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    11 Things Liebsters Blog Awards Chain Vol. 4

    Ocean Elf

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    11 Things Liebsters Blog Awards Chain Vol. 4 Empty 11 Things Liebsters Blog Awards Chain Vol. 4

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:29 pm

    Eleven Things Blog Meme Chain

    Continuing on from Volume 3.

    * * *

    Chain: 1. Any siblings? If so, what are your thoughts on them/relationship with them. If not, would you like any?

    Ocean Elf: If you knew me well enough, you'd know.

    Chain: 2. What jobs would you really like, or which have you previously considered?

    Ocean Elf: I like my work.

    Chain: 3. Do you have a significant other? If so, tell me about them! If not tell me about who you’re interested in, or who your ideal partner would be. (If none of the above apply don’t answer.)

    Ocean Elf: Meh. if you knew me well, you'd know.

    Chain: 4. If you were chosen to go on a pioneering space voyage that would mean you never returned to Earth, would you go?

    Ocean Elf: of course not! I don't even like situations here on earth that lock me into things so that I can't get out of them. Besides, I have people and things here I cherish and love far too much to abandon, forever, in some foolish quest for adventure or glory.

    Chain: 5. Tell me a fact about your family home! (A story or something you like/dislike or sth idk)

    Ocean Elf: I grew up there…

    Chain: 6. Do you think your zodiac description is in any way accurate?

    Ocean Elf: Um, asked in previous mutation just above, and answered.

    Chain: 7. What will you spend the longest doing before going out? (Hair, clothes, make-up, resisting the urge to vomit, etc.)

    Ocean Elf: Well if I felt like I would vomit, I would be in no condition to go anywhere. I don't waste much time getting ready, I am quick about everything that way. I'm going to work, or shopping, or out on some other errand, or out to eat or to a birthday party, stuff like that, I'm not trying to get on the cover of any magazine, or looking to dazzle and date somebody.

    Chain: 8. What did you do last summer?

    Ocean Elf:A lot of what I intend to do this coming summer, only this year, I want to get more of it in.

    Chain: 9. Something you’re looking forward to:

    Ocean Elf: I'm the kind of person who's almost constantly looking forward to something, in either the very near or the more distant future.

    Chain: 10. What is the likelihood of all of you actually answering these?

    Ocean Elf: "all of you"? There's only one me.

    Chain: 1. What’s your favorite song/poem and why?

    Ocean Elf: Um okay… I have a few favourite songs, being a musician. No favourite poems, though.

    If you want to listen, go ahead. I even play some of them. And this is just a small representation, I have a lot of other favourites, which I can't play yet, too.






    Chain: 2. What is your dream location to live? And if you don’t have one what places would you like to live?

    Ocean Elf:I really don't think about stuff like that.

    Chain: 3. Do you think those talking muffins commercial that Pam has are as creepy as I do?

    Ocean Elf: Creepy? Try annoying. Food doesn't talk, it gets eaten. I also get seriously irritated at those Swiffer commercials where they have dust, dirt and mud looking for "love" or some lady talks to her vacuum cleaner, either to fire him as a sloppy employee, or dump him as a bad relationship. C'mon, people, it's an appliance!

    Chain: 4. Is there a word you are absolutely disgusted by? Like for example the word placenta is really gross to me because I watched my cat eat hers and it was grody.

    Ocean Elf: Well, that's nature. It's not always pretty, but I'd rather see a cat eat a placenta than watch a pack of dogs pin down and rip into their prey while it's still alive and kicking.

    As for words that disgust me, there are several, all evocative of things that are gag-inducing, horrifying, etc.

    Chain: 5. Favorite super/hero/anti-hero/villain? And why are they your favorite?

    Ocean Elf: Fictionlands You'll run into a few over there, along with our own made-up from scratch characters.

    Chain: 6. Do you have an entertaining/funny/tragic anecdote? If so share if you’re willing to.

    Ocean Elf: Nah.

    Chain: 7. Do you like people touching your feet/lower legs?

    Ocean Elf: Only when it's necessary. if I injure my leg, it will have to be treated, and n order for that to happen, there will be some touch involved.

    Chain: 8. Do you write at all? Like fanfiction, poetry, essays, a journal… stuff like that.

    Ocean Elf: You bet, that's where Fictionlands and Whoville come in.

    Chain: 9. Do you have any pets? If so tell me about them. If not what pet(s) would you like to have? If none why not?

