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    Good Feelings, Natural Highs

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    Good Feelings, Natural Highs Empty Good Feelings, Natural Highs

    Post by Ocean Elf on Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:29 am

    Good Feelings/Natural Highs Memes

    These are lists of scenarios that you are supposed to read, feel really good about, so good that you will do the best thing in the world and make someone else feel good, by, yes you guessed it - passing the lists of natural highs to them!

    This in turn, is supposed to make them think about each natural high, and get all warm and fuzzy inside, so they'll be nicely receptive to carry on the viral when they read the suggestion to send on the highs.

    They are among the least offensive virals, but they ARE STILL virals, memes, chain letters, which makes them annoying.

    The manipulation in this case is to get you thinking you are spreading the good feelings and natural highs. What you are actually spreading is more copies of these lists.

    So let's have some fun and nix the natural high factor enough to put a wrench into the meme originators' game plan. The various lists are consolidated into one for a huge chain-smash. For this reason, the numbering of the questions will be removed.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri's smash of one of the lists was great in some respects, and absolutely terrible in others. The ending on it is tasteless, disqualifying it in its complete form for Chain Smashers, but I will include the ones that make it in along with my own smash. If our answers are exactly the same word for word on some items, only one of us will be represented to cut out duplicates.

    Short "Natural Highs" chain letter 50 Natural Highs or 68 Natural Highs and 70 Natural Highs - same one but with two additional "highs" at

    * * *

    Meme1: Okay, this chain letter is very simple, this is a list of natural highs(does NOT mean drugs)

    Ocean Elf: Duh! Attempt at being funny, failed.

    Meme1: Subject: FW: Good Feelings

    Ocean Elf: Subject: FW: Bad Feelings

    Memes: Please make sure you

    Ocean Elf: don't

    Memes: forward this back to me -- you'll see why at the end!

    Ocean Elf: I'll guess why you want it back, so you can get copies and copies of the same chain flooding your inbox/social network wall or inbox, your phone, and, with those copies, you also get info, like email addresses, usernames, userids etc to junk up.

    Oh, and you want to crash the net with your chain letter. It would make any lulzer feel awfully proud if they managed to take down the internet with a chain letter.

    No, I won't pass it along and send you back a copy.

    Memes: Think about them one at a time BEFORE going on to the next one.........

    Ocean Elf: Did that the first time these "Good Feelings/Natural Highs" forwards barged on to my computer screen, back when I was an internet newbie and had no idea of all the chain schemes and manipulations out there. I don't recall passing them on, I might or might not have. Ugh.

    Then, The next several times these highs flew onto my screen, the only thing I was thinking about was how not to practically cuss out the last poor sap who fell for them and sent them to me again.

    Memes: IT DOES

    Ocean Elf: not

    Memes: MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, especially the thought at the end.

    Ocean Elf: The thought at the end that is worth considering, is maybe forwarding these chains aren't such a good idea. There is no written out thought at the end of this chain letter, it just said that to give you more motivation to read it all the way through, be wowed by the content, and spam spam spam!

    Memes: Think about how each one feels then move onto the next one:

    Ocean Elf: And by the time I get through thinking on and evoking nice big warm lovey cuddly feelings about each one, your objective is that I'll be semi-hypnotized, totally softened up and easily lead to do what the chain letter says - spread the meme!

    Think again.

    Memes: For each one you add send it to one person and every one on the bottom of the list, but before you do put your e-mail address on the bottom!! Addd at least one!! Lets start::

    Ocean Elf: What did I tell you? Info collector disguised as fun almost group-huggy type stuff!

    This is how spammers and hackers get your email and other info. You forward harmless looking (looking being the keyword here,) chain letters like this, and actually do what it says and put your email at the bottom along with everyone else's, and that list of highs eventually turns into a list of emails that receive junkmail and malware, with your email address included in getting this stuff.

    Meme1: Playing Music

    Ocean Elf: And getting it wrong.

    Meme1: Listening to Music

    Ocean Elf: That you - don't like, - is the best of the crap playing on the radio currently, - then your Ipod battery dies, - your cd player stops working etc..

    Meme1: Being with Freinds

    Ocean Elf: 'friends' - who turn out to be enemies later.

