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    11 Things Liebsters Blog Awards Chain Vol. 3

    Ocean Elf

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    11 Things Liebsters Blog Awards Chain Vol. 3 Empty 11 Things Liebsters Blog Awards Chain Vol. 3

    Post by Ocean Elf on Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:07 pm

    Eleven Things Blog Meme Chain

    Continuing on from Volume 2.

    * * *

    Chain: 1.) What is your favorite quote?

    Ocean Elf: Meh, bleck. I don't have any, and get pretty irritated with people splattering supposedly famous quotes all over the net. if I want to read that stuff I'll go to a library, thanks.

    Chain: 2.) What is your first memory?

    Ocean Elf: Nothing specific.

    Chain: 3.) If you could have any dish cooked by anyone in the world (living or dead), what would you have and who would prepare it for you?

    Ocean Elf: I just had a funny idea, but since there is absolutely no way it could ever happen, never mind.

    Chain: 4.) What languages do you speak? What language would you most like to learn?

    Ocean Elf: Obviously English. Not sure which others I'd like to learn, it would be neat to be able to speak them all. Oh, well.

    Chain: 5.) Do you have any pet peeves? What are they?

    Ocean Elf: Chain letters, including these blog memes!

    Chain: 6.) Name one thing you like about yourself.

    Ocean Elf: Uh, eh? Nah.

    Chain: 7.) If I handed you $1000 (American) right now, how would you spend it? No fair saving it!

    Ocean Elf: I dunno. I'd have to save it for a while until something I really wanted came along.

    Chain: 8.) What is your favorite song?

    Ocean Elf: Hehe. I have a lot of them. And they change depending on which happens to ring in my head, or what mood I'm in.

    Chain: 9.) Do you play any musical instruments?

    Ocean Elf: You bet.

    Chain: 10.) What is your favorite piece of poetry?

    Ocean Elf: Meh. I appreciate a good lot of poetry, but not enough to be that into it, you know.

    Chain: 11.) Name your favorite season and why.

    Ocean Elf: if you hung around me long enough, you'd get an idea.

    Chain: 1. Thinking of your most recent vacation, where did you go and what did you do that was most memorable?

    Ocean Elf: had a good time somewhere at some point in time.

    Chain: 2. What celebrity are you most often told you look like?

    Ocean Elf: Hah! That's a hot one! *Scoffing*

    Chain: 3. What is your greatest fear?

    Ocean Elf: Asked, asked, and will remain unanswered.

    Chain: 4. Have you ever won a contest of any kind?

    Ocean Elf: Hasn't everyone at some point if they've lived long enough to reach adulthood?

    Chain: 5. Can you remember the first time you saved money/allowance as a child for something special and what you spent it on?

    Ocean Elf: heck no.

    Chain: 6. What was the last movie you watched?

    Ocean Elf: I'm sure that was asked and answered already.

    Chain: 7. What book are you reading now?

    Ocean Elf: asked and answered.

    Chain: 8. What do you miss most about being a child?

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered.

    Chain: 9. Tell a story that your family/in-laws/partner love to tease you about.

    Ocean Elf: My "Irish Temper" it also comes in handy for smashing particularly manipulative and bullying, dishonest, vile, evil, odious, stupid chain letters. I wouldn't have mentioned it otherwise, but since there's a good connection…

    Chain: 10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

    Ocean Elf: This would scare the heck out of most people probably. Change people's personalities and minds - not for sinister purposes though. You wouldn't want that sort of power going to the wrong person, but even in the hands of the right person it would be more than unsettling. Why would I want it? To make people stop being cruel, shallow, perverse, stop lying, cheating, and of course, stop starting and spreading chain letters. :p Well, you asked.

    Chain: 11. What was your favorite sitcom growing up?

    Ocean Elf: One I never see any more.

    * * *

    Chain: 1. There are $3 cupcakes in the supermarket but you have everything to make them at home. What do you do?

