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    Nightmares For Noodleheads

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    Nightmares For Noodleheads Empty Nightmares For Noodleheads

    Post by Ocean Elf on Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:57 pm

    Nightmares For Noodleheads

    As with elsewhere, a stand-alone ~ will indicate a link to background music to accompany a scene and reflect some character(s) and their mood.


    We Will Own You Parody on Queen's We Will Rock You, Creepy Pasta version - by Toby.


    1. The Hollow Man And The Yellow Door Of Doom

    2. Slender Man, Small Man

    3. Laughing Jack Beaten At His Own Games

    4. Guardian Angel AKA Stalker Gets More Than He Bargained For

    5. The Night Laughing Jack Stopped Laughing

    6. The Meltdown Of Salt

    7. More Trouble For Slender Man

    8. Slender Man Meets His Fate

    -- What a laugh, that given the "Slender, 8 Pages" game, that it took 8 pages to deal with Slender Man and two of his pals.


    Music Critics/Trolls one with a really stupid nickname trashtalked a couple of composers and pieces of music. The composers? Schubert and Liszt, for "Erl King" the piece chosen to represent Swan the shadow person menacing Slender Man. And Chopin's Etude 25-12 "Ocean" the music that goes with Slender Man's fate


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