    Memes: Having a Crush

    Meme2: on someone

    Ocean Elf: Without it getting returned because: 1. They're just a fictional character. 2. They are real enough but have a crush on someone else - and that person hates you. None of those scenarios apply to me, though.

    So how about this?

    Someone you don't like, develops a crush on you!

    Meme1: Good looking members of the opposite gender

    Ocean Elf: - who don't know you exist - who turn out to be jerks - are taken - or you are taken. Anyway, looks aren't everything. It's personality that counts.

    Meme1: A hot shower.

    Ocean Elf: that for some reason, suddenly turns cold.

    Memes: Stepping into a hot bath

    Meme2: after being out in the rain

    Ocean Elf: only to slip in the tub.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: full of dog hair and urine.

    Ocean Elf: EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW! *Shudder!* I've been seriously outsmashed on this one!

    Meme1: Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.

    Ocean Elf: Lying in bed with a cold wind and rain coming in through an open window, hail, severe storm conditions that make it necessary to get out of bed and shut the window.

    Meme2: Listening to heavy rain in bed at night

    Ocean Elf:only to doze off and be shot awake by a loud blast of thunder and then the hail comes and ruins your beautiful garden. Storm doesn't let up until it hardly pays to go back to bed, so you're seriously off your game the next day.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Listening to heavy rain falling on your bed at night because of the bad roofing job.

    Meme1: A bubble bath.

    Ocean Elf: and the phone ringing out of reach.

    Meme1: A long distance phone call.

    Ocean Elf: from a scammer.

    Meme1: Midnight phone calls that last for hours.

    Ocean Elf: Midnight phone calls - that get you out of bed and they are wrong numbers or pranks.

    Meme1: Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.

    Ocean Elf: that you still have to fold and put away, and by the time the task is done, they're pretty close to room temp again.

    Meme1: No lines at the supermarket

    Ocean Elf: which is - not open yet, - just closing., - closed for a holiday. Otherwise, you get - no end to lines at the supermarket

    Meme1: A special glance.

    Ocean Elf: not meant for you.

    Meme1: Accidentally

    Memes: Over-hearing someone say something nice about you

    Ocean Elf: only in a dream.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Over-hearing complaints about yourself.

    Ocean Elf: Ouch! Haha! Otsmashed again. Smile

    Meme1: Falling in love.

    Ocean Elf: and then getting cheated on.

    Meme2: To love and be loved in return

    Ocean Elf: only for whoever loves you to move away or die.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: To love and be rejected in the most cruel way imaginable.

    Ocean Elf: Youch!

    Meme1: Taking a drive on a pretty road.

    Ocean Elf: Taking a drive on a pretty bad road that leads to a dead end.

    Meme2: Riding down an empty road with all the windows down/top down with the wind blowing in ur hair

    Ocean Elf: only to run out of gas nowhere near a station.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Hitchhiking on an empty road and getting picked up by a serial killer.

    Ocean Elf: Eeeeeek! Hahahaha! Holy mackrel!

    Meme1: Hearing your favorite song on the radio.

    Meme2: Turning on the radio just n time to hear your favourite song

    Ocean Elf: end, and a commercial or song you can't stand, starts.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Turning on the radio just n time to hear that terrorists have conquered D.C. and this is now Sharia country.

    Ocean Elf: Yikes!

    Meme1: The beach.

    Ocean Elf: under a high tide.

    Meme2: Credit for acheivements

    Ocean Elf: 'achievements' being given to someone else instead of you.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Having someone else take the credit for your achievements.

    Ocean Elf: Exactly. Blech, bummer.

    Meme2: Applause

    Ocean Elf: for someone you dislike.

    Meme2: The smell of freshly baked bread

    Ocean Elf: and you can't have any, whatever the reason.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: The smell of an unbathed coworker.

    Ocean Elf: Ewwww, gross! Hahaha!

    Meme2: Singing along to your favourite song at the top of your voice

    Ocean Elf: only to be overheard especially by someone you didn't want to hear you.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: only to remember the doctors removed your larynx last week.

    Memes: Your first kiss (either

    Meme1: the very first or

    Memes: with a new

    Meme1: partner.

    Meme2: gf/bf or first ever)

    Ocean Elf: only to have it be your last because the person dumps you or makes you dump them.

    Meme1: Laughing at yourself.

    Ocean Elf: because you're trying to cover feeling like an idiot.

