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    1 Word Survey Meme

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    1 Word Survey Meme Empty 1 Word Survey Meme

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:11 am

    One Word Meme

    * * *

    Chain: USING ONLY ONE WORD! Its not easy.

    Ocean Elf: *Groan* Here goes another smash.

    Chain: 1. Where is your cell phone?

    Ocean Elf: Somewhere.

    Chain: 2. Your hair?

    Ocean Elf: Exists.

    Chain: 3. Your dad?

    Ocean Elf: Related.

    Chain: 4. Your other half?

    Ocean Elf: Not.

    Chain: 5. Your favorite food?

    Ocean Elf: Yum.

    Chain: 6. Your dream last night?

    Ocean Elf: Sleeping.

    Chain: 7. Your favorite drink?

    Ocean Elf: Yum.

    Chain: 8. Fear?

    Ocean Elf: Not.

    Chain: 9. Favorite shoes?

    Ocean Elf: Comfortable.

    Chain: 10.Favorite way to relax?

    Ocean Elf: Whatever.

    Chain: 11. Your mood?

    Ocean Elf: Guess.

    Chain: 12. Your home away from home?

    Ocean Elf: Work.

    Chain: 13. Where were you last night?

    Ocean Elf: Somewhere.

    Chain: 14. Something that you aren't?

    Ocean Elf: Sadistic.

    Chain: 15. Muffins?

    Ocean Elf: Meh.

    Chain: 16. Wish list item?

    Ocean Elf: None.

    Chain: 17. Where you grew up?

    Ocean Elf: Somewhere.

    Chain: 18. Last thing you did?

    Ocean Elf: Something.

    Chain: 19. What are you wearing now?

    Ocean Elf: Clothes.

    Chain: 20. Your TV?

    Ocean Elf: Works.

    Chain: 21. Your pets?

    Ocean Elf: Cute.

    Chain: 22. Friends?

    Ocean Elf: Appreciated.

    Chain: 23. Life?

    Ocean Elf: Good..

    Chain: 24. Regrets?

    Ocean Elf: Few.

    Chain: 25. Missing someone?

    Ocean Elf: Maybe.

    Over and out.

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