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    CNN Michael D'Antonio's Not so Fun Article

    Ocean Elf

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    CNN Michael D'Antonio's Not so Fun Article Empty CNN Michael D'Antonio's Not so Fun Article

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:59 pm

    CNn Michael D'Antonio's Not So Fun Trump Article

    I just got done smashing first one crappy article from CNN, then another, when a video on Youtube made me aware of yet another. *Grimace* Will these creeps at the nasty network never learn to just take a hint and let it go already?

    * * *

    CNN: Is President Trump having any fun?

    By Michael D'Antonio

    Ocean Elf: I'm pretty sure he's having fun. Admit it, CNN, you want him to be miserable.

    CNN: Updated 10:17 PM ET, Wed July 19, 2017

    Story highlights

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Six months into his presidency, Donald Trump does not appear to be enjoying his new position

    Ocean elf: Look, you imbecilic jerk, it's not as if you losers at CNN have given him any enjoyment, or as if Obama was really any more joyful unless you people stroked his ego all the time and gave him opportunities to puff himself up as some kind of super man for the American people.

    CNN: His impulsive businessman techniques don't translate to politics, where care and caution are required, writes D'Antonio

    Ocean Elf:Oh, and CNN, you would know all about business and caution? "Whitelash" You're the last to be schooling anyone on that. Just because Trump is a business man doesn't mean he sucks at politics. He made it. Your goddess Hillary failed. He's not the ideal candidate, but neither was Obama. He got in because society didn't realize the ramifications of that decision, and 8 years later, they were in ruins because of extremist identity politics, which he encouraged. That's why Trump won. Deal with it.

    CNN: Michael D'Antonio is the author of the book "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success" (St. Martin's Press). The opinions expressed in this commentary are his.

    Ocean Elf: And CNN's... Yeah, "Never Enough" It's never enough for you, CNN, you just keep bashing away at Trump, bash bash bash. Stop pretending you're a news organization and admit you're nothing but a tawdry left extremist tabloid. You'd be just as stupid over this if Trump and Hillary switched parties and Hillary won.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: (CNN)After six months in office, our 45th President seems to be a most unhappy warrior.

    Ocean Elf: You only wish. You need to apply that description to your goddess Hillary, who is still whining about the supposed hardships of being female.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Yes, Donald Trump's face lights up when they bring big trucks to the White House, and he gets to sit behind the wheel.

    Ocean Elf: As Obama's face lit up when they brought big trucks to the white house, with fawning news crews and cameras, toted by his favourite arse-kissing mainstream media like NBC and you lot.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: But for the most part he offers no more than a thumbs up or a few hand claps to indicate enthusiasm, and his eyes reflect the look of a man who would rather be anywhere else but Washington.

    Ocean Elf: That's just conjecture on your part. If he wanted to stay elsewhere, he would have. I've heard more laughter and chuckling from him than I ever did from Obama, and Hillary's glee is just off-putting, and often comes off forced and phoney. Your point? Other than you are practically drooling over your stupid little CNN fantasy of Trump on the way to hell.

    Seriously, CNN, where is the NEWS in this vapid pile of drivel?

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: And who could blame him?

    Ocean Elf: Cut the fake sympathy - oh, right, you can't, you're fake news.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Trump campaigned on the promise that the skills he employed as a businessman and reality TV show host would be sufficient to lead the country and the world.

    Ocean elf: No, he didn't, you piffling twit, he campaigned on repairing America and the damage Obama did to it. You want shallow? Hillary campaigned on the fact she's a woman. Heck, with that kind of campaign, I, or any female idiot could run for office. She also campaigned on anti-Trump conspiracy theories, Russia/the "alt-right" hysteria).

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Then he discovered that the practices that worked for him during a lifetime leading a family business are not necessarily transferable.

    Ocean elf: Good gads, you sure are judgmental and way up on your high horse, aren't you? Don't talk about not knowing how to do a job when your sham of a news organization spews out "Whitelash!" because your goddess lost the election! You weren't this hard on Obama, heck, you were licking his boots as soon as he was out of the gate, and he was a business man with a family too.

