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    Unefortunate Circumstances

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    Unefortunate Circumstances Empty Unefortunate Circumstances

    Post by Ocean Elf on Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:47 am

    Unefortunate Circumstances

    Lady Une, what a manipulative, loose cannon of a woman! She threw a monumental tantrum and cruelly slapped the wrong officer at the worse time, ending up getting her *** butt kicked, while her fellow soldiers were placing bets on who would keep their job (Not on her, the other woman!)

    Lady Une went to the home town of some woman who had crossed her, intent on revenge, she bombed the whole town, Hiroshima style, and killed everybody! Or so she had thought. She caused some damage to other towns near by. She cared not if her rade hurt the neighboring towns, what mattered to her was that she had destroyed the one her rival came from.

    Whoville, although not destroyed, suffered some losses and damages on the south side.

    Brenda-Sue Who, had the misfortune to arrive in town from vacation, just after the bombing, and before Lady Une had left. She and others were fortunate enough to have not been in the line of fire, but ended up losing friends and family who were.

    Une had stayed long enough to watch the results of the devastation. She was very pleased with her handy work indeed...until, she realized Brenda Sue had survived. She erroniously thought Brenda was from the town she meant to destroy.

    "Damn, damn, DAMN IT ALL!" she fumed, "I'll get you my pretty...and there better not be any other survivors!"

    Poor Brenda ended up getting captured and enslaved by the evil Une and her bootlicker henchman, Senna Marie Maxwell. If Une had waited around a little longer, she would've discovered and tried to capture many other survivors, however, her mission had been accomplished. If there were to be any other survivors, Une knew it would take a lot for them to get back to some kind of normal, and she was pretty sure they would utter her name in fear and trembling from that point on.


    Jenny-Ko Senna Marie Maxwell, one of Lady Une's buttkissers, had some bizarre fixations. Senna was responsible for stealing monkeys from zoos, sanctuaries, and labs, even pet monkeys. What she did with them according to a very reliable source, was kill them, usually after she a. discovered she couldn't make them into servants or dolls, and, B. She had to kill them so their rightful owners wouldn't go after her and reclaim them. more to the point, she enjoyed killing them. It gave her a sick power rush. Brenda-Sue had witnessed this for herself, and had been horrified. Senna's favorite dead monkey was named Chip, and mounted in her room window, wearing a thong.

    ^_^ Senna had a thing for thongs...dearie me, this girl had issues! It got so bad, she was arrested at Wal-Mart for stealing several packets of them! She was caught on camera, and was dumb enough to deny it even when the footage was shown to her later.

    "Let me go, I need that!" she hollered at the police officers hauling her dumb butt off to jail.

    "Sure you do, ma'am! I think you have listened to 'The Thong Song' one time too many!"

    That was the first day in ages that Brenda-Sue was not made to clean out a dead monkey for Senna's ever growing collection. That job had always made Brenda quite sick to her stomach, but if she showed any signs of it, she was soundly slapped by both Senna, and Lady Une. In addition, Lady Une had forced her on pain of death to bow down and kiss the feet of Senna and the Lady herself. There was nothing more humiliating than that.

    And this was the insane environment poor Brenda was confined to, ever since Lady Une had destroyed the town and taken her as a slave. Brenda-Sue secretly longed to be with her family once again, wherever they were.

    Reporter Indianna Mae-Lynn Who had been out of town and on the job when Lady Une had caused damage to several houses on her street back in Whoville, killing all but her sister, Brenda-Sue.

    After returning, then weeks of grieving and shock, Unable to be of any use repairing the damage, and no longer able to bear the site of it, Indianna left. She had to find answers and try to put meaning back into her life.

    Indianna Mae took odd jobs and had to accept some charity during her wanderings. It was at the nearby town of Zechston, another place that had been hit by a similar tragedy that Indy finally sickened.

    At Zechston General, she was treated for pneumonia and exhaustion, and ordered to rest for a couple of weeks, longer if necessary.

    The James family took her in while she recovered. They had a daughter, LJ, who was very close to Indy's age, The two became good friends.

    For someone who had been through the horror of losing her entire family, Indy seemed to be holding out remarkably well. She didn't take out her emotions on these people, though her expression always indicated when she was having a rough time dealing with things.

