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    SJW And Fandoms And Antis AKA Troll Subculture

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    SJW And Fandoms And Antis AKA Troll Subculture Empty SJW And Fandoms And Antis AKA Troll Subculture

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:57 pm

    Troll Subcultures: Fandoms, Anti-fandom, SJW, Anti-SJW

    You know you're SJW/anti, fandom/anti Troll When - And Reality Checks

    Fanbase VS. fandom VS. anti-fandom...

    It's one thing to belong to a fanbase. It's another to be part of a fandom. They're not the same thing.

    Fanbases are broader, consisting of level-headed casual fans who, however avidly they like something, aren't fanatical and obnoxious about it.

    The other component found within fanbases are fandoms. These are the cult-like hive mindsets that are fanatical and obsessive fangirls/boys over whatever they are into,.

    They adopt annoying collectivist mannerisms that make them behave in a way their fandom demands by subtle peer pressure. So an anti-furby will comment on how furbies are Satan's spawn or gremlins that shouldn't be fed after midnight, how creepy they are, and make up furby horror stories, or furby-destruction videos.

    Members of fandoms often give themselves titles such as "Bro" for a Pewdiepie fanboy or girl "otaku" a member of the anime fandom, "brony" or "pegasister" from fandom for My Little Pony Aka MLP etc. A Pewdiepie fanboy calls himself and others "bro" and an otaku will sprinkle a few Japanese words in with their English, often ending questions with "Ne?" or when addressing anyone, they may tack on these annoying honorifics so that someone named Kim gets called "Kim-san", "Kim-chan", "Kim-sama" etc. These micromemes are irritating catchphrases, sayings and action mannerisms, each different set specific to their various fandoms, but aren't something people outside of fandoms tend to do. But it's all so repetitive among fangirls/boys wherever they go on the net. It's as if they've all lost their sense of individuality and their own style and prefer to be part of some fandom and its echo-chamber.

    But it's all there within anti-fandom, which is actually a fandom and not a legitimate opposition to fandoms or anything else for that matter. It is a specific type of troll subculture that ends up being the worst of everything they claim to oppose, and just your average troll in a general discussion.

    People who are level-headed fans, part of the fanbase and not the fandom or troll subculture, don't engage in this irritating and embarrassing behaviour.

    Anti-fandom is similar to the cult of otakuism that consists of smaller fandoms of anime. The difference is that otaku are into anime. anti-fandom is into hating other fandoms "for the lulz". Antis aren't interested in true opposition to fandoms and being supportive toward people who genuinely dislike what fandoms are doing. Antis are only interested in trolling and getting a rise out of whatever fandoms they think it's cool to hate.

    Like otaku, anti-fandom doesn't mean disliking all fandoms, not even for the right reasons.

    For example, someone can be anti-brony, yet be a Pewdiepie fanboy/girl, one of his "bro army" or an otaku for certain anime.

    Anti-fandom is no better than any other fandom. It's actually worse. Anti-fandom consists of brats and trolls who are just as bad and fanatical. Not only does anti-fandom contain all the hate seen within other fandoms, it also contains various annoying mannerisms from other fandoms. So within anti-fandom, there is a mishmash of "Bro!" (Pewdiepie) "every pony" (My Little Pony) "Ne? Baka! Desu desu desu!" (anime fandom). and on.

    Anti-fandom is to fandom what anti-chains are to chain letters - part of the problem!

    And that's not the worst.

    Why SJW/Anti/etc. And all Troll Subculture is Evil

    Anti-fandom is an extraordinarily hypocritical troll subculture that consists of pro-terrorism, bullying trolls as much as any other fandom does, more so. The fandoms as well as all branches of anti-fandom use the same stupid troll-speak in their mission to tick off the subculture they decide to hate. This is especially true of anti-bronies. What obnoxious stuff bronies do, anti-bronies do even more. Plus, anti-bronies actually bully their prey into real life suicide attempts, and then laugh when the attempt is a success, or sneer in disappointment when the brony is saved.

    You can tell a troll by the way s/he uses language. A genuine dislike of an obnoxious fandom will not resort to the juvenile and trollish language of "fag" "gay" "no-think" (middle school language), "fat" "ugly"(appearance-obsessed bigotry), "autism/autistic" (descrimination/bigotry against people with disabilities, not real dislike of an obnoxious subculture), "cancer" or "bleach" (stale old memes that need to die). Fandoms and trolls of all stripes spew that sort of stale, immature, appearance-obsessed, discriminatory, bigoted crap.

    If you are seriously annoyed by Pewdiepie and his "bro army" don't expect to find anything but a troll behind the Pewdiepie sucks Youtube channel. Even one occurrence of "fag" "gay" "fat" ugly" "autistic" " cancer", threats of cyber warfare, and son shows that channel to be operated by another troll from the anti-fandom subculture.

    The following quote is from a definition of anti-brony taken from Urban Dictionary, not a favourite site by a long shot, the troll-speak term 'butthurt' is used, and the f-bomb and another swear are replaced by other words. But they are correct about anti-bronies.