    Ocean Elf: I will always have pets. They do me a lot of good, and if I get a particularly well behaved one that can go places with me, it can help me try to brighten up other people's lives for a moment or two. I've had several kinds of pets and would love to have even more different species of animals. The one that was a big heart-stealer, a real charmer was Mia, the sugar glider possum.

    Currently, I have another charmer.


    Stuffing face

    Chain: 10. What’s your favorite legend/folk tale/fairy tale?

    Ocean Elf: It's hard to decide, they all have interesting plots, and I've cherished them since I was little.

    Chain: 11. What’s your favorite Harry Potter character and why? If you aren’t an HP fan then what’s your favorite fictional character and why?

    Ocean Elf: Bleck, I'm so done with Harry Potter.

    Otherwise, well, I answered this in the above somewhere.

    Chain: 1. Favourite type of cheese?

    Ocean Elf: That all depends on what it's in/on. Cream cheese belongs in cheese cake and other cheeses belong on pizza, hot dogs, lasagna, casseroles, etc.

    Chain: 2. Tell me about one of your favourite headcanons?

    Ocean Elf: ? Um… Not sure what you mean by that. If you mean what's my favourite movie/TV show/book, I can't pick just one.

    Chain: 3. What’s a talent you’ve always wanted to learn?

    Ocean Elf: Don't you mean 'skill'? You have a talent for learning skills, whether it's music or sports etc.

    Chain: 4. Do any smells remind you of certain memories or people?

    Ocean Elf: Definitely, but I can't recall anything specific right now.

    Chain: 5. Is there something you should be doing right now instead of answering these questions? (*Guilty*)

    Ocean Elf: Nah, since I'm taking a break from what I need to work on, and during this break, I might as well smash more mutations of this chain.

    Chain: 6. How would you describe your favourite chair?

    Ocean Elf: Comfortable.

    Chain: 7. Are there any languages you’d really like to learn?

    Ocean Elf: I'd like to know them all, but that's impossible.

    Chain: 8. People like to ask questions such as, “How is your heart doing?” I’d rather ask, “How are your elbows doing?”

    Ocean Elf: Haha! Got lots of elbow grease here.


    Ocean Elf: No, I haven't the foggiest idea.

    Chain: 10. Have you ever pulled a prank on someone?

    Ocean Elf: Yes, when I was younger, and one good one on April Fools in 2011. April 1 is the only day I do anything like that any more.

    Chain: 11. Draw a picture of a cat. It’s not a question. Do it. =P

    Ocean Elf: Uh, no.

    * * *

    Chain: 1. Do you believe in love?

    Ocean Elf: Duh, of course. I mean, if you don't love your family and friends, visa versa, what's the point to living around people?

    Chain: 2. What’s your favorite movie?

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered many times in these memes.

    Chain: 3. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

    Ocean Elf: Try as many times as you like, it's still and always will be none of your business.

    Chain:4. What makes you happy?

    Miss Ocean Elf: All kinds of things, including seeing other people smash chain letters with class.

    Chain: 5. Your earliest memory?

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered…

    Chain: 6. The things you dislike most about being a girl?

    Ocean Elf: Absolutely nothing. What's there to like or dislike about being either gender? I was born a girl, it is part of who I am, it's a big part of what makes me me.

    Chain: 7. What was your favorite summer and why?

    Miss Ocean Elf: I don't have a favourite year, a favourite season, favourite month, week, day, hour, minute, or second of my life. There are lots of favourite and not so favourite times and there will be more to come as I continue living.

    Chain: 8. Where’s the most amazing place you’ve traveled?

    Ocean Elf: Wherever I travel, if and when I do, has its own unique amazingness…

    Chain: 9. The wildest thing you’ve done?

    Ocean Elf: You would've had to be there to see it. Nothing naughty or rebellious, just looked a little gutsy.

    Chain: 10. The story of your first kiss?

    Ocean Elf: Eww, bleck, that would be none. And, none of your business anyway.

    Chain: 11. What is something you want to do but you’re too afraid to?

    Ocean Elf: Well, if I said "nothing" that would sound like I wanted to do nothing and was afraid of that which isn't true, but there is nothing I want to do that I'm afraid of, because if I'm afraid to do something, chances are I'm not going to be wanting to do it.

    Chain: 1. If you could replay a moment in your life over and over again what would it be?