    More to the point, sad you actually need to be told this, but politics is a business!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Being CEO doesn't prepare you for the Oval Office

    Ocean Elf: Every president had a different sort of career that didn't necessarily prepare them for being in the oval office, you ignorant prig! All you're doing is inventing more excuses to be a complete know-it-all, gossip, and snob all rolled into one in your panting desperation to convince people that Trump is the devil and CNN is filled with pure souls who care so incredibly much about how other people should do their jobs for America's welfare.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: As a private citizen, Trump controlled a multibillion-dollar family business empire,

    Ocean Elf: Well no crap! Like, ohmigosh, golly geezers! And here all this time I thought he made a living as a carnival ride operator! *Rolling eyes* Everybody knows what he did for a living before he ruined your Hillary dystopia! He was a family man. He was a business man. He got rich. Blah blah! Guess what? Hillary was and is still sitting on a stack!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: which meant that he pretty much said and did whatever he wanted. When he didn't like how people in his organization performed, he could fire them.

    Ocean Elf: Hillary could say and do whatever she wanted, and when she didn't like what people were doing, she harassed them into silence, and probably fired quite a few too. Not to mention that some key players connected with the Clintons have ended up suspiciously dead.

    And when CNN hears things they don't like, they cry "Whitelash!" and dox people.

    If you're going to continue this childish tirade, I'll continue coming back at you with as much venom as I can muster. Because when all is said and done, it's not Trump you hate, it's the fact he is no longer a democrat, which means he doesn't support your insidious identity politics driven agendas. And as I write this, I'm already having a tough night, so I'm not pulling any punches.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: When he felt offended by someone outside of Trumpworld,

    Ocean Elf: Oh, wow, could you possibly get any more absurd? "Trumpworld"? You have just given me the okay to fire back with Hillaryworld, and boy am I going to use it!

    And just how would you even know if Trump was offended? The guy has always thrived on controversy. He just doesn't offend that easily, though he'd have every right to be the way you paparazzi hound him and look for any excuse to bash him 24/7. CNN, you corner the market on both being offensive and being offended. "Whitelash". Your epic tantrum&bullying fit over the stupid WWE meme. Your glass house is coming down, ceiling and all!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: he expressed himself in whatever manner he saw fit.

    Ocean Elf: Newsflash, so does Hillary!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: He called a critical New York Times columnist a dog

    Ocean Elf: Oh, boo-hoo-hoo-hoo, poor, poor NY Times! Yeah right, all the news that's fit to fake... They're barely a rung above you, which means, they are also insanely biased to the left. No love or sympathy here. The description is accurate. You mainstream media are all over Trump like a pack of rabid stinking dogs.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: and declared that Hillary Clinton "can't satisfy her husband."

    Ocean Elf: Your Van Jones's "Whitelash" is still more nasty as well as completely untrue. Bill did cheat on Hillary, and I'm not defending Trump's stupid snipe about that, it's not as if Hillary or you people are innocent of flinging dirt, and you're still going strong. "We are going to put a lot of coal miners out of business." "The future is female." "Cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed." Those are pretty ominous words from Hillary, far more dangerous than a stupid little cheap shot about something that doesn't actually indicate willingness to steamroll over people's rights.

    Trump won. Hillary lost. Deal with it and stop crying like an infant over it.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: He paid a gaggle of lawyers to sue those he felt had harmed him

    Ocean elf: Hillary got paid, as a lawyer, to defend a freaking rapist. And then there's Benghazi... And you people are raking in the dough as you desperately bash Trump and worship Hillary when you're supposed to be a news organization.

    Yeah, my bad night is over and everything's fine again, but I'm still coming at you with all barrels loaded.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: and to protect him from claims made by those who felt trampled by him. With exceptions, Trump prevailed because he could buy more legal firepower and sustain the fight longer.

    Ocean Elf: Then there's Hillary, who threatened and bullied her opposition into silence, especially the women her husband played around with, or all out abused. Then there's you, CNN, doxing someone over a stupid meme, or else that was an elaborate stage-up by you to make yourself look like a power to be reckoned with in the public eye. And of course, there's you bullying the public with the lie claiming it was illegal for them to read Wikileaks while it was fine for you because you were the media. I'd stop throwing stones if I was you.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: As President, Trump has continued to act as the tough guy.

    Ocean elf: No acting about it. He's always been that way. You just never noticed or cared until he ran opposite and won against your goddess.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: When he is offended by reporters who fact-check his claims,

    Ocean Elf: They don't "fact-check" they slant, distort, and lie, and then they have the gall to call it "fact-checking" Hillary has had to be fact-checked too, and you really don't want to be talking about that. The sniper fire story. Oh, but that doesn't get "fact-checked" and called a lie by you, it gets excused as fatigue. The Russian conspiracy theory. The "alt-right" hokum. Oh, but you still believe that BS is real.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: he brands the press the "enemy of the people."

