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    Power Structure Uneravled

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    Power Structure Uneravled Empty Power Structure Uneravled

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    Power Structure Uneravled

    Meanwhile, the commander of Une's soldiers, had managed to slip away from Une while she was preoccupied with Indy. The cad was making his way down the carpeted hall way with several soldiers in tow, heading toward the escape route hidden within the mansion's walls.

    the commander was a bit on edge...his inner psychic told him he was doomed to suffer the same fate as Lady Une...he dismissed it with his usual bravado.

    "Bah!" he said to himself. "What utter nonsense...its time for me to launch my sneak attack. Une's easy enough to oust, but nothing can stop me no-AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! WHO THE hex IS THAT?!"

    "Nothing can stop you, eh?"

    The commander gaped. His equally dumb soldiers followed suit.

    A very tall woman with dark skin and black hair, stood in the middle of the hallway, blocking their retreat. Hands on hips...a look of utter contempt on her face, she didn't look like the sort to surrendor easily. "Where the bunch o' ya think yer goin?" she demanded curtly.

    "Back off, wench!" shouted one of the soldiers, rushing at her...big mistake!

    This was not an ordinary woman these guys were up against. This was a faerie, and she was not impressed. She sendt the charging brute sailing through the air with a blast of magic.

    The unfortunate soldier shot over the heads of his comrades, and impacted with a wuff against the wall on the far side of the hall way. He fell unconscious on the floor...battered, but lucky to be alive.

    "Anyone care to try that again?" She said with the casual demeanor of a school teacher going over an assignment with a class of fourth graders.

    the commander and the others were stunned at her display of seemingly unmortal or inhuman power. "Cripes...h-how did she do that?"

    "I don't know how how you did that, girlie..." snarled another soldier, pulling out a bowie knife while sizing her up. "...but, I'm gonna make you one sorry..."

    "NO!!!" shouted the commander, holding his arm out...stopping him. "Pocahontas is MINE!!!" He sounded a bit too eager when he said if he wanted her or something!

    The fairy's dark eyes twinkled in amusement, and she had to turn her face away for a moment. Gads, the commander was just a kid! He couldn't possibly have meant what that sounded like. She fought the impulse to give in to the incredulous laughter that welled up in her. This gave way to contempt soon enough.

    When she recovered, she stared sternly back at the commander. "Look 'ere little soldier boy, I hardly suit the name Pocahontas... its Ms. Monroe."

    "Ooooo...I like that!" the commander cooed...he started undressing her in his wicked mind, and that lust showed clearly in his eyes. "Damn, I wish Lady Une could look like, with a body like that, you should be wearing something hot and a black cat suit!"

    His utterly stupid attempt at charm was not working on her, for Ms. Monroe rolled her eyes in disgust over his lame pick up line. But she thought she would try to make him squirm a little before expressing her disgust at the suggestion. "Are ya sayin' I don't look good, now?"

    He blinked.

    Monroe continued. "Listen, kid, I don't tell ya what to wear, although maybe somebody should!"

    The soldiers snickered over her comment, trying to contain their laughter.

    "SHUT UP!" the commander shouted, ticked off.

    She continued, much to the amusement of the other soldiers. "I've been pickin' out my own clothes long Before your time, boy...So you might as well know that any attempt by the likes of you at dolin out fashion tips is so lame it's laughable! The idea of following' your suggestion is utterly beneath me."" She waved a hand dismissively at him and rolled her eyes.

    "Woo-hoo!" a few soldiers chorused, while still others applauded. Lady Une was certainly nothing but a mere kid next to this Ms. Monroe, and many of these men secretly wished she would replace Une. however, it's only fair to add that at least some of these soldiers, like the commander, were also interested for the same wrong reasons.

    All of their encouragement failed to impress her, she wouldn't even crack them one tiny smile.

    "How dare you laugh at me when I can kill you for that!" the commander ranted at them.

    Ms. Monroe glared down at the commander. "my, my, but you're a lot like your equally dull goddess-wanna-be, otherwise known as Lady (cough) Une, or you're just an over-grown toddler. 'Gimme gimme gimme' or 'kill, kill, kill!' Have you not heard of something called manners, no?"

    "Counting on dying, are we?" the commander asked, doing his best to emulate Zech Marquise, the late Treize Khushrenada's equally dead comrade. "I could spare you that if you'd reconsider my offer. So, whatta you say, sweet place, later tonight?" He made the mistake of putting his hand on her shoulder.

    Before he knew what hit him, he found himself face down, flat on the floor.

    The fairy stood over him, hands balled into fists, insulted that he had the nerve to get any ideas, let alone touch her. "Contrary to your desperate wishes, foolish delusions, whatever they are, you're not God's gift to' I'm not into robbin the cradle..." she snarled at him. She wacked him again, then blasted him with magic. That sent him sprawling across the other side of the hall way. "There! That'll teach ya to get dirty ideas about the wrong gal, unless *you* are counting on dying...!"

    One of the commander's soldiers picked him up only to have his kind gesture dismissed by his superior officer.

    "I'm FINE!!!" the commander said angrily, pushing the young man's arm away. He recovered, and stood up to return. Now he sneered at her, his lust turning to pure animalistic rage. "I'll make you pay dearly for what you did, you stupid cow." he whispered to her, his voice dripping with menace. "When I'm finished with you, my men get to have what's left of you...!"

