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    A Hug. Yeah right.

    Ocean Elf

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    A Hug. Yeah right. Empty A Hug. Yeah right.

    Post by Ocean Elf on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:19 pm

    A Hug

    Yeah Right

    * * *

    From: a forwarder

    Subject: a hug

    Ocean Elf: Oh, no, please not that, not again, NOOOOOO!
    I can't make it through any more chain letter hugs!

    Meme: To have a special friendship

    is such a wonderful thing,Joy, happiness and laughter aren't all that it will bring.

    Ocean Elf: Well, duh, everybody who's had and been a friend knows that!

    Meme: Along with it will come sadness, sorrow and pain,

    Ocean Elf: Everybody who's ever been and had a friend knows that! Duh!

    Meme: but having special friends can make you smile again.

    Ocean Elf: Everyone who's experienced friendship knows that!

    Meme: Special friends will hug and comfort you in your hour of need,

    Ocean Elf: Instead of sending you crappy memes telling you what friendship is!

    Meme: they take you by the hand and guide you, sometimes take the lead.

    Ocean Elf: And they don't rely on chain letters to do that, hoping sending some meme will make them look like more of a friend to you. Guidance requires a personal approach, something no friendship spam can ever duplicate.

    Meme: Caring and sharing is such a vital part,of a loving friendship straight from the heart.

    Ocean Elf: Oh, brother, talk about laying on the saccharin! "Caring and sharing" what are they exactly? Well, To start with, "caring" enough not to "share" the chain letter memes.

    Caring means sharing your own words, ideas,and anything else that comes with a friendship, things anyone who has friends, knows already without some chain letter telling them so. Straight from the heart? True friendship, yes. Spreading memes, no. To bring the point home for anyone who seems to only understand Forwardian style, Friendship is pure gold, friendship meme is iron pyrite AKA fool's gold, worthless, not the real thing. So maybe the memers are so enamoured with the chain, but this recipient isn't. Not after getting an endless number of similar such corny, fluffy junk in the inbox and seeing it re-shared on social networks for years.

    Meme: To have a friend stand by you, each day with what it brings,makes a special friendship such a wonderful thing.

    Ocean Elf: Everybody who's had or wants a "special friend" knows that already!

    Meme: You are MY special friend.

    Ocean Elf: Yeah right, that's why you sent this friendship chain to so many lists, and that's why you couldn't be bothered to send your "special friend" whoever s/he really is a personal note! Uh-huh, I'm so convinced...NOT!!

    Meme: It isn't important how or when it started,

    Ocean Elf: Ya know, it never started with you and me. All I know is I was invited to a lot of mailing lists, which I eventually quit because of all the memes, like this one. Then they took over social networks, making friends posts annoying, phoney and boring as heck. Before that, I hadn't known you. We don't go back years as most special, most best friends, so why re-share this gushing, preachy, phony friendship chain out to everybody on social networks and public lists? Especially to new members who don't even know you or anyone else there yet? Have you not stopped to consider this chain letter has been circulating for ages, with any number of people having gotten it from other well-meaning but gullible friends in the past?

    Maybe you and some people think it's inspirational, but some of us don't, we're sick of it and simply stay quiet to avoid a conflict. So, it is out of necessity that I put up this site. If I can't scream at people for sending me this junk, at least I've got somewhere to get it off my chest.

    Meme: what matters now is that we won't be parted.

    Ocean Elf: But we have already been parted, because you and other list members on each list I was invited to, just kept sending chain letters. I left every list you invited me to, because even though my profile which these lists required me to fill out, stated how and why I dislike chain letter forwards, that got ignored as usual! Members just kept sending memes. What was adding to the sickening feeling was how other list members patted the forwarders on the back for such "great posts" which were nothing but Sickly sweet poems and stupid jokes that are all over the net on millions of web sites, forums and lists. Since you were absolutely cool with this, I had no insentive to be your penpel, because you would've started sending me junk in my private inbox. At least I could remove myself from the lists and get no more memes through them. But what to do when friends send chain fwds privately? Sorry, but I just don't want your chain letter hugs, and don't feel like "hugging" you back.

    * * *

    Additional comments from former Ning site:

    Replies to This Discussion

    Reply by Beth

    oueerg, not this again! Die, die, die! I shall destroy you and your hugs, foolish chain letter sender! Oooh, if only it were that easy...! Bleck.

    Reply by Ocean Elf

    No kidding! It's like - urgh! I really wonder who originates this crap, and why in the world people think it's so incredibly special!

    Reply by Beth

    Ugh, yeah! "Oh, look, more sappy mush filling up my inbox! Oh joy of all joys!" Aaaarrggh! *smacks forehead* Really, people? Really?

    Reply by Ocean Elf

    Lol! I know! It's so frustrating, and seriously, do these people never think about what it is they are actually being duped into sending around? Yuch! Really! I'd much rather have a real note, and a real hug than a fake one that's really nothing but a viral emotional head-game.

    Over and out.

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