    Ocean Elf: "This was a whitelash!" -CNN "That's a b***h." -Chris Matthews of NBC when Hillary lost the election. "Poor white people, please, stop it Carl, stop!" -Symone Sanders of CNN when the David Wilcox beating and carjacking was brought up.

    Yes, you ARE the enemy of the people when you spew this kind of crap, and you are the enemy of the people when you continue spinning a toxic narrative designed to turn society into subservient little drones for you to screw themselves over and destroy our rights and western values for your identity politics-and anti-Christian-driven dystopia. You are the enemy of the people when you fly off the handle so badly over a stupid meme that you throw a doxing fit...Or stage the whole thing to show how powerful you want us thinking you are. You are the enemy of the people when you tell us it's illegal to read documents you don't want us reading. You are the enemy of the people when you worship one candidate on your favourite side of the aisle and constantly vilify the one on the opposite side. You are the enemy of the people when you do all of this and still have the nerve to call yourself a news organization.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: The difference now is that Trump's targets are not easily cowed.

    Ocean Elf: No, the difference is that your target is not easily cowed, and you're buttburned about it.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: The so-called enemies of the people have reliably reported on the President's many lies and misrepresentations.

    Ocean Elf: "Reliably" my foot. You, the enemies of the people have told lies and spewed out insanely biased crap certainly since Hillary ran, and you continue doing so now that she's been defeated.

    And again, where is the NEWS in this article? It's a worthless petty whining insult piece designed for one purpose, vilify your president and try to get other people to believe everything you say, and hate him along with you. that belongs on the grapevine and not in a news publication.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Meanwhile, he approval rating continues to drop. In the most recent poll, only 36% of Americans said they were satisfied with the job he is doing. In the history of polling, no president has been rated so low after six months on the job.

    Ocean Elf: Oh, those rigged up manufactured polls. Like those are reliable or even relevant. Give me a freaking break... You just can't handle the fact he won over your goddess and you have managed to fix it so that even to some people who aren't Trump fans, you royally suck.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Trump's poll numbers are so bad that members of Congress, including his fellow Republicans, may well feel emboldened to defy him.

    Ocean Elf: Those same republicans may not be on the same page as Trump with some issues, they may not even be fans of his. that's fine. But it has nothing to do with your stupid skewed polls. They detest you, CNN, more than they disagree with Trump, and with good reason. If one of them had been president instead of Trump, you'd be going after them with the same pathological hatred.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: The debacle that was the GOP's attempt to repeal Obamacare and replace it with their own is a case in point.

    Ocean Elf: Not a debacle. An attempt to get rid of Obamacare. Blah blah. Stuff happens. People react. I'm no expert on healthcare. Next?

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: In the 2016 campaign, Trump promised, "You're going to end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that's gonna take place immediately after we go in. OK? Immediately. Fast. Quick."

    Ocean elf: Clue, news hack, anything done within the first year of a presidency is considered immediate. He can't just wave a magic wand and aba cadabra, over night healthcare is totally all fixed!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Congress didn't act immediately.

    Ocean elf: Am I typing too fast! See above!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Instead Republican leaders engaged in the messy process that is lawmaking and months passed.

    Ocean Elf: See above! Do I have to say it again? Nobody in government can just magically change things overnight! Get that through your thick skull! You might be able to convince your fandom with this ridiculous swill, but those of us who are already disgusted with you, are not that stupid.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: And now the Senate repeal and replace bill has imploded.

    Ocean elf: Says you. It's not like you're reliable or anything. Bills are always being changed. blah blah.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: A frustrated President

    Ocean Elf: Says you, of the frustrated sham of a news network that spewed out "Whitelash" and bullcrap Russia conspiracy theories, and did a doxing publicity stunt the following summer, all because you're so freaking sore that you didn't get your own way and a lot of people dislike you.

    If Trump is frustrated, he has a better reason to be than you.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: let it be known that members who opposed him would face tough primaries in the next election.