    Ocean Elf: Too many to count.

    Chain: 2. Favorite book? (Any recommendations?)

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered…

    Chain: 3. Favorite TV show?

    Ocean Elf: *Sigh* See above.

    Chain: 4. What’s your dream date?

    Ocean Elf: Bleh. Not into that, and anyway, none of your business if I was.

    Chain: 5. Favorite tumblr?

    Ocean Elf: *Rolling eyes* Oh, my, gosh - this particular set of qs coming from a Tumblr blog. Talk about heaping on the praise obligations.

    Chain: 6. If you had 3 wishes what would they be?

    Ocean Elf: Never mind, you can't grant them anyway.

    Chain: 7. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

    Ocean Elf: *Yawn* Asked and answered…

    Chain: 8. Biggest pet peeve?

    Ocean Elf: Chain letters junking up the net, and getting ranted about in ways that make the people sounding off look just as bad or worse than the chain letters themselves. Besides that one, well, hard to pick one, there are a few annoyances in life.

    Chain: 9. Favorite part about summer?

    Ocean Elf: Just about everything except the bugs.

    Chain: 10. First thing you notice about the opposite sex?

    Ocean Elf: that they ARE the opposite sex.

    Chain: 11. First thing you thought about this morning?

    Ocean Elf: Are you kidding me? How would I remember something like that unless awakened in a way as to make me think something really specific?

    * * *

    Chain: 1. What products do you have in your shower?

    Ocean Elf: Shoe polish, sunscreen, mittens, a parka and several pairs of shorts.

    No, duh, regular things you'd find in any shower, know, shampoo, soap etc.

    Well, ask a stupid question…

    Chain: 2. What one frivolous (not essential to survival) thing would you want with you on a desert island?

    Ocean Elf: *Sigh* not with that stranded on an island thing again. I don't know and I don't care.

    Chain: 3. What's your favorite throw-together meal?

    Ocean Elf: Depends on what's available.

    Chain: 4. If you could only visit one restaurant for the rest of your life, which would it be?

    Ocean Elf: Since that will never really happen, I won't bother wracking my brain to come up with an answer. Couldn't just pick one anyway. I mean, I basically answered that about the one food you could eat for the rest of your life.

    Chain: 5. What color is your favorite pair of shoes?

    Ocean Elf: I don't have a favourite pair,and which ones I choose depends on the time of year and what kind of function or outing I'm on.

    Chain: 6. Dogs or cats? (Or, "other"?)

    Ocean Elf: See here and for more info on this type of pet go here. And go here.

    Chain: 7. Describe a moment, however brief, in the past week when you felt joyful.

    Ocean Elf: Tempted as I am to do that, it wouldn't be smashing this chain, now would it?

    Chain: 8. You have an entire day off from responsibilities, but you can't spend any money. What does your free dream day look like?

    Ocean Elf: Full of things I like to do best.

    Chain: 9. If you had $1 million to give to charity, what cause would you give it to?

    Ocean Elf: I couldn't pick one, but it would have to be legit and something about advancement of human rights and combatting some horrible disease other than the usual that everybody's already giving to.

    Chain: 10. What is a picture that you wish you had? Either a moment in time that wasn't captured, a picture of a person passed or a place in the world? Anything you would like an image of.

    Ocean Elf: There is none.

    Chain: 11. Would you rather have a blanket made of the softest material imaginable with a stone bed or a rough, scratchy blanket with a gloriously soft and cushy bed?

    Ocean Elf: There is a way around the uncomfortable bed. You could wrap yourself up in the blanket instead of just covering with it.

    * * *

    Chain: 1. If you owned a time machine (or perhaps your own TARDIS), what time period and location would you travel to first?

    Ocean Elf:I don't know. It would probably depend on what movie or story I was watching/reading.

    Chain: 2. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

    Ocean Elf:Other than smashing chain letters, no? and chain-smashing is not really a guilty pleasure, it's just that some people, family and good friends etc. who are indifferent to or don't mind, even like at least some virals, really don't understand me. So I don't feel free to share much with them as far as chain-smashing goes.

    Chain: 3. If you could commit a crime without getting caught, what crime would you commit and why?

    Ocean Elf: Eh? I'd rather have the means to stop criminals.

    Chain: 4. Name an animal, domestic or otherwise, that you’d like to have as your pet.