    Meme1: Running through sprinklers.

    Ocean Elf: and getting a chill.

    Meme1: Having someone tell you that you're beautiful or handsome.

    Ocean Elf: only to find out - they say that to everybody - later on you overhear them saying to someone else that you're in need of a makeover.

    Meme1: Laughing at an inside joke.

    Ocean Elf: Groaning at an inside joke.

    Meme1: Friends.

    Ocean Elf: that turn into backstabbers.

    Meme1: Making new friends or spending time with old ones.

    Ocean Elf: Making new enemies or avoiding old ones.

    Meme1: Playing with a new puppy.

    Ocean Elf: that pees, poos or throws up on you, chews up a favorite something of yours, or gets sick and dies.

    Meme1: Sweet dreams.

    Ocean Elf: that turn into nightmares.

    Meme1: Hot chocolate

    Ocean Elf: on a hot summer day.

    Meme1: Road trips with friends.

    Ocean Elf: who shouldn't travel together.

    Meme1: Swinging on swings.

    Ocean Elf: and falling off and hurting yourself.

    Meme1: Wrapping presents under the Christmas tree while eating cookies and
    drinking your favorite tipple.

    Ocean Elf: Did you mean wrapping, or unwrapping? Usually we unwrap gifts under the tree, but in the case of wrapping them while drinking tipple, (I wouldn't,) this could happen. getting it spilled on you and your new gifts, which means you have to wash or go out and buy new ones and wrap them all over again. Same scenario for unwrapping except that you're the recipient and you don't get anything you wanted anyway.

    Meme1: Song lyrics printed inside your new CD so you can sing along without feeling stupid.

    Ocean Elf: - but you can't read print due to a visual impairment. - You can always look them up online. - Finding out someone must have borrowed your cds without asking or telling you.

    Meme1: Making eye contact with a cute stranger.

    Ocean Elf: who looks away.

    Meme1: Winning a really competitive game.

    Ocean Elf: and then the loser actually gets mad at you.

    Meme1: Making chocolate chip cookies.

    Ocean Elf: that burn or just turn out hard as rocks.

    Meme1: Having your friends send you homemade cookies.

    Ocean Elf: that you don't like.

    Meme1: Spending time with close friends.

    Ocean Elf: but you're in the hospital.

    Meme1: Seeing smiles and hearing laughter from your friends.

    Ocean Elf:but you have some bad news to break to them.

    Meme1: Holding hands with someone you care about.

    Ocean Elf: only to discover them holding hands with someone else later.

    Meme1: Riding the best roller coasters over and over.

    Ocean Elf: and then you run out of tickets and money.

    Meme1: Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much desired
    present from you.

    Ocean Elf: then being put in the awkward position of not liking their gift as much.

    Meme1: Opening a present

    Ocean Elf: and it turns out to be something you'll never use or consume.

    Meme1: Watching the sunrise.

    Ocean Elf: turn to rain.

    Meme2: Learning something new

    Ocean Elf: that you wish you hadn't.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Forgetting something new, and being fired for it.

    Ocean Elf: LOL! Good one!

    Meme2: Being able to do something you have never been able to do before

    Ocean Elf: until the novelty wears off.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Being unable to do something you have done before lots of times.

    Ocean Elf: Oh, wow, hahaha, what a downer!

    Meme2: Freshly cut grass

    Ocean Elf: And then the next door neighbors decide to burn rubbish and somebody's dog or cat does its business on your lawn.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Freshly cut grass, and you're allergic.

    Meme2: Sitting in complete silence with a best friend then walking away thiking it's the best conversation you've ever had

    Ocean Elf: 'thinking' and silence is not a conversation. Sitting in contented silence with a best friend is among the best times to have, but it isn't a conversation.

    Meme2: Laughing with friends

    Ocean Elf: only to discover they are/were laughing at you.

    Meme1: Giggling.

    Ocean Elf: When you shouldn't, and embarrassing yourself.

    Meme2: Hysterical

    Memes: Laughing

    Meme2: (where you start

    Memes: for

    Meme1: absolutely

    Memes: no reason

    Meme1: at all. so hard your face hurts.

    Meme2: then cant stop)

    Ocean Elf: only to experience the same thing a couple of days later with crying instead.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Hysterical laughing due to medical problems, with crying jags soon following.