    Ocean elf: Newsflash! It isn't any candidate's job to make it "easy" for their opposition when running! Ever thought of that! If this was Hillary you were talking about, you'd be falling all over yourselves and bubbling over with praise for what a "tough strong woman" she was. And who cares about 2020? That's a long way away, and anything can happen between now and then. Next!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Threats

    Ocean Elf: You're the last who should be griping about "threats" since your network is all about issuing threats. WWE meme. doxing. Wikileaks..."Illegal to read"...

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: may work with real estate subcontractors who want to get paid. But representatives and senators who answer to constituents aren't necessarily as vulnerable.

    Ocean Elf: Clue, they get paid, too. What's that got to do with their vulnerability?

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Despite his party's control of both houses of Congress, Trump and legislative leaders couldn't muster the votes.

    Ocean elf: Who cares? Who, other than your fandom, is even going to believe and gloat right along with you at some hollow victory? If all you're going to do is publish hate pieces toward your president throughout the entire term, take my suggestion and re-brand yourselves a tabloid, because that's what you are.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: In fact,

    Ocean Elf: Because your "facts" are so factual. Not.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: at the very moment when Trump was meeting with senators to discuss the next step on health care, Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas, both Republicans, announced that they would oppose the health care plan and thereby end its chances of passing.

    Ocean Elf: Yadda yada yada, fine. who cares? I'm okay with republicans opposing Trump's initiatives, at least they're not doing it to further a sick agenda riddled with racism, sexism, anti-western, anti-republican, anti-Christian, anti-biology/science, pro-socialism/globalism.

    And by the same token, I'm fine with liberals opposing you, on the rare occasion that happens. They're not all tickled pink over your blackmail memegate. There are a few generally in your own camp who aren't pleased with your actions.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Moran and Lee did what kids on the playground do to a bully; they teamed up together to oppose him.

    Ocean elf: No. They opposed him, they were never his victims, he was never their schoolyard bully.

    It is you who are the bully, and you continue acting like a bully because your goddess lost. If you weren't a bully, you never would've spewed "Whitelash" against the public at the election outcome. That comment was CNN spitting on the American people, and it was stupid since both candidates were white, remember? Hillary, your goddess, is white, too... Then there's the bullying by way of lying to scaremongering people into not reading Wikileaks because they didn't have nice things to say about you. Then there's your doxing thing, which I call Memegate.

    You know what? CNN, you are the schoolyard bully, and people are finally starting to stand up to you and tell you where to go with your crap.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: A less combative and more experienced politician would never have found himself in the position to be undone as Trump was.

    Ocean Elf: A less biased and more honest news network would never have found itself in the position to be undone as you are.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: However, he had failed to sufficiently persuade and, in the end, lost in a humiliating fashion.

    Ocean elf: He's not going to win every little thing during his presidency. But Hillary's loss was so humiliating that she wasn't even prepared to give a speech until the following morning. Face it CNN, you just want Trump humiliated because you can't get your own way, and that's what this article is about.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Deflection doesn't work

    Ocean elf: Oh, you're speaking from experience?

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: In defeat,

    Ocean elf: Wrong. Your goddess Hillary has been defeated. She's not the president. Trump is.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: the President applied another of his favorite methods from his previous life -- deflection.

    Ocean elf: His previous life, which you see fit to look down on like some whining snob, in an attempt to get people all stirred up hating him the way you do.

    As for deflection, well... Russia... You make up phoney stories about Trump in bed with Russia. That's quite some deflection to try getting the heat off yourselves for "Whitelash" and Symone Sanders's calloused attitude toward David Wilcox. Now you're using deflection with this anti-Trump hate piece in order to bail yourselves out of hot water for Memegate.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: First, he bragged about his legislative record, saying, "We've signed more bills -- and I'm talking about through the legislature -- than any president, ever."

    Ocean Elf: You call it "bragging" I call it transparency. He's not doing one thing and claiming to do the opposite...

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Then, in an aside, he said, "I better say 'think'; otherwise they will give you a Pinocchio. And I don't like Pinocchios."

    Ocean elf: Because the Washington Post is notorious for handing out way too many unwarranted Pinocchios, and he has good reason not to like them. They're not given out nearly enough to your side, where they are warranted.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: "Pinocchios" are symbols that Washington Post fact checkers use to indicate a presidential lie and, in the case of the legislation claim, Trump anticipated that he would be corrected. He was, and the record showed that the Trump administration is actually performing below average, and many of the bills that the President has signed have been inconsequential.