    Ocean Elf: I have a list about a mile long. I have a favourite but if it didn't work out, and/or any of the others were available instead, I sure as heck wouldn't turn them down.

    Chain: 5. What is your dream job?

    Ocean Elf: Heh, couldn't decide.

    Chain: 6. Do you have a Bucket List? If so, what are some of the things on it?

    Ocean Elf: *wince* When I first came across that term, I didn't get what it meant, and laughed at it. No, I never have and probably never will have one of those.

    Chain: 7. If you could have anyone, including celebrities/fictional characters/people from history, as your significant other, who would you choose?

    Ocean Elf: No one. I'm happy being Miss Ocean Elf. Now, there are scads of characters and famous people I'd love to be friends or at least acquaintances with if it was possible.

    Chain: 8. What are some of your hobbies?

    Ocean Elf: Smashing chain letters. Woops, that isn't just a hobby, it's a mission. Music. Woops, that's not only a hobby, it's my work. Internet. Oops, that also ties in with my mission and since I put some of my piano playing on Youtube, it ties in with my work as well. Okay, well then, just other stuff.

    Chain: 9. If you could be apart of any fictional universe, which one would you choose?

    Ocean Elf: Well, there is really only one universe, but if I could be in any fictional setting, hmmm. That's a hard one, I think I'd rather my favourite characters came to visit me.

    Chain: 10. Do you play any instruments? If so, which one(s) do you play? If not, have you ever thought about playing an instrument?

    Ocean Elf: There's your answer again.

    Chain: 11. What is your favorite color?

    Ocean Elf: *Yawn* Asked and answered.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Chain: 1. Do you like butts

    Ocean Elf: Huh!? Why? *Scratches head*

    Chain: 2. What is going on

    Ocean Elf: Nothing, so I'm using this spare time to smash this chain.

    Chain: 3. I dont like asking questions, do you?

    Ocean Elf: I never thought about it.

    Chain: 4. I mean I just don’t ever know what to say thats all.

    Ocean Elf: You don't have to, though, at least, not to perpetuate a meme.

    Chain: 5. Like c’mon

    Ocean Elf: Exactly.

    Chain: 6. I am sure these will be fun to answer

    Ocean Elf: Since some of them aren't questions, sure.

    Chain: 7. What are your thoughts on the Rectumsempra curse?

    Ocean Elf: The - what ? Um, I think you meant Sectum Sempra curse? Harry Potter, bleb. I am so done with it.

    Chain: 8. Someone just threw a projectile with a mass of 50kg at you with a speed of 100ms-1! How much force will you need to make it come to a stop the moment you catch it?

    Ocean Elf: I'd have no idea because then I would be dead and unable to catch it. There are some fictional chain creeps you could hurl it at instead, that would be a lot more useful.


    Ocean Elf: Ahem *Scowl*

    Chain: 9. bacon

    Ocean Elf: Shut up, I'm hungry.

    Chain: 10. It wasnt that difficult, that question. I mean Newtons third law right there, If you have the same amount of force pushing back on the projectile it should amount to 0 because of the equal and opposite force canceling them both out.


    F= 50x100

    F= 5000N

    Somehow you would need to have that much force against it to catch the projectile and make it equal to zero to therefore stop.

    Ocean Elf: Yeah, well, I didn't think it would take less force. But I'm not a brick wall.

    Chain: 11. Physics is Phun.

    Ocean Elf: Eh, I guess…

    * * *

    Chain: The Rules

    Ocean Elf: Which I won't follow...

    Chains: 1.

    Chain1: Post

    Chain2: Share

    Chains: 11

    Chain1: random things

    Chain2: facts

    Chains: about yourself.

    Ocean Elf: You might be sorry for making this request.

    Chains: 2. Answer the

    Chain2: awarder’s

    Chains: 11 questions

    Chain1: your nominator asked you.

    Ocean Elf: thank goodness I wasn't nominated for one of these dingbat chain awards. Even if I was, I wouldn't play… So don't be too disappointed if you don't get the sort of answers you want.

    Chains: 3.

    Chain1: Create

    Chain2: Ask

    Chains: 11 questions

    Chain2: of your own

    Chain1: for your own nominees.

    Ocean Elf: Nope, Not wasting time trying to come up with questions, and there will be no "nominees".

    Chains: 4. Nominate 11

    Chain1: different

    Chains: bloggers

    Chain1: with fewer than 200 followers.