    Far from being intimidated by him, she glowered down at him. "Spoken like the hormonal, egomaniac you are!" Then she watched the commander's men surround her, but gave them a smirk. "So - you all wanna go down at once...That...can be arranged."

    the first few soldiers who managed to touch her, met varying fates. Some were turned into slugs or worms, others, little stone figurines of their own likenesses, and the very last one who dared to get close enough to her, she sent to a penal colony in 19th century Australia.

    The other soldiers saw what was happening...their comrades being changed, or just disappearing into nothingness right before their very eyes! They turned and fled for their lives!

    The commander had cowered in a corner as he witnessed this, his mouth agape. He hoped she would somehow not see him, or just overlook his presence.

    But it doesn't go that way for people who offend Capri Monroe.

    The fairy laughed malevolently as she moved slowly, purposefully toward the terrified commander. "So..." she said, fixing the hapless man with a cold, calculating stare, "Do ya still want Pocahontas, maggot-brain?" she drawled in the most unnerving deep tone.

    "AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" the commander squeaked out in a falsetto. Panicked, he started to run for his very life. He did not stop until he tripped out the front door and was sent sprawling right in the middle of the camera crew that was still there.

    Ms. Capri Monroe gave chase, laughing to herself the whole time. When she saw the TV people still out front and the commander doing another toothstand right in the middle of it, she gave up the chase, stood in the main hallway, and nearly doubled over laughing.

    the commander found himself in an awful predicament. He lay in a most humiliating and stupid looking position on the ground, face down, butt up in the air, while news reporters swarmed around him, pointing cameras and trying to shove microphones in his face.

    Bottle-blonde Marilee Who, was the most eager of the bunch. She approached him. "Sir - could you give us some insight on Lady Une for our viewing audience?" she asked him. "What do you really think of her mad plot to rule the world?"

    "Yeah, is she always this friggin' wacko?" chimed in another reporter in amusement. "Rule the world...yeah, right! If you poured water on her, would she melt?" He had the crowd laughing over his comments.

    the commander stood up, spitting grass and dirt out of his mouth while dusting off the debris from his military uniform. He looked at the wise guy who was making jokes about Lady Une and sneered at him. "GET out of MY FACE before you feel my wrath!"

    Everybody pretty much frowned at the commander for his temperamental outburst.

    "Tsk, don't have to be rude about it, ya know!" Marilee sniffed. "Idiot!"

    Losing his temper completely, the commander struck Marilee. "Talk like that will get you killed! Pity the reporter who sees my gundam, for you will not live to tell about it!"

    You really wanna learn the hard way?" The fairy that had menaced him shouted from where she took in the scene.

    "All right, sir, that's enough!" A burly officer with light brown hair that was starting to gray, waved off the other reporters as he made his way toward the commander and Marilee. He had seen and caught it all on camera, as he had come disguised as one of the media. "You're under arrest for assault, issuing death threats,terrorism, illegal possession of deadly weapons..." And the list went on for a long time.

    "Noooooo!" the commander raged. "You can't arrest me, you're just a dumb reporter! Not only that, but you probably don't even know what a gundam is, so you're no match for me!"

    "Sir!" The officer tried to make himself heard above the commander's rantings. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you, do you understand that?"

    "Yes, yes, I know my rights, I'm not stupid! Now, get your hands off me or I will make you sorry, if you live long enough to be!"

    A chorus of groans and hisses was heard from the others gathered around.

    "Keep talking, sir, you'll only get yourself in deeper." said another officer, it seemed more reporters were turning out to be from the police force rather than the news media. Several gathered around, forming a compact network of people to prevent the commander attempting an escape, two officers held the commander back while another one cuffed and shackled him.

    "We'll need to search you for concealed weapons but we'll do that down at the station."

    "How dare you!?" the commander railed indignantly.

    "I should be asking *you* that question!" Another man approaching the commander, escorted by a couple more officers shot back. He was none other than Robbie Collins. "You monsters and your terrorist outfit killed so many good people in my home town, including my girlfriend...So many people who were blasted so they couldn't even be recovered and given a proper burial! And then - you did the most profane act imaginable, renaming our town Zechston after Zechs Merquise!" Robbie was trembling with outrage, and his eyes threatened to brim over. "And you have the nerve to complain about your situation now!"

    ""When I get out of this, you will learn a harsh lesson!" the commander hissed.

    Robbie steeled himself, fighting to keep control. "You're not as big and bad as you think, man, in fact, we are taking our name back and erasing the foul name of Zechston from our maps, our signs, all official documents."

    "You can't do that!" the commander screamed.

    "Oh, yes they can," said the first officer. Glancing at another officer, this one was a woman, he motioned to her.

    She nodded and stepped onto the front steps of Une's place. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please!"

    She had to make the request again, but eventually the crowd subsided.

    "Thank you... Lady Une and the Oz reign of terror is over!"

    More applause rang out, but the speaker continued, making herself heard above it.

    "With Treize K dead, and his second in command, Lady Une and her chief commanding officer have been captured."

    More thunderous applause, whistles and shouts.

    The woman blew a shrill whistle to quiet the crowd down again. "I know you're excited, as am I! But there is more good news. Any damage done to Whoville, and the former Zechston and other places will be repaired as much as possible, but it will take time, planning, materials, and financing. And last but not least, Zechston is no longer. I am pleased to announce the town will take Valjean, its original and rightful name back!"

    The crowd went absolutely wild.

    Robbie stood quietly, speechless, tears rolling down his cheeks.

    the commander only glared, but started protesting loudly as they hauled his lousy terrorist butt off to the big house.

    Back at home at the James residence, the coverage was being watched. LJ and her family laughed, shrieked with excitement, hugged, cried, overjoyed at this news.

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