    Ocean Elf: *Shudder* Ugh!

    Meme2: Being held by someone your truly love

    Ocean Elf: when you are ill and scared, only to have your true love announce he/she's moving away or going away and can't see you for ages - or he/she dies after you get well.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Being held by someone your truly love, under the water in your bathtub, until you drown.

    Ocean Elf: OYoyoy!! *Shudder* Yikes, what a dark mind! *Backs away*

    Meme2: Holding some1 your truly love

    Ocean Elf: when they are very ill or both of you are terrified.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Holding some1 your truly love as they die.

    Ocean Elf: Oh, OUCH!

    Memes: A really good conversation

    Ocean Elf: that gets interrupted or eventually turns heated or boring..

    Meme2: Christmas

    Ocean Elf: ruined by some sad event or just over too soon.

    Meme2: Staying up all night just to watch the sunrise

    Ocean Elf: and being too trashed to be any good for work the next day.

    Meme2: Sunset

    Ocean Elf: followed by a stormy night.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: and it's only 10 A.M.

    Ocean Elf: Heh, that would be some messed up time!

    Meme2: A smile from a stranger

    Ocean Elf: only to find out he or she just wants to sell you something.

    Meme2: Making the first footprints in a feild of freshly fallen snow

    Ocean Elf: In a what? Oh, a 'field' only to slip and fall on some underlying ice.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Making the first footprints in a feild of freshly fallen snow...soaked in urine.

    Ocean Elf: Ewwwww! Though, obviously something/someone would've already put plenty of footprints in the snow for it to get into that condition, which would mean it is no longer freshly fallen, or fresh period!

    Meme2: Helping someone

    Ocean Elf: who doesn't appreciate it.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Helping someone - who sues you for it.

    Ocean Elf: Hahahaha! I've been outsmashed again!

    Meme2: Making soemone feel special

    Ocean Elf: 'someone' only to have them do just the opposite to you later.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Making someone feel special, only to find they consider it patronizing and insulting.

    Ocean Elf: Hahaha! Which helps to illustrate my point above, good one!

    Meme2: Feeling special

    Ocean Elf: until someone or circumstances take that feeling away.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Feeling special - because you're retarded.

    Meme1: Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.

    Ocean Elf: Waking up and realizing you overslept.

    Meme2: Waking up thinking its a school/work day then realising it's the weekend and you can have a couple of hours more sleep

    Ocean Elf: only to realize you have a bunch of other stuff that needs to get done that you neglected and still don't want to do.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Waking up thinking its a school/work day, thinking it's the weekend and you can have a couple of hours more sleep, and waking up again to find you were right the first time.

    Ocean Elf: Hahahaha!

    Meme2: Waking up after daylight savings and realising you have an hour's more sleep

    Ocean Elf: Huh? Didn't you mean standard time? When that begins, you get an extra hour. With daylight saving time, you put your clock ahead. So, assuming you actually meant standard time, you wake up, thinking you get an extra hour to sleep, only to sleep through your alarm and be late anyway. How much more of these same waking up and sleeping in things going to drag out?

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Waking up after daylight savings and realising you have to get up an hour earlier.

    Meme2: Finding a song you really enjoy listening to

    Ocean Elf: but it ends too soon. And didn't we already cover that earlier? sheesh.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Finding a song you really enjoy listening to on the radio, only to hear it ten times an hour for the next ten days.

    Ocean Elf: Hahahahaha! Been there! Overplay has turned songs I initially kind of liked to songs I loathed thereafter.

    Meme1: Running

    Meme2: Bumping

    Memes: into

    Meme1: an

    Memes: old

    Meme1: friend

    Meme2: friends

    Memes: and

    Meme1: realizing

    Meme2: realising

    Meme1: that some things (good or bad) never change.

    Meme2: something, good and bad, never change...

    Ocean Elf: except for the bad getting worse.

    Meme2: realising your friends are there for you

    Ocean Elf: until it's inconvenient for them or they only like you conditionally.

    Meme2: Candy floss

    Ocean Elf: smells great when it's being made! Mmmmmmm! But has no substance, very little taste, and is gone too soon. You try to eat it and it just - melts, disappears, giving you a mouthful of sweet tasting air.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Candy floss...getting stuck behind a tooth, and it doesn't come out.