    Ocean Elf: Depends on the situation. I mean, if I really want a cupcake right here, right now, and am having an insanely busy day, so, no time for baking, and don't wanna mess up my kitchen and be bothered with cleanup etc. I'll buy 'em. On the other hand, if I'm at home and I have scads of time on my hands, and a hankering for cupcakes and all the fixings for them, and don't mind the chore of cleaning up stuff that day, then I'll make 'em. Besides, with store-bought you don't get to eat some of the batter, which is pretty much worth all the extra time and clean-up etc. But a lot would depend on time and where I am.

    Chain: 2. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Ocean Elf: Enough to do me very nicely, thank you.

    Chain: 3. Can you pass up a sale?

    Ocean Elf: That all depends on what items are included and if I need/want any of them. If not, then no problem at all.

    Chain: 4. When is the last time you stood up for a stranger?

    Ocean Elf:I honestly don't recall. I'm the type to stand up for anybody I perceive as getting bullied/harassed. But there hasn't exactly been any sort of drama involving strangers that I can recall lately.

    Chain: 5. What is your pet peeve?

    Ocean Elf: Again!? Okay, read this: CHAIN LETTERS! And seeing so many people replicating them because they were taken in! People who start chain letters go beyond pet peeve, though!

    Chain: 6. What is your favourite quote and what does it mean to you?

    Ocean Elf: Asked - and - answered, blah, blah, blah… Next?

    Chain: 7. Have you ever had a speeding ticket? Did you try to shamelessly get out of it?

    Ocean Elf: Uh, no… *Rolling eyes*

    Chain: 8. What fashion DON’Ts did you participate in and STILL secretly love?

    Ocean Elf: There's no such thing.

    Chain: 9. How many keys are on your key ring?

    Ocean Elf: Which one? Aw, never mind.

    Chain: 10. Why do you blog?

    Ocean Elf: Didn't I sort of answer this one already?

    Chain: 11. What is your sign and do you fit it’s description?

    Ocean Elf: ROTFLOL! If you knew me well enough, you'd know, and probably get a kick out of it like I do. Sometimes these things fit and other times they are WAY off!

    * * *

    This blog mutation is the same meme but the questions didn't go all the way up to 11.

    Chain: 1. Have you ever been ripped off and for how much?

    Ocean Elf: None of your business.

    Chain: 2. Do you have pets? Are they awesome?

    Ocean Elf: If you knew me…

    Chain: 3. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    Ocean Elf: Wow, I remember this from Morph Vox. And no, I couldn't tell you the answer. Apparently according to the blogger who answered this chain, it's also a Monty Python joke.

    Chain: 4. Why are most children’s musicians terrible?

    Ocean Elf: Oh c'mon, you want me to answer such a subjective question? what if I disagree with your opinion?

    Chain: 5. What’s the most offensive thing about the $5 bill?

    Ocean Elf: Huh!? You're losing it, pal! You've gone off the rails and off the deep end. Get yourself some help before you hurt somebody!

    Chain: 6. Prior to Jeremy Lin’s current basketball greatness, he was staying on his brother’s couch because he didn’t have a definitive contract with the New York Knicks. Was the couch long enough to fit an out-stretched Jeremy Lin?

    Ocean Elf: How would I know? Why would I care? Why do you?

    Chain: 7. What’s the least you’ve purchased with $100?

    Ocean Elf: What kind of dimwitted question is that? Even if I understood what you meant and had an answer for you, I wouldn't tell you, because, as said in the very first answer, none of your business.

    Chain: 8. What’s a reasonable amount of money to spend at a strip club?

    Ocean Elf: *Disgusted expression* Absolutely nothing!

    Chain: 9. Is an iPad worth it?

    Ocean Elf: Depends on who you ask. If you're asking me, well…If you knew me, you'd know my opinion.

    Chain: 1.. Would you rather be 8 feet tall and 100 pounds or 2 feet tall and 800 pounds?

    Ocean Elf: would you rather be a log or a boulder? Yeah, stupid question.

    Chain: 2. Pick one: Canada, United States, Mexico. Explain why it is superior to the other two.

    Ocean Elf: I don't have to, and even if I did, none of your business.

