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    36 Odd Things Meme

    Ocean Elf

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    36 Odd Things Meme Empty 36 Odd Things Meme

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:24 pm

    36 ODD things about you!

    * * *

    Chain: 36 ODD things about you! Learn 36 things about your friends and let them learn 36 things about you!

    Ocean Elf: Oh, yay, here we go. Another chain letter meme to smash.

    Chain: 1. Do you like blue cheese?

    Ocean Elf: Why? If you're thinking of offering me cheese, don't bother, I just got through smashing another cheesy chain letter, and I wouldn't trust anything coming from you anyway.

    Chain: 2. Have you ever smoked cigarettes?

    Ocean Elf: Again, if you're thinking of hitting me up for a smoke, forget it.

    Chain: 3. Do you own a gun?

    Ocean Elf: Why? Are you looking to get me on your anti-gun political agenda? Or just sell me a gun? Forget it.

    Chain: 4. What flavor Kool-Aid?

    Ocean Elf: The actual drinkable stuff, not the mental kind such as Hillarade.

    Chain: 5. Do you get nervous before you go to the doctor?

    Ocean Elf: Why? It's not like I need you there to hold my hand. Not like you'd even be there if I asked anyway.

    Chain: 6. What do you think of hot dogs?

    Ocean Elf: if you knew me well enough, you'd know.

    Chain: 7. Favorite Movie?

    Ocean Elf: *Sigh* this is on every single one of these meme thingies I've ever received or just seen reposted.

    Chain: 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

    Ocean Elf: Depends how I'm feeling. Whatever it is, I'll get it myself, so you don't need to know.

    Chain: 9. Can you do a push up?

    Ocean Elf: Yeah. Want to? No.

    Chain: 10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?

    Ocean Elf: No, you can't borrow it or sell me another like it.

    Chain: 11. Do you have a favorite hobby?

    Ocean Elf: Naturally.

    Chain: 12. Do you have A.D.D.?

    Ocean Elf: What kind of nosy question is that?

    Chain: 13. Do you wear glasses?

    Ocean Elf: Why do you wanna know? Ah never mind. Not important.

    Chain: 14. Who was your childhood idol?

    Ocean Elf: Definitely not you, so you don't need to concern yourself with that.

    Chain: 15. Name 3 thoughts at the moment?

    Ocean Elf: Thought 1. I'm not even halfway through this smash.

    Thought 2. This chain letter meme is lame.

    Thought 3.Whoever originated this thing owes us all three thoughts of his/her own.

    Chain: 16. Name three drinks you regularly drink:

    Ocean Elf: No.

    Chain: 17. Current worries:

    Ocean Elf: You assume too much.

    Chain: 18. Current hate?

    Ocean Elf: Again, you're assuming way too much.

    Chain: 19. Favorite place to be?

    Ocean Elf: Not that you'll ever join me there.

    Chain: 20. How do you bring in the new year?

    Ocean Elf: Calmly.

    Chain: 21. Where would you like to go?

    Ocean Elf: You're assuming I want to go anywhere. Not saying I wouldn't, just saying.

    Chain: 22. Name 5 people that will do this:

    Ocean Elf: Nobody, I hope. This smash is a big hint in that direction.

    Chain: 24. What color shirt are you in?

    Ocean Elf: Why does that matter?

    Chain: 25. Do you like sleeping in satin sheets?

    Ocean Elf: Uh, wow, you just went from dorky nosy to creepy.

    Chain: 26. Can you whistle?

    Ocean Elf: Huh? Lol.

    Chain: 27. Where are you now?

    Ocean Elf: Where you are not, or you would know.

    Chain: 28. Would you be a pirate?

    Ocean Elf: Maybe, all depending on the role in the play and what it involved.

    Chain: 29. What song do you sing in the shower?

    Ocean Elf: You're assuming I sing in the shower.

    Chain: 30. Favorite sports team?

    Ocean Elf: If you knew me well enough, you'd know.

    Chain: 31. Favorite food?

    Ocean Elf: Yep, got quite a few of those.

    Chain: 32. What's in your pocket?

    Ocean Elf: Are you talking jacket or coat pocket, pants pocket, robe pocket - aw forget it.

    Chain: 33. The last thing that made you laugh?

    Ocean Elf: I'm not sure. I don't keep track.

    Chain: 34. What's your animal?

    Ocean Elf: You're assuming I have or even like them, and I'm not saying I don't. Just saying. If you even kind of knew me, you'd probably know.

    Chain: 35. Worst injury?

    Ocean Elf: Oh, that was ages ago, and I'm not just gonna open up and talk about it to a meme.

    Chain: 36. How many TV's in your house?

    Ocean Elf: Why? Don't you have one of your own?


    Hahaha! Meme smashed!

    Over and out.

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