    Ocean Elf: Washington Post doesn't really "fact-check" they judge. If the bills are so inconsequential, what are you whining about?

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Although the President's claim turned out to be false,

    Ocean elf: Why? did Obama sign more bills? That's what the republicans were scared of when he went into office, yet that same Washed Up Washington Post claimed they were exaggerating/false. Now you claim Trump lied about signing a lot of bills.

    Look, I really don't care who signed how many whatsit bills. I don't care that Trump and all republicans aren't always on the same page about everything. What matters more is when supposed news outlets pretend to be unbiased "fact-checkers" but are mired in the promotion of all things against the non-left, especially identity politics, honesty be damned. "Wikileaks is illegal to read" "Whitelash" "golden showers" (that lie of yours is especially disgusting, CNN) the bills thing pales in comparison.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: the moment revealed something quite genuine about the President. He has always paid close attention to his own press clippings, and he still does.

    Ocean Elf: And Obama didn't? right.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Clearly the negative reviews are getting to him.

    Ocean elf: You wish. He just doesn't want them eating the brains of the rest of American society. Admit it, CNN, you want him writhing on his knees for you. Admit it! You're an irrational, insanely biased left-wing tabloid trying to masquerade as a news network and you're still so freaking cheesed off that your goddess Hillary lost, you've made some huge screw-ups, and you add to those with more screw-ups like this pile of written biol. You can entertain as many wet dreams as you want about Trump grovelling to you for existing and being himself, but you will never live down "Whitelash" "golden showers" Memegate, or erase their memory from my mind.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: In a similar vein, Trump's response to the health care debacle

    Ocean elf" So you're back to that again. what a drag. I'm going to say it one more time. Nobody freaking cares!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: reveals that beneath the bluster beats the heart of a painfully self-conscious man.

    Ocean Elf: So, you think it's totally cool to pick on someone you believe is already self-conscious. There's a name for you and your sort. BULLY! And you call him a bully. But that's what bullies do, call their victims bullies.

    I don't know if Trump is self-conscious or not and unlike arrogant wishful-thinking you, CNN, I'm not going to pretend to know. I don't care.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Confronted with the health care defeat,

    Ocean Elf: Not a defeat. A setback, perhaps. I don't know and don't care. This stupid healthcare thing is not my bag, things are always being discussed, tweaked, some of it's bad, some good, whatever.

    Your Hillary experienced the defeat.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: he lashed out,

    Ocean Elf: Confronted with your goddess Hillary's defeat, YOU lashed out, CNN, with "This is a whitelash! This was a whitelash against a changing country, it was a whitelash against a black president in part!"

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: saying the Republicans, who are fully in charge of Washington, should "let Obamacare fail."

    Ocean Elf: Well, a lot of people didn't like Obamacare... He's hardly alone there. And if you call that a lashing out, you're really stretching it as well as insanely not self-aware. I just pointed out again how you lashed out. Let's see. "Obamacare should fail." VS. "This is a whitelash!" No contest. "Whitelash" wins the lash-war hands down!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: When this occurs, he added, "We're not going to own it."

    Ocean Elf: So what? I don't care. He's not saying supremacist stuff like "The future is female"

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: The petulance and cruelty of a president declaring that he would prefer that Americans suffer through the destruction of the health care system,

    Ocean Elf: He never said that, you poisonous gossiping twit. Healthcare schmealthcare, nobody has the answers as far as I'm concerned, and neither do I. We've already gone over and over and over this, so drop the stupid healthcare already. There's ups and downs with every system...

    As for the "petulance and cruelty", of a faux news network, scolding every non-Hillary supporter as a "Whitelash", making up or at least running with disgusting malicious lies about golden showers, and threatening the general public with doxing via Memegate, yeah, CNN, you got a lot of your own mess to clean up before you throw any more stones in anybody else's direction!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: and that he would bear no responsibility,

    Ocean elf: Nobody wants to take responsibility for a broken healthcare thing. But CNN, you need to take responsibility for your own biases, your hate-spewing so-called journalists, and the underhanded tactics you employ as you try to muscle society into surrendering their minds to your Hillarite dogma.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: recalls the boy who sends his little brother to steal a chocolate bar and warns, "if you get caught, I had nothing to do with this."