    Ocean Elf: That actually translates to: "spam 11 bloggers with this obligation-filled chain letter disguising itself as a fun bunch of "Talk all about yourself!" and "You've just won an award!"

    bleck! No thanks, no nominations/questions and I don't care who has how few or how many followers, this liebsters and the whole blog award craze needs to die.

    Chain1: 5. Notify them and hope they play along.

    Ocean Elf: Nope, no notifies from me, no reblogging this stupid award, no hoping they'll play along, rather, I wish people would cut it out once and for all.

    Chains: Facts about you:

    Ocean Elf: You won't like them.

    1. I smash chain letters.

    2. I don't encourage anyone to participate in viral schemes.

    3. I don't consider "" to be real awards, only chain letters. To get an award, you have to actually do something other than write blogs.

    4. I have been abandoned too many times by people who were supposed to be my friends because they'd rather go on spreading chain letters than listen to me when I discourage it - and yes, I do try to be as nice about it as I can.

    5. I'm sick of being abandoned by people in favour of their wish to keep letting themselves get pushed around by chain letters.

    6. I wish the blog meme craze, especially these awards would die out.

    7. I will never pass on to - er, excuse me, "nominate" anyone for a so-called blog award.

    8. I have seen more than 11 of the same questions repeated more than 11 times in various survey meme chain letters over the years.

    9. If anyone ever inflicts a "blog award" or any sort of blog meme on me and "tags"/"nominates" me on one of my blogs, I won't kudo them or even acknowledge having received the chain on that blog. I will smash it on Chain Smashers instead.

    10. One of the quickest ways to make me lose interest in a blog is to post memes and too many quotes from movies, TV shows, celebrities and other famous people, or song lyrics.

    11. If you replicate chain letters on your blog and I come across them, I will be annoyed, but you'll never know it unless you happen across it in one of my smashes, and even then you won't know if it was you or somebody else who inflicted the chain on my computer screen, because I won't name names as a rule, unless it is to point out where a meme originates from. I'll give that info if possible.

    Chain: 1. What is your biggest fear?

    Ocean Elf: Asked, asked again, asked repeatedly, answer still refused.

    Chain: 2. What is your best quality?

    Ocean Elf: Erm, i'm not exactly in a position to judge that.

    Chain: 3. What is your favorite magazine?

    Ocean Elf: Any that's interesting to read and not full of gossip and propaganda.

    Chain: 4. Biggest pet peeve?

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered…

    Chain: 5. Do you believe in fate? Karma? Luck? Superstitions?

    Ocean Elf: You should kinda get the answer to that from the fact I smash chain letters.

    Chain: 6. Lip gloss or lipstick? What shade?

    Ocean Elf: I don't care as long as it smells good and relieves my chapped lips in winter.

    Chain: 7. If someone gave you $1000 to spend at a single store in 30 minutes, what store would you choose?

    Ocean Elf: That all depends on a lot of variables.

    Chain: 8. How would you classify your style? ie: classic, bohemian, grunge

    Ocean Elf: Haven't given it much thought. None of the ones you mentioned.

    Chain: 9. Favorite quote or words of wisdom? Who said it?

    Ocean Elf: Meh.

    Chain: 10. Favorite guilty pleasure?

    Ocean Elf: Smashing chain letters - and that isn't truly a 'guilty' pleasure, just something I feel must be done, but there are a lot of viral-lovers or people who simply couldn't care less who just wouldn't understand or even bother to try.

    Chain: 11. What is the one physical quality you would alter about yourself?

    Ocean Elf: Meh.

    Chain: 11 Questions for your nominated bloggers

    Ocean Elf: No "nominating" here.

    Chain: 1- If you had to eat at only one restaurant for the rest of your life, where would you eat

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered…

    Chain: 2- What is your dream car

    Ocean Elf: None.

    Chain: 3- If you had to live in another country for the next 5 years, where would you live

    Ocean Elf: That all depends on so much, I'd have to do a ton of research before deciding, and since that ain't happening, oh skip it, it just plain doesn't matter.

    Chain: 4- What is the first cd you ever purchased

    Ocean Elf: I'm supposed to remember that?

    Chain: 5- If you could only have one tv station for the next year what tv station would you pick

    Ocean Elf: since that won't be happening, I don't have to worry about it, so, don't have to try to come up with an answer.

