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    The Meltdown Of Salt

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    The Meltdown Of Salt Empty The Meltdown Of Salt

    Post by Ocean Elf on Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:53 pm

    The Meltdown Of Salt

    Hanima decided to check her messages one more time before leaving No Way House. A few minutes before, she considered calling it a day, but her drive to see Slender Man downed wasn't permitting her to slack off, and anyway, Beth was definitely more tired with all the running around and having kicked two villain butts in one night. Hanima only helped a bit. Now, she wanted to do much more.

    Checking her messages, she found one from NT.


    From: NT

    Hanima, how about I bring Salt to where you are? And Ameh, how would you like to really psych him out and be Lisa Moore? From her description, you would come pretty close to fitting the bill.


    From: Ameh Chase

    Lisa Moore?


    From: NT

    Ah, there you are at last! Yeah, read this, and see what you think. The detestable piece of filth deserves a psych-out and a lot more if you ask me. Grrrrr!" NT wrote back with a copy of the story.


    From: Ameh Chase

    Count me in! Grrrr! He's going to get it, the disgusting - well nevermind! *Biting tongue* !@#$#@%#@#$@#%$@#$%#@$! He and Jack are SO FREAKIN' ENDED!!


    From: NT

    Great. I'll stay at Slender's wood, Ameh, you report to No Way House. I just had an idea. You can pick Salt up at his - er - was once his poor excuse of a home and take him to No Way. I'm just sorry I'll not be there to see the fireworks. Or maybe not. Boy will he be in for it.


    From: Ameh Chase



    From: Hanima

    Cool. We just destroyed Laughing Jack, Beth just left, but I'll stick around and to give Salt what he's got coming.


    Salt had tried to get out of the teleport NT sent him into. For a while, he succeeded and managed to return to his own house, but he was greeted by a terrible shock

    There was no house. His rotten little shack of horrors was completely gone. It was replaced by a cemetery to all of the souls he had robbed of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the name of his twisted version of "love".

    He stood gaping for a few moments, then tried to teleport out of the scene.

    It didn't work.

    Instead, he got tapped in the back of the knee by something.

    When he turned around to see what it was, he couldn't have been more confounded.

    "Hi Salt," the mocking voice crooned. "Remember me? Lisa Moore!"

    "Whaaaaaaaat?" Salt stammered out something that sounded like it was supposed to be "How did you?"

    "You wouldn't let me go home and you killed my Mommy! You said you loved me but you hurt me. You brought me somewhere I didn't want to be."

    "But I did it because I loved - "

    "Now I'm going to take you somewhere you won't want to be. And we'll play together again just like old times."

    Salt was so stunned by this that he barely registered the next transport.

    Ameh teleported him into a strange house, where he was met by another woman, who nodded at Ameh, and advanced toward Salt with a glower. "I've been expecting you, Salt." she said, a menacing fury was unmistakable in her tone of voice.

    Salt looked baffled. This was the second person he met in a short time who showed him no fear, and adding to that was the new 'Lisa' who was not screaming inside him and was apparently not dead, or undead, or something. Salt felt as if his head was spinning right out of control.

    "Good work, Lisa."

    Ameh nodded, grinning at Hanima and at Salt's bewilderment. "What's next?"

    "We restrain him."

    "Noooo!" Salt tried to teleport, but it didn't work.

    "Uh-uh, you're not going anywhere until further notice." Hanima growled at him. "Lisa, please help me get him on the couch."

    "Will do."

    Ameh and Hanima took hold of Salt, and as they did, shackles and other restraints appeared around his waist,ankles and wrists. He had no choice but go where Lisa/Ameh and Hanima lead him.

    Salt's frantic stammered whispers of protest fell on deaf ears as he was laid on the couch with the restraints tightly fastened.

    Ameh looked at Hanima's livid face, then back at Salt. "So Salt, you like to hear people screaming, eh? Well, from the looks of Hanima, I'd guess you should be in for an earful and then some."

    Momentarily shocked out of her rage, Hanima looked flustered at Ameh. "Yeah. But - are you sure you want me to do that?"

    "Give him heck, Hanima, it might help keep you from tearing him apart before he has to meet the others and NT again."

    "No guarantees there, Lisa, but if you say so. Cover your ears."

    Then Hanima began to rant.

    "You are vile! You kill innocent people for your pleasure! You murdered a little girl's mother in front of her! Then you took that little girl back to your house where you starved and tortured her for two bloody freaking days! Two - demn - days! Then you ate her to death! And you call that love!"

    All went silent, and then a short series of ugly screams of rage rang out as Hanima let Salt have it directly in his right ear.

    Salt grimaced, twitched and squirmed uncomfortably in his bonds. These screams weren't coming from crying and agony. only murderous rage, and they didn't bring him any delight. There was nothing for him to love and want to keep hearing forever. They hurt his ears and gave him a sick feeling of being mocked and despised and Hanima was not in the least bit attractive to him to begin with.

    Finally Hanima jeered "Have you had enough yet?" She didn't wait for an answer, but took hold if his head and shook it violently so that it was repeatedly slammed into the couch cushioning.