    Ocean Elf: As far as I know Trump never did that. You, CNN, are that little boy. memegate...Wikileaks, illegal... so there goes another of your stupid little conjecture fantasies of hate, shot to hell. Oh, and "Vote for Hillary or I'll call you racist." Only you didn't warn ahead of time, you just flew off the handle.

    And for all anybody knows, Trump might not even like chocolate. Who cares? Your stupid little analogy is not news. It's subjective, hit-below-the-belt crap.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Don't expect more from Trump

    Ocean elf: I'm not. But I'm demanding more from you. If you haven't figured out what those demands are yet, read from the top all over again.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Trump cannot do better because he is overwhelmed by the job, which he once confessed is harder than expected.

    Ocean elf: Did you think the job was easy peasy for Obama? If you heard him express any sort of indication of being "overwhelmed" you wouldn't want to be dealing with that, oh, no, of course not!

    Admit it, CNN, you want Trump floundering. You long for him to suffer. You can't wave a magic wand and whisk him out of office and replace him with Hillary, so you can only write sad little Trump-hating fantasies about his "humiliation" as you lick your wounds from the defeat that still eats away at you months after it happened. All this while you hope that will get people off your case for "Whitelash" and Memegate and all your other desperate screw-ups since Hillaryworld imploded on you.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Nowhere is the difficulty more evident than in the ever-expanding Russia scandal.

    Ocean elf: Hah! A myth, a conspiracy theory concocted by you and your goddess Hillary. You're hopeless.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Here Trump laid the groundwork for crisis in his campaign as he praised strongman Vladimir Putin and refused to acknowledge Russia's interference on his behalf.

    Ocean elf: There was none. But keep believing in your whacko conspiracy theory if it makes you feel better. Just don't try to pass yourselves off as real news...

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Habitually doubling down on his rhetoric and tactics,

    Ocean elf: Oh, boy! Do you really see yourselves so clearly in Trump, CNN? Your lack of self-awareness is pathetic.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Trump criticized security agencies that flagged the Russian meddling and ignored his responsibility to investigate and protect the country from future election meddling.

    Ocean elf: Once there was a purple-eyed monster who fell in love with a red-eyed princess, and they jumped aboard a spacecraft and got married on Mars. There, I can tell tall tales too. But I don't do it for ratings and call myself a news outlet.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: The controversy became a scandal after a number of top officials, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and the President's counselor/son-in-law Jared Kushner failed to disclose their contacts with Russians.

    Ocean elf: And the monster and princess had a baby with one purple and one red eye, and one day that baby grew up and ate its parents, then left Mars for whereabouts unknown.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Sessions recused himself from all cases related to the investigation,

    Ocean elf: Whatever's going on with Sessions has nothing to do with your Russia fantasies.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Flynn resigned and Kushner -- according to The New York Times --

    Ocean elf: A publication that's just as much of a left-wing tabloid as CNN, so not reliable.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: had to reveal more than 100 contacts he forgot to mention.

    Ocean elf: Whatever contacts, have nothing to do with your Russia conspiracy theories.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: The little boy president

    Ocean Elf: The name-calling hack who fancies himself a reporter... You're not turning me against Trump with your pile of belittling trash, you're making me more and more disgusted with you.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: True to his previous form, Trump tried to get rid of the Russia problem by firing the man he believed was most troublesome, FBI Director James Comey.

    Ocean Elf: Boo-hoo. Comey was up to his eyeballs in suspicious intrigue before Trump was in office.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: However, the US government is not a private business,

    Ocean elf: No crap, genius! And I'm really sick and tired of you looking down your nose on somebody for being a family man and a business man. Shut it, you elitist snob! Are you a family man? Are you a business man? If you are, do you hate yourself this much? If not, then stop throwing stones at Trump for that.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: and when a President fires the investigator in charge of probing his own administration,

    Ocean elf: If that president was Hillary, you'd have no problem with it. You'd be praising it as "taking action to route out traitors" or at the very least, prudent. Stop damning Trump for the very things you'd praise Hillary.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: he's bound to suffer from some blowback.

    Ocean elf: The very idea must have you drooling, CNN.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: In this case, the blowback has come in the form of special counsel Robert Mueller, Comey's predecessor at the FBI, who has put together an all-star team of investigators to complete the task begun under Comey.