    As Indy improved, she started helping around the house, and looking for work. That was not easy in this town since it had been hit only a year before, and there were still places that needed to be rebuilt. Construction was not Indy's forte, and anyway she wasn't well enough to take on that sort of a job.


    One evening, Robbie Collins was driving home from his job in the suburbs when he thought he saw something moving unsteadily along the interstate highway.

    The girl had been awakened by some motorcycle just moments before she had been seen by the driver of the car. The unsteady movements were her efforts at getting away from all the noise and she could barely manage to simply stand. She had stood up once, became dizzy and weak, lowered herself back down near the ground, and half crawled, half rolled, hopefully out of the site of the travelers.

    But it was too late, she had been seen trying to stand up, and that's what caught Robbie's attention.

    Robbie got out of his car to investigate, and that was when he found her.

    The girl had short dark hair and eyes that were darker still. Her skin was ghostly pale where it hadn't been sunburned.

    "well now, what brings you all the way out here by your lonesome?" he asked as he gently moved her to a straighter sitting position.

    There was no response from the girl, who, now that he was seeing her up close, looked malnourished and sick.

    Concerned for her safety, Robbie gently picked her up and carried her back to the car. There, he put her in the passenger's seat. Poor thing, she was in such bad shape!

    He took her to a hospital where they ran some tests on her. At some point, she became combative, so they had to put her out to complete the examinations.

    They couldn't find any identification on her and there were no bruises or any signs of sexual assault, but she appeared to be mal nourished and in a state of shock. she was treated for dehydration, low blood sugar, low blood pressure and goodness knows what else. She didn't talk, or even look at anyone, so they didn't get any information out of her.

    "What could have happened to her?" Robbie thought. "Goodness, could she be an illegal immigrant or something?" If that was the case, he knew some people who could help her. In the mean time, he could take her home and nurse her back to health 'til she was strong enough to stand on her own two feet.

    But he still had to go to work, and he didn't feel good about leaving her on her own.

    He had heard that Indy, the new girl living with the James family was looking for work, and who knew, maybe Indy and this silent girl had been from the same town. It was worth a shot anyway, and Indy certainly could watch and take care of her when Robbie was at work.

    Indy didn't recognize her, and doubted very much she was from the same town, but she'd keep an eye out for anyone looking for a girl matching her description.

    Every day, Indy went to visit the silent, nameless girl, but there was no change. No matter how Indy talked, read, sang to her, she couldn't seem to reach her.

    One afternoon when she was sitting with her, trying to get her to eat, she kept thinking about what to call her. The girl had no ID on her when she was found, and they knew she must have a name, but until they learned it, they'd have to call her something. She couldn't be without some kind of name any longer.

    Indy was permitted to try reaching her and getting her to write down whatever she might. They went through a name book, but the girl didn't give any indication any of those names belonged to her.

    "well, we're going to have to call you something until we know what your name is, about..." Indy thought for a while. "Bertha?" Indy didn't actually mean this, but she wanted to get a reaction.

    The girl did react. She shook her head vigorously.

    Indy laughed. "I was just kidding, that name does NOT suit you." She looked at her again, trying to think of a name that suited this little girl with such a fair complexion and such darkness in her eyes. The girl couldn't be any more than 5/2 standing up straight. So Indy went down a list of names she thought sounded delicate.

    the girl shook her head at all of them until Indy suggested "Vanessa" which brought a weak nod. But Indy couldn't determine if that was the girl's name or if she just preferred it out of all the suggestions. The girl seemed to hide her feelings quite well...too well.

    "All right, we'll call you Vanessa unless we learn different."

    Once she was given a name, and her picture was taken, efforts were made to find Vanessa's family. No one came forward yet, since the word hadn't traveled very far.


    (Note: The references to the dead monkey named Chip and other similar ideas came about because of internet troll Senna Marie Maxwell, a Gundam Mary Sue who is a Lady Une worshiper that attacked a fellow Mary Sue writer in the genre. Senna had a poor excuse of a web page that was called "monkeythongjaunt" and her guestbook was full of the most ridiculous babbling taglines such as: "Do you have a dead monkey named Chip?" Senna is a particularly obnoxious, nasty Mary Sues which is one of the most common but lleast liked character type.)

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