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    Fangirl Pride Chain Letter

    Ocean Elf

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    Fangirl Pride Chain Letter Empty Fangirl Pride Chain Letter

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:02 pm

    Fangirls and chain letters!

    Two kinds of stupid that go so well together!

    Tumblr is all about reblogging AKA turning blog posts into chain letters. Deviantart isn't far behind.

    A fangirl pride chain letter is reblogged on these and many other Tumblrs.


    It is also reposted on (, like Tumblr, is a site that encourages blogs to go viral.)

    A creepypasta fangirl pride chain letter was posted on

    Smash time.

    * * *

    Chain: There are 10 types of fangirls

    Ocean Elf: Oh, really? How about just one. Annoying and embarrassing. Whatever they do is annoying and embarrassing. Make that two types. 1 being the flakes who are merely annoying and embarrassing with their obsessions, and 2. all of the above plus sadistic, fanatical and creepy.

    Chain: 1) The group of creepy fangirls

    Ocean Elf: Huh? A type of fangirl is a group of fangirls? Does that mean one single fangirl can't be creepy? You see how that just doesn't compute, right?

    Chain: 2) The fangirl that ship their obsessions with someone else

    Ocean Elf: Yeah, gross and annoying. also creepy if the characters involved are repulsive to start with.

    So your types 1 and 2 are still in one group, creepy and annoying.

    Chain: 3) The stalker fangirl

    Ocean Elf: Redundant. It also qualifies for creepy. So, still only one grouping here, with varying bad traits to more or less of a degree.

    Chain: 4) The fangirl that overreact when anything new happens

    Ocean Elf: That qualifies under annoying.

    Chain: 5) The intense fangirl

    Ocean Elf: that qualifies under annoying and creepy.

    Chain: 6) The fangirl who gets way too annoyed by other fangirls

    Ocean Elf: Oh, we have a second grouping, the hypocrite, but still qualifies under the general annoying section.

    Chain: 7) The perverted fangirl

    Ocean Elf: That qualifies under annoying, creepy, gross, stalker, you name it.

    Chain: 8) The sweet fangirl

    Ocean Elf: Annoying and shifty, this fangirl can't be trusted, because sooner or later, somebody will make her mad and the roaring fanatical she-beast will come out.

    Chain: 9) The spazz out fangirl

    Ocean Elf: Redundant, this fits in with your types 4&5.

    Chain: 10) The subtle fangirl

    Ocean Elf: There's no such thing.

    Chain: and then there is me…all in one.

    Ocean Elf: You're all but subtle. and you think that's a good thing? Ewww, get away, creep!

    Over and out!

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