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    Music Critics And Trolls

    Ocean Elf

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    Music Critics And Trolls Empty Music Critics And Trolls

    Post by Ocean Elf on Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:12 pm

    Music Critics And Trolls


    These are the people who prowl about Youtube videos, looking for opportunities to make themselves feel expert and great by putting others down, artists and composers alike. Concert musician or music student, they will always find something to complain about while saying how they like the next performer better.

    Famous composers even get treated to this arrogant stupidity. Because these trolls think it's perfectly okay to judge and rank them, not simply have a personal preference.

    Such a troll is this loser with the arrogant, offish handle of Hshsbs Iamgod.

    * * *

    Hshsbs Iamgod: Sounds like somebody took Chopin's Ocean etude and did the following 3 things

    1- gutted it and dumbed it down

    2- used analytics to figure out which progressions might tempt the average idiot the most

    3- took a rubber club at the pianists head several hours before the performance as to make the performance as void of emotion as possible

    Not Schubert's finest moment and certainly great shame on Liszt for encouraging this type of window dressed nonsense. He likely began salivating upon seeing the original transcription because he knew he had a genuine piano breaking arrangement with a few tweaks.

    Ocean elf: OMG what an utterly stupid comment, so devoid of musical appreciation and full of expert-wanna-be it just burns. Both Etude 25.12 (dubbed "Ocean" and The Erl King music are top notch.

    1. Erl King was composed before Etude 25.12.

    Erl King was in the works from 1815 to 1821 when Schubert was finally satisfied with it.

    Chopin, born in 1809, would've still been a child.

    2. The set of Etudes OP. 25 was published in 1837. "Ocean" being the last of the set as 25-12.

    3. So, if anything, the development would've been the other way around, With neither composition being "dumbed down" as you so unmusically put it.

    4. Liszt is generally a bit too flashy in his own compositions and some of his transcriptions for my taste, but that's no detraction from him as a composer, only my personal preference. The fact he chose such gems as Ave Maria and Erl King to transcribe for piano shows he recognized good music when he heard it.

    5. You, on the other hand, do not.

    6. All you've basically said in your clumsy, craptastic comment is that you fantasize about pianists getting their heads bashed in, you think you're better than Schubert, and you probably think "Ocean" Etude is crap as well. Good going, music critic extraordinaire. Who are you going to dump on next? Beethoven? Mozart? Rachmaninoff?

    How about you compose something and see how well liked it becomes. I'll bet you can't. The fact you actually think Erl King is crap next to Ocean Etude shows you just don't get either composition... AT ALL...

    One more thing. Your internet handle really sucks. "Imgod"? You only wish

    Oh, and don't bother trying to defend your stupidity. Because you might as well know that
    nobody cares.

    Trolls Going By Famous Composer Names

    And to the troll or trolls taking the names of famous composers as their internet handles so they can mouth off on classical music videos:

    Yeah right, troll.

    Inside the - eh? Mind - ? of a troll

    Trolls Just Want To Have Fun

    You're more than likely the same person who made all these bogus accounts "Johann Sebastian Bach" "Ludwig Van Beethoven" "Franz Liszt" Chopin and all the rest. Your over-reaction to my calling you out, which you wrote from yet another composer whose name you ripped off, (I replied to "Chopin" and "Bach" you reacted as "Beethoven"), complete with the lovely f-bomb reaffirms my opinion/theory. You are not a legitimate commenter, you're just here to troll classical music videos.

    You give these composers a bad name, you're a shabby individual too afraid to use an honest internet handle of your own or even your name.
    Blast off, troll with all these accounts. You suck.

    Over and out.

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