    Ocean Elf: Eh? I think that would be toffy.

    Meme1: Chocolate milkshake. (or vanilla!) (or strawberry)

    Ocean Elf: that turns out to be fake because it's a vegan version made with soy and carob. Ever tried soy ice cream? BLECK!

    Meme2: Reminising over old times with friends, lovers or just alone

    Ocean Elf: 'reminiscing' only to find people remembered things about you you wish they didn't and you'd like to forget as well.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Reminising over old times with friends, lovers or just alone, only to realize that things are steadily getting worse, and reminisces are as good as it gets.

    Ocean Elf: Ugh, that would be a downer.

    Meme1: Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter.

    Ocean Elf: Only to realize you grabbed the wrong coat.

    Meme2: Finding money on the floor

    Ocean Elf: that isn't yours. What is with these chain letters and finding money, specifically 20$ bills on the floor anyway? Give it a rest already!

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Finding money on the floor...and finding it's fake...or glued there.

    Ocean Elf: Hahahahahaha!

    Meme2: Doing a selfless act

    Ocean Elf: only to have it unappreciated
    . didn't we already navigate this ditch?

    Meme2: Holidays

    Ocean Elf: getting ruined by jerks, bad situations, or both. I thought that was covered in the "Christmas" idea above. Same goes here - for any holiday.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Holidays...that you don't celebrate.

    Ocean Elf: Lol Yes, that can get irritating.

    Meme2: Family

    Ocean Elf: quarrels.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Family...members who have disowned you.

    Ocean Elf: Youch!

    Meme2: Staying up all night and watching old movies

    Ocean Elf: only to regret it the next day or end up sleeping in longer than you wanted. Didn't we sort of cover this in the staying up to watch the sunrise bit?

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Staying up all night and watching old movies...that aren't good.

    Meme2: Working really hard on something then getting a better mark than you expected

    Ocean Elf: only to get a tougher assignment you nearly fail later.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Working really hard on something then getting a lower mark than you expected.

    Memes: Finding

    Meme1: the sweater

    Meme2:an item of clothing

    Memes: you

    Meme1: want

    Meme2: really like

    Meme2: then finding out it's

    Meme1: is on sale for

    Memes: half price.

    Ocean Elf: and doesn't fit you anyway or it's gone the next time you come to the shop.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Finding an item of clothing you really like then finding out it's half price...but it's sold out.

    Meme2: Finding the solution to a reoccuring problem

    Ocean Elf: 'reoccurring' only for another problem to take its place.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: only to find ten spring up in its place.

    Ocean Elf: Lol!

    Meme2: A good nights sleep

    Ocean Elf: followed by an unexpectedly crummy day.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: A good nights sleep - interrupted by a dog farting in your face.


    Meme2: Dancing all night

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: and you hate dancing.

    Ocean Elf: and you can't seem to keep your eyes open the next day. Geesh, enough with the allnighters already! You've already watched old movies and stayed up to watch the sunrise so you could sleep in an extra hour, now you want to dance all night too. *Facepalm*

    Meme2: A good walk

    Ocean Elf: until you slip on something.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: A good walk - next to the sewage treatment facility.

    Ocean Elf: EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW, GROSS! Well then - uh - I wouldn't call that a good walk. Lol

    Meme2: Finding out you fit into that dress which you couldnt fit into 2 months before

    Ocean Elf: 'couldn't. but it's gone out of style.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Finding out you fit into that dress which you couldnt fit into 2 months before...but you're too emaciated to walk.

    Ocean Elf: Heh, no kidding.

    Meme2: Eating chocolate when you really needed it

    Ocean Elf: only the pleasure doesn't last long enough, it's gone too soon. Enough with the chocolate already! You've mowed through the chocolate chip cookies, the hot chocolate, and the chocolate milkshake, and while I love chocolate, I know someone who hates it enough to literally gag on it. So kindly drop the chocolate already.

    Meme2: Recieving a text message

    Ocean Elf: 'receiving' and it costs money and turns out to be a stupid chain letter that tells you to text it forward to everybody else or x number of people.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Recieving a text message...from collections.

    Meme1: Getting mail

    Ocean Elf: and it's nothing but junk.

    Meme2: Recieving a letter (which isn't a bill, junk mail, ect..)

