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    Une-expected News

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    Une-expected News Empty Une-expected News

    Post by Ocean Elf on Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:49 am

    Une-expected News

    One night, Indy got some news though, about who was responsible for destroying her home and family. She was happily playing a friendly game of Monopoly with her foster family, when the news program Dateline NBC did a piece on that loser of a tyrant Lady Une.

    The pathetic woman burst into crocodile tears almost as if on cue when the interviewer asked her if she still missed her terrorist partner in crime, Treize.

    Lady Une became almost violent when asked about Senna's statement to the Inquirer that her highest ranking commanding officer was leaving Lady Une for her. "That's not true! Senna is just jealous because he needs me more than her! If Senna wasn't such a good worker, I'd have her head on a platter for telling such a stupid damn stupid stupid damn lie! Lies, lies, lies!!"

    "Geez. She really knows how to conduct herself at an interview," Indy quipped sarcastically, making a face at the TV.

    The interviewer was a bit taken aback, and decided to change the subject. "I'm sorry if this upset you, but about Senna--"

    "I should sue you for asking such dumb questions! if I wanted to argue with Senna over a man who'll never be hers, I'd have talked to the Inquirer about it!"

    Indy laughed openly. "If I acted like that in public, especially on camera my family would disown me!" But then her expression darkened. "Demmit." she muttered bitterly. "They *would have*..."

    The interview continued after a slight pause. "yes, and now, about Senna. How can you trust her to work for you when, it is said she is a cleptomaniac? People who used to work for you, have said Senna has a collection of monkey products, made from monkeys she and you have been collecting and killing, while monkeys from zoos and labs seem to be mysteriously disappearing."

    "You stupid fool! Senna is not a cleptomaniac, she's a nymphomaniac! She has never stolen any of my things! She wouldn't dare! I'm the great Lady Une, don't you forget!"

    "Oh brother." indy leered.

    Une continued ranting. "If you don't start asking better questions than this, I will destroy your residences with one command of my forces...the same way I devastated Zechston a year ago."

    "How dare that witch!" LJ fumed.

    "She almost killed us and she's proud of that!?" Kevin chimed in.

    "You're claiming responsibility for the tragedy in Zechston a year ago?" the interviewer asked.

    "of course I am!"

    Indy's eyes narrowed. She was horrified and ticked off, but she didn't want her new found family to know how peeved she really was! "the nerve, grrr...I hope she dies in a fire..." She balled her hands into tight fists, and bit her lower lip out of seething rage.

    "Indy - are you alright?" asked LJ.

    "I'm fine." she nodded. "But I know someone who won't be."

    "May I ask why you launched an attack on an innocent town like Zechston?" The interviewer asked.

    "Stupid place should've been named ST. Une!" "

    There were hisses of disgust all around at the James' house at this.

    Une railed on. "That fool of a commander promised he would name a place after me but he named it for that silly ox of a man, Zechs Marquise! And then had the nerve to say that Mr/ Treize would've wanted it that way!"

    "Shut up, you jealous freaking moron!" Indy shouted at the TV.

    Une went on. "As Mr. Treize would have wanted, I will rule the world, it's only a matter of time until I do!"

    "Oh puh-leeze!" Indy jeered. She had already begun to put the pieces together about who was responsible for the damage done to her town, and the deaths of her family. Watching this interview was like putting salt in the wound.

    Mr. James almost choked on the Pepsi he was drinking. "SAY WHAT?!"

    Mrs. James looked flabbergasted. "You gotta be kidding?!"

    LJ, and Kevin rolled their eyes in disgust and shouted at the television. "WHATEVER!"

    the...lady...Une went on. "And thanks to my brilliant skill, another town of an enemy who dared to cross me, was completely wiped out three months ago. Other places near there suffered at least some damage.I have a surviver in my custody, and if you ever wondered if it was better to be killed by me, or taken into my custody, just ask Brenda-Sue Who." Une said silkily, with a look of pure, coldhearted smugness on her face.

    That did it. Indy exploded all at once. "Demmit!!! what the freakin ruddy hex!?" she roared, Suddenly jumping up from her chair and lurching for the TV to get a better look at Une. She had only been slightly paying attention until she heard Une throw fits at the reporter.She hadn't, even then, thought to get a good look and fix Une's image in her mind until Une started talking about destroying places and world domination. The mention of Whoville during the course of that interview sent her suspicion off the map. She didn't know where her sister was or if she was even alive, until now. The horrid she-beast had just bragged about it all on national television, as if it was like winning an award.

    "Indy, was that your home town?" someone asked.

    But Indy didn't seem to have heard, she only kept glaring at the TV to get a good look at Lady Une. "ruddy slaver! Murderer!!" she ranted. Never before had anyone there seen her so angry.

    "Lady Une..." The interviewer said, "May I remind you you're still on camera. Did you really want to say that on the air?"

    Indy stared at the TV a long time, sizing Une up, She was going to make that wretched broad pay, oh, was she!

    "Indy..." someone said, she wasn't even sure who at this point. and Indy felt someone's hand on her shoulder. For a sickening few moments, everything seemed to blur, and then Indy could hear the concerned family around her, asking if she'd be all right, telling her she should take it easy so she wouldn't get sick again.

    Indy was shaking with rage so badly now she wasn't sure she could walk straight any more. Hot tears stung her eyes and she tried with all her might to blink them back. "I'll kill her! I'll kill her!" she railed.

    There was little the James family could do other than ride it out with her and give her time to subside.

    That night, it took a long time for everyone to settle down and get some sleep. Indy in particular had it rough. As soon as she was by herself for the night, she sat on the bed and glared at nothing in particular. "Watch your back, wench Une...I'll get my sister out of there, and then...then I'll make you pay hell for what you've done to my family and every innocent person you killed!" she growled, eyes burning with pure rage, "Just you wait! JUST...YOU...WAIT!!!" she didn't fall asleep until early morning just before daybreak.

    Early the next morning...


    "Hello, James residence," Mrs. James said.

    "Hello, it's Robbie. Is Indy there?"

    "well, yes, but she's still sleeping. Can I get her to call you back?"

    "No, that's all right. If you could just give her this message when she does wake up, I may need your help."

    There was something urgent in Robbie's voice that Mrs. James didn't like. "what's wrong? Is it Vanessa? Indy told me what you'd said on the phone last night. That Une needs to be put down a few notches if you ask me."

    "Yes, I agree! But I can't find Vanessa anywhere. She wasn't in her room, or out in the front room. I can't find her outside, I think she's run away."

    "Oh Dear God." Mrs. James said in alarm.

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