    Chain: 3. What is the best type of Personal Finance Writer? (Think of writer archetypes – Investor, Debt Blogger, Wild-card, Contrarian…)

    Ocean Elf: Huh? Where did this come from?

    Chain: 4. What’s your favorite dinosaur?

    Ocean Elf: Meh.

    Chain: 5. Paper or Plastic?

    Ocean Elf: For what? Sandwich bags? Lighting a fire? Computer keyboard? What?

    Chain: 6. If you had to pick, would you consider yourself a dog-person or a cat-person?

    Ocean Elf: I have a definite answer to that, but not even sure you'd know it if you knew me well.

    Chain: 7. What would you do with an extra $100,000?

    Ocean Elf: well, since I don't have an extra hundred thousand and wouldn't tell you how I'd spend it if I did…

    Chain: 8. What’s the best thing you ever purchased?

    Ocean Elf: Like I could actually categorize things that way… I've had a lot of bests and a few not-so-bests when it comes to purchases throughout my life, so…

    Chain: 9. Would you rather lose your phone or the internet for a week?

    Ocean Elf: Neither. What if someone from work sent me an important email? What if I had an emergency at home?

    Chain: 1. Your next international trip will be paid for (standard, non-luxury accommodations.) One country only. Where do you go?

    Ocean Elf: No such plans, no need to even speculate.

    Chain: 2. Which will happen first: Dow 11,000, or Dow 15,000? Okay, Dow 10,000 or Dow 16,000?

    Ocean Elf: What do you think I am, psychic? I don't know and I don't care.

    Chain: 3. Oxford comma: yes, or no?

    Ocean Elf: Well, since i don't live anywhere near it and am ot looking to change careers… But really, it's up to you whether or not you go there.

    Chain: 4. Isn’t it time we stopped minting pennies?

    Ocean Elf: Isn't it time people stopped spreading blog memes?

    Chain: 5. Can you teach people to change their financial habits, or is it like asking them to change their eye color?

    Ocean Elf: Dunno. I've never tried it.

    Chain: 6. Have you ever bought 89-octane gas? If so, why?

    Ocean Elf: Ridiculous question not even remotely applicable to me.

    Chain: 7. Which is the best national park in the system?

    Ocean Elf: Dunno. Haven't been to every one to form an opinion. Even if I had, I would've found something special about every one, and maybe something lousy about each too. who knows? who cares?

    Chain: 8. Do women seriously not care about looks?

    Ocean Elf: Um excuse me - HEL-LO!? If you read any of my other chain-smashes, including those where both me and Beth smashed superficial, shallow-minded chain letters that went on about appearances, you'd know the answer to that one!

    Chain: 9. Have you ever bought an IPO? If so, why?

    Ocean Elf: Don't get your hopes up, I'm not buying one from you.

    Chain: White grits or yellow?

    Ocean Elf: If that's a round about way of asking where I'm located, you can forget it.

    * * *

    Chain: 1.) What was the first story you ever wrote? Spare no embarrassing details.

    Ocean Elf: It wasn't a chain-smash. Likely something in school that I've forgotten, and by my standards now, best forgotten...

    Chain: 2.) What’s your favorite nonfiction topic to read about?

    Ocean Elf: Meh, I got a few, not going into them here.

    Chain: 3.) How much research do you feel like you need to do before you start a new story?

    Ocean Elf: That all depends on the subject matter and how much I already know about it or don't know about it, you get the idea.

    Chain: 4.) Writing challenges (ala Nanowrimo) – useful, or merely stress-inducing?

    Ocean Elf: Stress. I prefer to write on my own time, in my own way, with no limits on time, number of words, pages, you get the idea.

    Chain: 5.) Why do you write your main genre?

    Ocean Elf: Because I wouldn't be me if I didn't.

    Chain: 6.) What genre/author/book do you secretly love but would never admit to in polite conversation?

    Miss Ocean Elf: There's no such animal - er - literature…

    Chain: 7.) What’s your favorite movie-adaptation of a book?