    Ocean elf: Some pro-Hillary hack from what I understand. I don't follow that *cough* saga much, but from what little I hear, he's up to no good. You people just can't stand not getting your own way.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Most recent Russia developments have involved the President's eldest son. As revealed by The New York Times, Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who, according to the man who set up the get-together, wanted to deliver "very high level and sensitive information" that "is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump." This conference happened in June of 2016. Also in attendance were Kushner, campaign chief Paul Manafort, a man who served in the Soviet military and Ike Kaveladze, a Georgian-born American who has been linked to a money laundering investigation. Kaveladze denies his involvement.

    Ocean Elf: According to Theonion... Well, I'm not going to make up another tall tale to match the length of Russia conspiracy theory spew just above, I've got other creative writing projects waiting for me when I get done with you.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Trump rarely has good days

    Ocean Elf: Oh, for the ruddy love! Could you possibly get any higher on your own stink? The only reason you want that so badly that you salivate about it in the form of this article, is that CNN, you are trying your damnedest to make sure Trump has a bad day, every day, by spewing out mountains of this kind of insanely childish putrescent trash!

    And you then get all up in arms when sensible people like me call you fake news.

    In your sad little world, Trump is in hell. In the real world, you actually have no idea. You just long for him to suffer. Admit it, CNN, ADMIT IT!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Add to Trump's Russia troubles his legislative failures and the fact that many of the top jobs in his administration remain unfilled, and you get the idea that the President rarely has a good day at the office.

    Ocean Elf: No.

    Add to your silly conspiracy theories, your conjectures and wishes for Trump to fail, and you get a CNN wet dream about Trump in hell.

    Fact is, you wrote this barf right after Memegate to try getting yourself out of trouble, by deflecting it all on Trump,

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Since his election, he has seen mass protests against his presence in the Oval Office,

    Ocean Elf: Not just protests. Riots. Hillarites completely losing their minds. People acting as if an act of terrorism had been committed. People taking to crying rooms with crayons and hot cocoa, and therapy dogs. People throwing screaming tantrums as bad as those of any two-year-old. CNN unleashing racist rants. "Whitelash!" NBC's Chris Matthews's most illustrious moment ever "That's a b***h". People disowning their kids for voting Trump in school elections. People beating up other people and leaving them for dead while trying to make off with their vehicles. People kidnapping and torturing others because their skin tone was the wrong color for them. And I haven't mentioned everything. I couldn't possibly. There has been too much unhinged and violent stupidity to keep track of. All this insanity over an election loss!

    And your goddess was silent about it. She couldn't deny it. She didn't condemn it. Instead, she praised the vulgar and hateful spectacle that was the feminist march, where Ashley Judd recited a horrible sexist and racist speech by a poor deluded 19-year-old that poked fun of Trump's appearance, went way into TMI territory just to whine about hair loss VS periods, and Madonna said "I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house!" and feminists went about in giant vagina costumes!

    You really shouldn't have gone there.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: members of his family have been touched by scandal

    Ocean Elf: Which you, CNN are all about trying to cause, and what isn't real, you make up...

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: and he has been confronted by his own limitations and mistakes on a regular basis.

    Ocean Elf: and CNN you have been confronted by your own limitations and mistakes on a regular basis. So have I. So do we all. The difference is even Trump would admit that before you ever would.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Life was much easier when he was a business mogul surrounded by employees and family members who depended on his favor.

    Ocean Elf: 1. You actually don't know that.

    2. Cut the snobbery! In case you didn't get the bulletin, there's nothing shady about being a business man and a family man, yet you keep on and on and on about it as if it was akin to being a child molester! STBHU already!

    Every president was something else before that, and DON'T make me say it again!

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: The provocative radio personality Howard Stern,

    Ocean Elf: You're going to take that shock-jock seriously...? Oh, right, this is you. So of course you would. BTW, if he ran for president as a republican, you'd be tearing into him just like you are doing to Trump. If he ran as a democrat, you'd be acting as if the guy could do no wrong.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: on whose show Trump appeared multiple times before his election,

    Ocean Elf: Who cares? Maybe that's your thing, but I don't watch shock-jock trash.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: predicted Trump would suffer in office.

    Ocean Elf: And I'll bet that just gave you thrill-chills up and down your - oh wait, it couldn't have. You don't have a spine, CNN.