    Chain: 6- What is your favorite thing about yourself, least favorite thing, looks wise

    Ocean Elf: My most least favourite thing about myself looks wise? Meh. don't care.

    Chain: 7- If your family got asked to be on TLC what would the name of your show be, and what would you be on there for

    Ocean Elf: I have absolutely no idea. My family's cool, we're not *cough* reality TV material.

    Chain: 8- Would you rather you got one horrible haircut, or all your children got 5 horrible haircuts in a row

    Ocean Elf: I don't have children. I've had a horrible haircut. It didn't kill me.

    Chain: 9- Favorite movie EVER and Worst movie you have ever seen

    Ocean Elf: Can't pick most favourite, I like my favourites for all different things. Worst movie, hmmm. Again, hard to pick. some are really bad because they're just too disturbing, others are infuriatingly stupid, so, no definitive answer on that one either.

    Chain: 10- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, which one is your favorite

    Ocean Elf: I only got on FB because everybody else I know offline is on it. Twitter, meh. It has its uses, but I'm not so much a 140 character gal. Instagram, meh, that's mostly picture sharing isn't it?

    Chain: 11- Do you like summer or winter better, and why

    Ocean Elf: if you knew me, you'd know the answer. I like them both for different things, but really come alive more during one of them.

    Chain: And I nominate:

    Ocean Elf: Nobody.

    Chain: 1. Why did you start blogging?

    Ocean Elf: Um didn't I already cover that somewhere?

    Chain: 2. What are your three favorite blogs?

    Ocean Elf: None. I don't care if what I like happens to come from a blog, a forum, an online news article etc. So if anyone dares to hit me with one of these "" they won't end up getting listed as among my favourite blogs.

    Chain: 3. What’s one thing you hope to learn/accomplish this year?

    Ocean Elf: Actually I have some long-term aspirations involving the foreseeable future and beyond concerning my music. so continuing to work at it through this coming year is definitely part of that.

    Chain: 4. What’s one thing you cannot live without?

    Ocean Elf: air.

    Chain: 5. What’s your favorite fad from the 90s?

    Ocean Elf: Never was much of a fad person.

    Chain: 6. Mac or PC?

    Ocean Elf: Yes I have owned both.

    Chain: 7. Have you ever sampled something in the grocery store and then actually purchased it?

    Ocean Elf: of course. but don't ask me what, because I can't remember what offhand nor would I bother specifying if I did.

    Chain: 8. What’s a bad habit you’ve never been able to break?

    Ocean Elf: Why? If I had one, this chain letter wouldn't break it for me.

    Chain: 9. What is your most prized possession?

    Ocean Elf: I'm a musician, so naturally it would be a musical instrument of some sort. After that, my iPods and computer stuff, all of that helps me in my work so that I can have my other prized possessions such as pets.

    Chain: 10. What is your go-to item in your wardrobe?

    Ocean Elf: whatever's suitable for the occasion/weather and my mood.

    Chain: 11. Favorite ice cream?

    Ocean Elf: Mmmmmmmmmmm… I have lots of favourites there, and ways I like to jazz 'em up. But I do that more in summer than winter time.

    Chain: 1. What do you look for in a blog, what interests you? Like one topic in particular per blog or do you like a blog with a range of things?

    Ocean Elf: Blogs that discourage and even smash chain letters but are written by people who hold the same or very similar views on a bunch of other things as I do - so those are very hard to find.

    Chain: 2. What inspired you to start a blog?

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered…

    Chain: 3. Do you have any pets?

    Ocean Elf: Definitely. I need to have pets.

    Chain: 4. What’s your favourite TV show and why?

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered…

    Chain: 5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered…

    Chain: 6. Do you have a hobby, if so what is it and how long have you been doing it for?

    Ocean Elf: Yes - something I like to do - and either all my life or for as long as I knew about/learned how etc…

    Chain: 7. Favourite season and why?

    Ocean Elf: Every season has something that makes it the best in its own way. I know I've run across this and similar questions in these memes before.

    Chain: 8. What is your greatest achievement?

    Ocean Elf: History will judge that for me posthumously.

    Chain: 9. Any new years resolutions?

    Ocean Elf: No, I don't believe in making them.

    Chain: 10. Have you ever met anyone famous?

    Ocean Elf: *Smile* Yes I have.

    Chain: 11. Will you repost this?

    Ocean Elf: Only as an inclusion in this mondo meme-smash.

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