    Miss Ocean Elf: Dunno, actually.

    Chain: 8.) What is your favorite type of cephalopod?

    Ocean Elf: Huh? A sudden burst of randomness there. Why should I have a favourite cephalopod?

    Chain: 9.) What is your writing tool of choice?

    Ocean Elf: What - you're seriously asking me this? Does this smash look like it was written with a typewriter or fountain pen to you?

    Chain: 10.) What are your feelings about the proper usage of whom?

    Ocean Elf: Huh? I don't have "feelings" about it at all.

    Chain: 11.) What are you doing to bring yourself closer to your writing goals?

    Ocean Elf: Nothing specific since I don't exactly have writing goals. I have other things that need to get done, where I have a definite goal, but writing is for fun and to express stuff and smash chain letters.

    * * *

    Chain: 1. What snack (if any) do your prefer when writing?

    Ocean Elf: Whatever's readily available that I like.

    Chain: 2. What is your next major writing goal?

    Ocean Elf: It's the same as always.

    Chain: 3. How would you feel about your book being made into a movie?

    Ocean Elf: Very cool as long as it followed the book to a tee. No taking liberties with the characters or else don't make it at all.

    Chain: 4. What is your dream writing space?

    Ocean Elf: Eh? I don't get this one.

    Chain: 5. Where do you go to scope out ideas for characters and dialogue?

    Ocean Elf: Nowhere. That stuff comes to me unexpectedly.

    Chain: 6. What are you doing to become a better writer?

    Ocean Elf: Reading.

    Chain: 7. Do you outline before you start a novel?

    Ocean Elf: Well it isn't exactly a novel, it's ongoing stories, and no outlining, just write when I have the time and the mind to.

    Chain: 8. What was the last book you read?

    Ocean Elf: Meh, I count online reading instead as reading, and the last thing I read, is this chain, since it's necessary to read it to smash it.

    Chain: 9. What is your biggest distraction when you write and how do you deal with it?

    Ocean Elf: Writer's block or anything/anybody needing my attention for whatever reason. How do I deal? Well, depends on the distraction.

    Chain: 10. What is your favorite sentence you have ever written?

    Ocean Elf: Huh? Why? I mean, really? I don't even have favourite quotations from other people so am certainly not going to pick something from my own writing.

    Chain: 11. What should the title of my YA paranormal romance be?

    Ocean Elf: I couldn't care less.

    Chain: 1) What is your favorite color, and why?

    Ocean Elf: Again? Sheesh. sked so many times in chain letter surveys, and answered.

    Chain: 2) How many hearts have you broken in the course of your cold, heartless life?

    Ocean Elf: Probably none. Razz

    Chain: 3) What is your favorite vacation spot, and why isn’t it the Poconos?

    Ocean Elf: *Makes horrible face* Poconos, really? That reminds me of somebody and their weird ideas and characters on a listserve I used to be part of, so, no thanks. As for favourite vacation spot, asked and answered before already.

    Chain: 4) Do you buy lottery tickets? Explain the reasoning behind this choice.

    Ocean Elf: Meh, same reason I don't participate in penny auctions. I don't like risking a very high chance of throwing money away.

    Chain: 5) What is the next book you want to read, and why, if it isn’t mine, isn’t it mine????

    Ocean Elf: Hahaha. I have no idea.

    Chain: 6) Favorite grade in school? (Year, not letter grade – no bragging, smarty pants!)

    Ocean Elf: Favorite grade - are you kidding me? I don't know. I was glad to graduate.

    Chain: 7) What is the best dream you remember having?

    Ocean Elf: A few of them, and I'm not going into detail now. Just too long, and, heck, that wouldn't be smashing this chain would it?

    Chain: Cool When in Rome, how do you act? If you’ve never been to Rome, how would you act? Penalty for going with the obvious answer.

    Ocean Elf: what kind of penalty? Are you going to force me into gladiator combat? Heh, didn't think so.

    Chain: Extreme penalty.

    Ocean Elf: My question still stands, apparently.