    Look, any idiot can predict that a president is going to suffer in office, because they all have and they all do. No president had it easy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. What's really disgusting is how you want it so badly and you call yourself a news network.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: After the election, he said, "This is something that's going to be detrimental to his mental health, because he wants to be liked, he wants to be loved, he wants people to cheer for him,"

    Ocean elf: True or not, it's merely Stern's opinion and projection. Stern strikes me as having just described himself. Not saying that description doesn't fit Trump, or that it does. But who cares? The main thing is Hillary didn't get in, and that's a great relief to us non-hillarites, whether we are Trump fans or not. he said.

    More to the point, I don't give a flying hot crap what Howard Stern says about anything or anyone.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: "He does want people to really love him. That drives him a lot. I think that he has a very sensitive ego and when you're President of the United States, people are going to be very very critical."

    Ocean Elf: Same for Hillary "Why aren't I fifty points ahead!" Clinton.

    But let's forget the shock-jock's psycho-babble for a moment. It doesn't take a particularly smart person to realize that a president is going to get criticized. Back to the subject of love, most people want to be really loved by somebody. It's called being human. Maybe you've heard of that? Oh, but your thing is fantasizing about Trump wanting to be loved and getting no love, because he's not Hillary. You're so desperate for that fantasy to come true that you look to the genius mind of Howard Stern to confirm this in your own. You stink, CNN.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: What Stern feared is coming to pass,

    Ocean Elf: Oh, brother! Lol what a joke! You speak of Stern as if he was Joseph, Jeremiah, Daniel, some great prophet of human history! I can just see this in a hammy movie trailer, some epic voiceover says "What Stern feared is starting to come to pass." And what happens next? Social justice warriors finally lose the stranglehold they had on the civilized world for nearly a decade! Whoops, that was reality, hopefully. The Hillaryworld version goes like this. Epic voiceover says that line, and the scene goes to Trump sitting in a crying room with a therapy dog, crayons and hot cocoa, because "The future is femae!" Hillary has marched into the oval office and taken it by storm. The CNN thugs have doxed everyone they deemed guilty of "Whitelash" anddescrimination against all people SJW have deemed not worthy of victim status has been legalized.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: and America is now all but leaderless

    Ocean elf: Wrong! America just doesn't have a leftist dictator-wannabe in office, thank goodness.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: as Trump repeatedly applies an impulsive billionaire businessman's playbook

    Ocean elf: Don't judge Trump as bad for being rich until you look at the Clinton billion dollar stack. And again, stop being such a freaking snob! Hillary was a business woman, a lawyer, before she got into politics.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: to a job that requires diplomacy, tact, caring and caution.

    Ocean elf: Oy! Could this get any more ludicrous? You are the last to talk about tact!

    CNN has applied bully tactics to a job that requires diplomacy, tact, caring and caution. This article is a perfect example, and so is "Whitelash". Yes, I keep coming back to that again and again, because it's despicable and an unforgivable remark for a journalist to make against a society over an election loss or anything else.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: Trump has never possessed these qualities,

    Ocean elf: On the face of it, neither has Howard Stern! But really, who are you or I to judge? It's not your job as a journalist to write character assassinations and call it news. Maybe Stern and Trump are showing one side of them that only the public sees. Maybe they have a softer, gentler side only their friends and family see. Who knows? But the bottom line is this, CNN, you're blistered to no end because Hillary isn't president, and you'll say and do anything to try getting the public to clamber for a new election where you hope Hillary wins next time.

    And will you ever just shut up? This is getting ridiculously long.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: and he shows no sign of developing them now.

    Ocean elf: Pot...Meet Kettle... Noir.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: No wonder the presidency is making him miserable.

    Ocean elf: The truly miserable ones are you, CNN, and you are fixated on making society miserable unless they vote the way you want them to vote. Again, I must remind you that being US president hasn't been a day at the beach for anybody. Not Trump, not Obama, certainly not for Reagan and Kennedy.

    CNN's Michael D'Antonio: It makes many who pray for a reliable presence in the Oval Office miserable, too.

    Ocean elf: Wrong. It makes many who have prayed for a presence in the oval office who dreaded a supreme reign of social justice warrior, identity politics-driven agendas, heave a sigh of relief, and shortly after, prayers for innocent lives to be saved and spared when the violence of the left-wing riots erupted. It is not trump's character flaws making him and society miserable, it's you and your dangerous, toxic ideologies, and that you are so hellbent on forcing it on everyone.

    Admit it, CNN, you want Trump to be miserable. Admit it. Just admit it in so many words! Be honest for once!

    Over and out!

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