    "Anti Brony

    Now, there are two ways to deal with a brony (a male fan of My Little Pony). You could either say "lol Internet" ignore the bronies, and call it a day, or you could take the more comical route. This definition covers the latter.

    Before "butthurt" ensues, there is a big difference between someone who dislikes bronies, and being an anti brony.

    Anti bronies will specifically go out of their way to spew whatever they can against bronies to the point of making their own anti brony Facebook pages, YouTube channels, (I kid you not) anti brony Call of Duty threads, and whatever they can get their grubby little hands on.

    They are typically found in the ages between 10-30 (mostly 13, go figure) and, like some bronies, are the most annoying things you can find on the Internet. Not only will they spam anything pony-related, but they make their own (albeit crappy) anti brony rap songs, anti brony Minecraft servers, even break the braying law to deface pony murals, and so on.

    Anything that a brony might do that annoys you, anti bronies have sure covered it, except it's a thousand times more annoying because, well, at least bronies enjoy themselves when they do pony-stuff, they don't watch My Little Pony to write bios with (LITERALLY) over 9,000 characters in text why the show sucks.

    And if you still don't believe me, go on YouTube and search "mlp sucks". The first video is a chubby 10-year-old in his basement whining in front of a camera. And the rest of the anti bronies are afraid to show themselves (lol).

    And this is coming from somebody who isn't a brony anymore.


    The whole "Bronies are fags" thing is stupid for yet another reason. The MLP characters bronies go for are girls. If bronies were predominantly gay, they would be crushing on male characters, not representations of girly girls.

    As to the accusation of their breaking the law to deface pony stuff, I'm not sure that's actually taking place offline, but cyber warfare by hacking and harassment is illegal. Nevertheless, anti-bronies do stoop to those depths, and even lower.

    If there was ever a reason to completely disrespect anti-bronies, it's the fact they actively try to get bronies to kill themselves, including harassing pre-teens until they actually attempt suicide. Antis will laugh at the death of little kids who kill themselves. Anti-bronies will jeer at failed attempts at suicide by bronies.

    The reason anti-bronies may be afraid to show themselves is because of all the shallow-minded appearance-obsessed fat-shaming stupidity they engage in, and that's not the only area where they are bigots.

    This anti-fandom is filled with bigoted numbskulls who hate autistic people far more than they hate My Little Pony or the things the MLP fanboys do. Anti-Bronies condemn bronies more for supposedly being autistic than for going ape over some stupid 4chan-originated fad. If that isn't already bad enough, some go as far as telling them to commit suicide, and wishing for another terrorist attack to wipe out the bronies, and express sorrow that Bin Laden didn't do the job.

    This Youtuber's comment reading of comments from antis and this sloo of comments on a brony rave video show antis at their worst.

    Some of these are shown in all their vileness just below:


    jacob g: Fire up the gas chambers.

    Chance Lowery: Can we bring back hitler please

    DEDEagle147:Minigun: Check! Grenade: Check! Rokcet Launcher: Check! Nuke: Checkeroo! Time to bomb this convention! >:D

    ScreamsFromSouls: can somebody send a bomb there next year?

    sauron109: 1 bomb to save us all...and future generations

    Gary Wha?: Oh Hitler, where the hell are you when we actually need you.


    the "Civilized" Anti-brony community is run by an otaku going by the handle of Kawaii ArieM, who has tried to make anti-bronyism somewhat redeemable by setting rules which are good, but don't go quite far enough. And - she is still a fangirl herself.

    On that community are prominent, notorious anti-bronies who are seen just about everywhere else, and the "cancer" and "bleach-drinking" memes are rampant. There is even an advert for a pathetic troll community, that believes trolls are actually good.



    They are most commonly known as social justice warriors (SJW).

    But they are misnamed.

    They are not about justice and equality, but social revenge, or at least, social cleansing, always at the expense of someone else. For this reason, they should be referred to as SVCW instead.

    However they might claim otherwise, SVCW are not interested in making society better, their agenda is particularly dystopian. They never reject what they claim to protest, they perpetuate and thrive on it.

    Feminists are obsessed with sex, especially rape, turning everything into a gender issue, and hating men. They actually believe western society is a "rape culture" while they don't give a crap about true rape cultures where women are stoned for getting raped in sharia-run societies in the non-western world. Though women have equality and often preferential treatment in our society, feminists ignore this reality, because they still want to be crusaders and fight for something, even when there is no longer something to fight for. So they cling to talking points about injustices of the long past, and invent sexism where it doesn't exist. Example: air conditioning. Feminists consider it sexist because it's too cold in the work place for women to wear thin or scant clothing, which feminists sometimes insist women are forced to wear to look "beautiful/attractive eye-candy" for the men. This same feminism proudly support the wearing of scant clothing, and front indecency while couching their female supremacy in martyr/crusader camo.