    "Aaaaagh! Leeeeeeee-saaaaaaa! Heeeeeeeelp!" Salt begged.

    "Help? Sure." Ameh snickered. She gave him a punch in the stomach. "That's for being a rotten sickarse basilisk!"

    "Oh, now I remember what I was gonna do with this dirtbag." said Hanima tersely, with a withering glare at Salt. Then she got up abruptly and left the room.

    "So, Salt," Ameh said. "Do you still 'love' Lisa or are you finally starting to get some kind of a hint?"

    Salt squirmed against the restraints, and whatever he tried to say was lost on Ameh.

    "Whatever." she sneered.

    Drawers were heard being quickly opened and roughly rummaged through in another part of the house, and finally Hanima was heard "Ah-hah!" A drawer was slammed shut.

    "Uh-oh, you're really gonna get it, Salt, whatever it is she has in mind." Ameh chuckled.

    "Why are you acting like that, Lisa? I thought you liked playing with me." Salt whined.

    "Oh, blow it out your ear. I never liked you!"

    "For good reason." Hanima snarled, returning with what looked like some kind of kitchen sheers or metal cutters. "This oughta get the job done, but we'll have to do it one hand at a time."

    "What are we doing, Hanima?" Ameh asked.

    "We're gonna declaw this monster so he can't use his hands to tear up any more little kids."

    Salt went as pale as he could go. "Noooooo!"

    "Yeeeeeeeeessssss!" Ameh responded.

    Salt uttered something as close to a terrified scream as he could ever manage.

    "Is that the best you can do?" Hanima said sharply, scowling at Salt. "What do you think, Lisa, are we scaring him a little too much?" Her scowl turned to a look of mock sympathy.

    ameh guffawed. "Not by a long shot!"

    They undid one restraint, but Ameh had to sit on his arm to keep it still enough for Hanima to work on his clawed hand. Even then, he tightened his grip, trying to prevent the cutter from accessing his sharp claws. When he did this, Hanima responded by trying to snip his fingers instead. So he had to stretch out his hand again anyway.

    Salt uttered a series of somethings as close to screams as he could, and continued his futile struggle against the restraints.

    "Don't worry, playmate," Ameh chimed in, "It's not going to be a two-day ordeal."

    ""So how do you like your own screams, Salt?" Hanima asked.

    Salt was so overwhelmed with despair and not getting his way that he started crying about it.

    This was met by anything but sympathy from Hanima, who said losing his claws was nothing next to what he caused so many families and innocent children to lose.

    "But I loved them all so - "

    "Knock off that 'love' stuff or you'll get a face-full of this!" Hanima shouted, holding up the tool.

    Salt didn't want to get his skull bashed in, and he was pretty sure by this point that Hanima wasn't fooling. A new wave of fear set in, and Salt made one last desperate attempt to teleport, and to his relief, it worked.

    No Way House vanished, replaced by an outdoor scene, a forest of some kind.

    The relief was short-lived

    Not only had Salt teleported into Slender Man's woods, he brought Ameh and Hanima with him.

    This works, NT should be around here," said Ameh, pulling out her mobile to send a message.

    In a few minutes, NT joined them. "Beth still hasn't returned with Laughing Jack as far as I can tell. and it's getting late. If something isn't done soon, Slendy might wake up and pull a disappearing act." Then she scowled at Salt. "What do we do with him?"

    Hanima frowned. "We can't wait forever. Let's end him now. I know it's just the three of us, but it'll just have to do. He's all yours."

    NT took a salt pellet out of her pocket and threw it at one of Salt's eyes.

    Salt uttered a muffled "Noooooo!" as he flinched.

    NT loosed another salt astone at the other eye, blinding him.

    "Give him what you've got." she told Ameh and Hanima.

    As Salt turned to retreat, he was pelted with more salt pieces. Each of them melted him away where they contacted.

    Salt took some time to expire as he kept trying to get away, but his efforts were futile in the end, as he eventually had no more strength or enough of himself to carry out the will to escape.

    Salt disappeared, melting away in a black mist, eventually replaced by a scattering of salt stones that had ended him.

    "I better get back to No Way House. Got something else that should be put in motion tonight." said Hanima. "And it won't happen if I stick around here."

    "We'll keep an eye on Slender." said Ameh.

    Hanima nodded, and was gone in a teleport.

    So the two fairies walked about until returning to where NT said she had found Slender Man lying unconscious.

    but approaching that spot yielded no Slender Man.

    "I'm sure this is where I found him."

    ameh looked around, noting the place where the struggle had happened, but now there was clearly no sign of Slender Man.

    Suddenly, Ameh scowled and picked up a note from a tree hollow.

    "Dang! We are too late. The freak must've awakened while we were dealing with Salt, and split."

    NT took the note from Ameh and read: "So, you really thought you had the best of me? Just wait. You'll wish you never crossed me."

    "So now we have to figure out where he's got to before we can stop him from causing even more trouble." Ameh fumed.

    NT stood next to her, silent and scowling with rage.


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