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    The Downfall Of Lady Une

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    The Downfall Of Lady Une Empty The Downfall Of Lady Une

    Post by Ocean Elf on Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:45 am

    The Downfall Of Lady Une Click above link to play audio title and comments from Heidi and Indy.

    Heidi says: "The Downfall of Lady...Une?"

    Indianna shows dislike: "Yeah, that's her."

    Heidi: "Strange name."

    Indy: "Dumb as well."

    The Downfall of Lady Une

    By Ocean Elf and LJ James

    Unefortunate Circumstances

    Une-expected News

    Coming Uneglued

    Power Structure Uneraveled


    Lady Une

    The Downfall Of Lady Une EWladyune02

    Character summary written by LJ James:

    Name: Lady "The Barracuda" Une

    Gender: Female *Heh, heh...I find that hard to believe!*

    Hair color: Rodent brown

    Height: 5/6

    Occupation: OZ soldier.

    Rank: Yeah, she stinks to high heaven.

    Other 'Rank': colonel

    Age: 19 *girl, please...stop lying!*

    DOB: Sept. 20, 1976 The secret is out!

    Character: What character?

    Personality then: Blood-thirsty, power-tripping, maniacal, sadistic tyrant! She can also wax all mellow peacefulness, but that doesn't mean she really is. Lady Une is the type that will make sappy peace speeches one minute and try to rip your kidneys out the next. Oh, and she's got a terminal case of the hots for a terrorist with the sissy name of Treize Khushrenada, who tries to put on an air of being classy, but you know he's just a manipulative, power-hungry phony and a user! Just as well he gets dead during the GW series.

    Lady Une is the main villain and the residential W-E-N-C-H in this story! She is a slap-happy, murderous, tyrant!

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