    They still insist that women get 74 or 77 or etc. cents on every dollar men get. Feminists want to keep women angry, bitter, and filled with self-pity at men, and make men hate themselves for being men. Feminism is not equality, it is misandry. Feminism is also racist against whites. It is very common to hear or read about feminists ranting on about what they consider a blight in the universe, "white males".

    MGTOW (Men going their own way) are obsessed with sex, and hating women, believing them (not just feminists), to be evil, oppressive, and the ruin of society. They lament that women ever got the right to vote and they owe men sex in turn for whatever men might do for them. MGTOW hates tradition and convention, and especially marriage, which they call a form of prostitution. Yet they will happily use women from foreign countries (who have to be "beautiful and submissive/kinky"), to gratify themselves, since western women wouldn't have them due to their piggish attitudes. MGTOW is true misogyny, and not a normal representation of men in society, though feminists want us believing they are.

    The white-hating Black Lives Matter (blm) (lowercase out of disrespect) are obsessed with slavery and the kkk (lower case out of disrespect) which they have actually managed to replace with themselves. They make a race issue out of everything, moaning on about "Black" - uh sorry, excuse me - "African american" this, "white" that". Example: Van Jones's "Whitelash" rant on CNN when Trump won the election. His racist meltdown was soundly debunked by Leon Dunson, and Hunter Avallone.

    Animal rights activists, are obsessed with animal abuse. They see everything humans do concerning animals as abuse, unless it is their own efforts to "rescue" or "liberate" animals. They are misanthropic.

    fandoms (the fanatic cultish portion of any fanbase), and trolls of all types belong firmly in the SVCW camp.

    Those calling themselves anti-SJW, anti (insert fandom) or who fall into that category are also a type of SVCW as their counter-attacks contain stupidity that actually belongs with the groups they are protesting.

    Social vengeance/cleansing warriors (SVCW) and their antis adopt annoying collectivist mannerisms that make them behave in a way their fandom/club/cult demands by subtle peer pressure. So an anti-feminist will comment on how feminists are "ugly" "fat" "in need of some sex" (usually put in the crudest terms possible. Animal rights SVCWs, being pro-food-cop as well, will also nag on about how non-vegans are "fat/morbidly obese/an egg away from a heart attack" etc. Feminists will condemn white males as "privileged" as well as "racist/sexist/misogynist" and they will accuse women who reject their female supremacist views of "internalized misogyny" and "betraying their gender". Black Lives Matter (BLM) SVCW will call non-whites who reject their racist agenda "race-trators". At the same time, BLM and feminists will claim that race and gender are "social constructs" and blame it all on the white man.

    Animal rights SVCW will cry "speciesism" which they deem is just like racism. Of course, they never accuse other animals of this, though they claim animals should be equal to human beings. They will troll on every animal video to exclaim "Abuse!" "Cruelty!" where none exists, or blame the videographer when animals hurt each other in a video.

    Feminists, MGTOW, and general antis are stuck on ridiculing people based on their appearance, and subjective gender ideals. A woman with a low voice gets ridiculed as "she could pass for a man" and a man in a shirt with a cat picture on it gets ridiculed as "pussified" a vulgar, idiotic term that discredits anyone using it as an insult. The term isn't just referring to the shirt, but something further down. It is by no means the only term used by these losers. Anti-SJWs generally defend tasteless trolling such as rape jokes. SJWs love bad jokes stereotyping people they decide to hate. Feminists won't even acknowledge that males get victimized by females, especially when that victimization is of a sexual nature. They are quick to excuse and sweep it under the rug, dismissing it as "male tears" or "white tears". SJWs and antis strive to be offensive

    The cold fact of the matter is, anti-bronies and anti-fandoms are just troll subcultures, along with SJW and anti-SJW.

    That is why anti is without a doubt, evil, and is not a smart or legitimate opposition to anything.

    The Wave Of Anti-fandom

    The Third Wave was a classroom experiment in mob mentality and it revealed some troubling things about it. The same things that are what is so wrong with fandoms and other subcultures today.

    There was a novel based on this experiment and a film made in 1981.

    Here is the film in two parts, with IMO a bit better sound.

    Part 1 and Part 2.

    The experiment came about because the teacher, Ron Jones in real life, Ben ross in the fictionalized book/movie, could not sufficiently answer the question posed by one of his students, as to how so many citizens of Germany could claim they never knew about the evils of the nazi regime as they were being carried out all around them.

    The experiment taught them why, revealing that with the right kind of stimuli and incentive, not even they were immune to the spell of collectivism.

    The Third Wave really happened, but it was only a five-day experiment that the teacher and administration halted once they saw things were getting out of hand.

    There seems to be no one able or willing to put a stop to the wave now, and it is no longer an experiment, but a plethora of obsessive fandoms and other subcultures gone amok.


    Bronyism, My Little Pony Fanaticism

    Otakuism, anime fanaticism

    Anti-fandom, Trolls and Fandom Wars


    Third Wave Feminism and the ultimate goals of feminism

    Meninism, The Moral Decay Of MGTOW

    Anti-fandoms are definitely among these.

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