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    Brony And Reality Checks

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    Brony And Reality Checks Empty Brony And Reality Checks

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:47 pm

    You Are Brony If - And Reality Checks

    Thomas W wrote an article about the MLP subculture with a list of points which is borrowed from and added to in this post.

    And you can see the list for otaku here, anti-furbyism here, and SJW/anti-fandom/trolls here.

    Why Bronyism Is Evil

    1. Bronyism is a gargantuan meme AKA a chain letter/viral, and a cult all in one. They don't just really like a kid show, this is a collectivist movement of militant man/womanchildren using a kid show as a platform to fix what they believe is wrong with society. They call it "The New Sincerety."

    The perceived principle of "Friendship Is Magic" looks nice when packaged up in the form of a kids' show, but in the world of fandumbs, all bets are off when Derpyhooves forbid, anyone not think bronyism and FIM is the greatest thing on earth. As for this so-called "love and tolerance" stuff they keep on about, that's a farce. Bronyism is a fandom/ subculture, with the same problems and hypocrisy as any other. New sincerity? Try New Insincerity.

    The movement is a 4chan-originated meme.

    The anti-bronies go ape, trying, yet failing to oppose MLP and bronyism so that it is difficult to tell them apart from the most obsessive, off-putting bronies. Anti-Bronies act as if it's some kind of sin to merely watch and like a kiddy show. The whole anti-brony movement is just another subculture of fandom idiots and trolls so is no better than bronies. Worse, since they think bronies are autistic, and they hate autistics more than they hate MLP and its fandom.

    2. Bronyism originated as a joke on the net by trolls at 4chan, one of the biggest troll dens and meme factories on the net.

    Anti-bronies, a troll subculture, counter with their own stupid memes, usually involving liberal use of the words "faggot" "gay" any and all swear words, the discriminatory "bronies are autistic/have autism" thing and of course, the overkilled "MLP gave me cancer" thing.

    3. MLP has lost its innocence in the following ways.

    Anthropomorphism. This holds especially true when it comes to this Equestria Girls thing. Sure, that appears to be all innocent fun and games on the surface, and for a lot of people, that's all it is. And that's all it should be.

    but anthropomorphism is a very powerful propaganda tool in the animal rights arsenal, and they are not above using kiddy media to preach their religion to impressionable young minds.

    Sexualization. In Brony vocabulary, this is known as "clop". Apologies/warning about the one f-bomb in the Howard Stern interview link. 4chan and ilk have not only made a humungous meme out of MLP, but they have also corrupted MLP in some of the most vile ways apparently conceivable to the human mind. There are gore-fest and porn MLP images and fan fiction stories, with and without violent sex acts. Neither sex nor sadism should be in MLP, where it is publicly accessible. It's distasteful to many adults and certainly not fit for small children to be exposed to.

    Liz Cooper on Bronies - Throwback Or Creepy

    OOPH, Mom Alarmed By Obsessive Bronies

    Triumph Of The Bronies, Hasbro Turning My Little Pony Into Sexy Human Characters

    Bronyism takes a little kids' show and corrupts it with fanaticism, fan-art and fan fictions ranging from annoying for getting spammed everywhere, to MLP porn (they call it "porny") to perverse, and fawning over plushy collectables which range from the real kiddy toys to twisted life-sized versions of the ponies made especially for certain disturbing activities exactly like the furries.

    Bronies and anti-bronies wage cyber-terrorism, involving community infiltration, invasion, hacking, trolling, spamming, harassment, and both sides are chummy with the troll subculture and cyber-criminal underbelly of the internet, 4chan and associated sites. To avoid discovery before launching their attacks, they use the part of the internet known as the deep web. to find cyber criminals they pay to hack and infest the communities of their opposition, and mess with individuals and their internet accounts.

    Even one person who claims to oppose bronyism but is still with any of that is one too many. Because then, they aren't true opposition to the fandom, but just anti-bronies/trolls. And there are a lot of them.

    4. Because of this horrid trend, not even kiddy communities can be guaranteed safe on the net, and being an adult who merely likes a kiddy show could cast you into some suspicion.

    5. Their site Equestria Daily prides itself on corrupting the minds of little girls.

    6. Bronies make far too much of some kiddy show that probably never should have been made, decades after the original 80s stuff, and whose content is high in annoyance and far less engaging than many other kiddy shows.

    Here is a conversation between a brony and someone who prefers another family-friendly show.

    Found among the comments on this video.


    The SarcasticKat Read below for an actual argument I had with a brony

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