    Ocean Elf: It's still 'receiving' but the mail turns out to contain some sad news concerning someone you care about.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Recieving a letter (which isn't a bill, junk mail, ect..)...containing anthrax.

    Ocean Elf: Holy - crap!

    Meme2: Passing that test you thought you could never pass

    Ocean Elf: only to have a tougher one later that you don't do so well on.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Failing that test you thought you could never pass.

    Meme2: Recieving a sincere compliment from someone who usually never compliments you

    Ocean Elf: and being in the uncomfortable situation of not being able to sincerely compliment them back.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Recieving a sincere compliment from someone who usually never compliments you...only to find it's because they want something.

    Ocean Elf: Oh, but then, it wouldn't be a sincere compliment.

    Meme2: Eating ice cream

    Ocean Elf: and having it melt too quickly, all over you and your outfit. Come on, enough with the ice cream. You already did the milkshake thing earlier...

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Eating ice cream - in a country that doesn't have the electricity to keep it cold.

    Meme1: Having

    Memes: someone

    Meme1: play

    Meme2: playing

    Memes: with your hair.

    Ocean Elf: when you wish they would stop it.

    Meme2: Accepting that somethings can't be changed

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: and giving up.

    Ocean Elf: and changing the things you can.

    Meme2: Winning an arm-wrestle against soem-one you usually lose against

    Ocean Elf: 'someone' only to find out they were just letting you win.

    Meme2: Fixing something no-one else could fix - only to have it break again shortly after.

    Meme2: Making something all on your own with your two own hands

    Ocean Elf: only to have it turn out nowhere near as good as you had wanted.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: and having someone say it sucks.

    Ocean Elf: Lol! No kidding!

    Meme2: Going to a concert

    Ocean Elf: and not enjoying it because the acoustics are rotten, the crowds are obnoxious, you're stuck next to the smelliest person in the building, the performers are having an off night and the music stinks.

    Meme1: Going to a really good concert.

    Ocean Elf: that you are not allowed to record for your own listening pleasure.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Going to a concert - and you're deaf.

    Meme2: Recieving an email

    Ocean Elf: Ack! It's 'RECEIVING!' an email that turns out to be yet another stupid forward like the text message you got so excited about somewhere in the above.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: and it's spam.

    Meme2: Being genuinly happy

    Ocean Elf: until something or someone gives you reason to be 'genuinely' upset.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Being genuinely sad.

    Meme2: Receiving a kiss from that special someone

    Ocean Elf: !'RECEIVING!' only to find out later they were just playing you. Drop the kiss thing! You already drove off that bridge early on in this chain with the first kiss from a new/first gf/bf/partner bit… Maybe that first/new partner wasn't special enough for you?

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Receiving a slap in the face from that special someone.

    Ocean Elf: Hahahaha!

    Meme2: Reading a good book then getting a good twist at the end

    Ocean Elf: which comes too soon.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: 66. Reading a bad book then getting back pain from sitting and reading it so long.

    Ocean Elf: Mwahahahaha!

    Meme2: Watching a romance movie then crying at the end

    Ocean Elf: - when you're not alone. - when you hate romance movies and are literally bored to tears.

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Watching a romance movie then crying at the end - only to find out it's a commercial.

    Ocean Elf: ROFLOL!

    Meme2: Chanting along to "We will rock you" with a massive crowd

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: and you hate Queen.

    Ocean Elf: and then the wrong team scores.

    Meme2: Realising you were actually right all along

    Ocean Elf: about something you wish you could've been wrong.

    Meme2: Gaining a friend

    Ocean Elf: who turns out to either be fake or thinks passing on forwards is the way to be a friend and keep in touch with you!

    Mogwai_toejam akktri: Gaining a friend - and losing another.

    Ocean Elf: Ouch!

    Meme1: Getting out of bed every morning and being grateful for another beautiful day.

    Ocean Elf: until things happen to turn it into a crappy day. Getting into bed every night - and being glad the day's finally over.



    Ocean Elf: and horrible

    Memes: WILL

    Ocean Elf: not


    Ocean Elf:not

    Memes: to send it back to the person who sent it to you!

    Ocean Elf: Because getting it too many times from too many friends can give you some serious natural lows.

    Fake friendship forwards can make real friends disappear.

    Over and out.

    Over and out.

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