    Chain: 9) What are: your first pet’s name, your mother’s maiden name, and the last four digits of your social security number? If it helps you remember, you may provide the entire social security number.

    Ocean Elf: Hah, forget it!

    Chain: 10) What is your earliest memory of music?

    Ocean Elf: I can't and wouldn't give you any specific first memory of music but I have quite a lot of pleasant ones from when I was little.

    Chain: 11) Why?

    Ocean Elf: Why what?

    * * *

    Chain: rules {because there is always rules}:

    1. post these rules

    2. post a photo of yourself & eleven random facts about you

    3. answer the questions given to you in the tagger's post

    4. create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them

    5. go to their blog and let them know they have been tagged

    Ocean Elf: Forget it. I'm not doing any of that, especially not attaching my pic.

    Chain: 1. guiltiest tv pleasure?

    Ocean Elf: Nothing.

    Chain: 2. what is the strangest word/term anyone has used to land on your blog?

    Ocean Elf: Nothing.

    Chain: 3. one word to describe the teenage you?

    Ocean Elf: younger… Duh.

    Chain: 4. while were talking about the teenage you, who was your celeb crush back then?

    Ocean Elf: Actually that was back before my teens, but I'm still not telling you. I mean, what would it matter in the grand scheme of things? You'll survive.

    Chain: 5. what would you rather have... a chef? maid? or babysitter?

    Ocean Elf: Neither.

    Chain: 6. do you have a bucket list? if so, whats one thing on it?

    Ocean Elf: I don't believe in that. Besides, I already smashed a meme concerning one of those on the page with the collection of never-ending random survey memes sort of like this one.

    Chain: 7. a genie has granted you two extra hours each day. what will you do?

    Ocean Elf: Wow! First time i've heard of a genie who can modify time! What an interesting idea for a fictional character, thanks!

    Chain: 8. that genie sticks around... one wish. what is it?

    Ocean Elf: i'd think that time thing would tire the genie out, so I wouldn't stick him/her with a wish yet too. Hanging around to be my friend is good enough, let her/him sleep, and then grant me a wish when he/she's refreshed. But my wishes are far too vast and profound, not to be confused with little desires and wants most people think of.

    Chain: 9. are you a talk on the phone or text message type of gal?

    Ocean Elf: Well since nobody calls unless they're either annoying telemarketers or else want something or to talk to someone else, and I don't have an accessible smart phone, I'd have to say neither. I mean, I can use my cell phone, but not for texting. It's rather ancient by today's electronc standards.

    Chain: 10. ten years from now... where are you?

    Ocean Elf: *Yawn* Blah blah blah, this again. As I said in the other smashes, I don't speculate about the future, at least, not that far into it.

    Chain: 1- If you could live anywhere where would it be?

    Ocean Elf: Asked and answered. Asked and answered already…

    Chain: 2- You can only wear one kind of shoes for the rest of your life... what kind would it be?

    Ocean Elf: Comfortable ones of course. But since that will never happen, I won't even bother to speculate. No matter what kinds of shoes I get in the future, they'll have to be comfortable.

    Chain: 3- Something you do daily, that you'd rather not do?

    Ocean Elf: Erm…Never you mind.

    Chain: 4- What sites do you visit daily on line?

    Ocean Elf: My own. It seems there's always something that needs editions and additions.

    Chain: 5- Where is the "dumping zone," in your house?

    Ocean Elf: Trash can, recycle bin - where else should it be?

    Chain: 6- Favorite thing to make in the kitchen?

    Ocean Elf: Food and drink, what else?

    Chain: 7- Do you hope to make your blog a business?

    Ocean Elf: Hah! I'd love it if I got paid for smashing chains, but that isn't likely!

    Chain: 8- What are you afraid of?

    Ocean Elf: Quit trying. you'll never get an answer.

    Chain: 9- How do you feel about toilet seat covers?

    Ocean Elf: Huh? Why should I feel anything at all about them?

    Chain: 10- What do you do to stay fit?

    Ocean Elf: Meh…

    Chain: 11- Would you get plastic surgery? Where?

