Chain: 9. If you could give yourself a nickname, what would it be?

    Ocean Elf:I really don't know.

    Chain: 10. Who is your favorite author?

    Ocean Elf: It all depends on the book.

    Chain: 11. Which one of the Seven Dwarfs is your favorite?

    Ocean Elf: I like them all.


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