    Ocean Elf:Bleh. I don't have a problem with the way I look.

    * * *

    Chain: 1. What color(s) would you paint your bedroom, if it’s not already the color you want?

    Ocean Elf: None of your business. Besides, you'll never set foot in it.

    Chain: 2. What’s the one thing you’re wanting/waiting/saving up to buy right now that you really want?

    Ocean Elf: I haven't made a decision yet.

    Chain: 3. If you could start a business, what would it be?

    Ocean Elf: I sure wouldn't mind getting paid to smash chain letters.

    Chain: 4. Favorite classic video game (PRE-Playstation/N64 era)?

    Ocean Elf: Sorry, not applicable.

    Chain: 5. What’s your dream car?

    Ocean Elf: Not applicable.

    Chain: 6. Favorite website (besides any social media site like Tumblr or Facebook)?

    Ocean Elf: I guess that also discounts Chainsmashers since that, too, is a social network. Well then, probably my fiction writing site.

    Chain: 7. Are you proud of yourself?

    Ocean Elf: For what? Well, sometimes I am, and sometimes I'm not. It all depends on how well I succeed or how miserably I fail at various things.

    Chain: 8. What’s “wrong” with your body, clinically speaking (poor vision, high blood pressure, etc.)?

    Ocean Elf: Um excuse me - that's none of your business.

    Chain: 9. If you could steal a road sign to put up in your room, what would it be?

    Ocean Elf: It wouldn't… because I wouldn't do such a moronic thing. Wasn't this covered somewhere in that other pile of random survey memes?

    Chain: 10. Last game you played?

    Ocean Elf: Huh? You're seriously asking me to remember that?


    Ocean Elf: None, actually, I saw some little figurine things of them once and thought they were all cute, but don't remember which ones they were specifically.

    Chain: 1.) Where the hell is your left hand at the moment?

    Ocean Elf: Since I'm using it to type along with my right hand, there's your answer. Duh.

    Chain: 2.) What’s your zodiac? Do you believe it suits you?

    Ocean Elf: Roflol! Um, well, some people think it suits me, but I'm not telling you what it is. :p

    Chain: 3.) What’s the last television show you watched?

    Ocean Elf: As of this writing - nah, I won't tell you that either…

    Chain: 4.) Who would you want to go out on a date on (historical, dead, fictional, and celebrity persons included)?

    Ocean Elf: Meh. Really, I just don't crush on people. Now if it was worded differently, as in, which of those I'd like to go out for coffee/lunch/dinner with, or heck, even shopping with, the list would be pretty long.

    Chain: 5.) Do you believe in urban legends? If so, what’re some of your favorites?

    Ocean Elf: Lolololol Bwahahahahahahahaha! You're asking a chain-smasher this! No, I don't believe in them, but they are good inspiration for creative writing, especially when I can manage to make fun of them in the project and foist them on characters I dislike. *Wicked grin*

    Chain: 6.) In what way has someone disrespected you in the past?

    Ocean Elf: Ahem that's a bit personal isn't it?

    Chain: 7.) What does your week ahead look like? Are you stressed?

    Ocean Elf: Not stressed. It's going to be a good week.

    Chain: 8.) Boom! You just got hit by lightning. What happens next?

    Ocean Elf: I'd be burning in agony, or else instantly killed. Gah, let's not think about that. *Shudder*

    Chain: 9.) If you woke up in the middle of the desert with nothing on but what you went to sleep in, what would you do?

    Ocean Elf: Since I'd likely be bewildered and having no idea where I was or what to do about it, why would I have any idea about it now?

    Chain: 10.) What songs do you usually sing to yourself? Come on, everyone does it.

    Ocean Elf: Several that are on my Ipod.

    Chain: 11.) You just won the ultimate getaway—to anywhere, fictional or otherwise. Where’re you off to? Andwillyoubringmebackasouvenir?

    Ocean Elf: Do you expect me to pick just one out of all the fictional settings I've ever read about? How about a round trip taking them all in?

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