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    Slender Man Meets His Fate

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    Slender Man Meets His Fate Empty Slender Man Meets His Fate

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    Slender Man Meets His Fate

    Story section originally written May 31, 2017, and dedicated to Payton Leutner , her family, and to the woman who was attacked by her daughter. Payton was stabbed by two school mates. All because those girls believed in a fictional character called Slender Man, a belief that was anything but discouraged by internet trolls, pranksters and fandoms.

    * * *

    More time passed.

    Of the few new proxies Slender Man had acquired, they couldn't be relied on to show up. It didn't help matters when Slender Man went hunting them down, he always got attacked by his shadow enemy. But ever since the end of his Jeff proxy-making attempt that ended up in 2017, Slender Man seemed to be free from her attacks within his own stomping grounds.

    Welcome as her absence was, it was puzzling. Had it been Jessica Smith? Had she been intimidated at last when Slender Man had tried to enlist Jeff, even though that had failed?

    During this time, the newest proxies had compared notes with each other, and had met someone who revealed that all of their misfortunes which Slender Man had pretended to be comforting them over, were misfortunes he had actually caused in the first place.

    Rob Mortonson for instance. His grandma told him when she had recovered enough from a stroke, said she had been horrified by the sight of something moving in the trees near her window. The sight of the tree moving of its own free will had occurred right before her stroke.

    Amber Jackson's father died in what was thought to be a freak construction accident, where another crew member who had been thought of as a good worker but mentally delayed, had reported seeing a tall, faceless man, standing on the roof and pushing Mr. Jackson to his death.

    Erin Blake heard these stories from Amber and Robert, and started putting her own story together. Slender Man must've been there right after the car crash that put her in the hospital for weeks, and had killed her mother. Though the vehicle had been tampered with, there had been no one with the motive or knowhow. No one, but the being only Erin had seen just before the car skidded into a tree. Slender Man.

    These three got together one afternoon as soon as school let out, and headed for Slender's woods with a very different mission than the one Slender Man had planned for them that night. They chose an afternoon time because they believed Slender Man was most active and dangerous at night. If they were really fortunate, he might be asleep during the day.

    They were correct this time. with no sign of Slender Man, they quickly got down to business.

    Slender Man's sleep was interrupted by the smell of smoke.

    A quick search revealed that a fire was burning in his woods. It wasn't nearly as big as the fire that destroyed his mansion, but set right in among all these trees meant it could end up far worse, and he didn't have the means to stop it.

    As he retreated, he caught up with the three ex-proxies as they made a run for it.

    "You set that fire!" He bellowed at them.

    They only continued running.

    It had to be them. Slender Man could just tell. There was no one else around, and as far as he was concerned, they had guilt written all over them.

    They didn't stop when Slender Man overtook them and demanded, "Put that fire out! or you will be thrown in to it, you useless maggots!"

    "She was right, this is all your fault!" Robert Mortonson retorted. "You tried to kill my Grandma."

    "And you did kill my mom!" Erin said.

    "And my dad." added Amber.

    Slender Man tried the guilt-trip tactic next. "This is how you treat me after all the comfort I gave you?"

    "Yeah, comfort, with an ulterior motive!" Erin shouted bitterly.

    The three scrambled in different directions just as Slender Man was about to reach out and grab them with extended tendrils.

    Slender Man was not fazed. He watched smugly after them, for he was sure they would be headed for trouble soon enough.

    A few moments later, the three were seen in the distance, running away.

    "What the heck?" Slender Man huffed.

    "Yeah, the heck is, Slender Boy," came a voice from right next to him, "if that your stupid little booby traps have been rendered useless."


    Slender Man flinched. He thought he was finally rid of that pesky shadow.

    He didn't have long to think about that because another voice added, "And this is for what you did to my Cameron!" This was a decidedly tiny being that no one saw right away.

    "Wait!" the other voice cried out.

    It was too late.

    There was a shock of electricity, and Slender Man collapsed in a convulsing, groaning heap. The convulsions lasted several seconds, and then he lay still.

    The tiny creature ran all over him, biting off numerous tendrils.

    Curious about the turning of events, the ex-proxies ran back the way they came, and saw what was happening.

    "Oh, it's a little raichu! Awww!" Amber exclaimed. She was joined by the other two ex-proxies as they marvelled at the mouse-sized creature with the long tail, sparking cheeks and bifurcated ears, as it scurried along, biting tendrils off at their base.

    "Her name is Jessica Raichu." said the woman who brought her there. "Her beloved owner Cameron was killed by Slender proxies as a human sacrifice, and for his enjoyment."

    "And my name is Jessica Smith," said another woman, emerging from her hiding place among some trees, with a backpack. She removed it from her back and opened it. "Your turn, gang." she said with a grin.

    Out of the pack spilled a small army of furbies, all types, shapes and sizes.

    "Aww! Furbies! Erin exclaimed.

    Furbies are creepy." Robert winced.

    Jessica Smith rolled her eyes at him.

    "We're not creepy." a small pink furby with long, lopping bunny ears said.

    Yeah, you tell him, Sybil." Jessica Smith encouraged with a smile.

    "Enough of that." the first woman said sternly. "Creepy furby is another meme that needs to die already. And we don't have much time because of the fire." She said urgently, with a look to match.

    Sorry about that." said Robert."

    Never mind, just hit the trail before it's too late. Man, you guys really know how to bollox things up. Jessica R. wasn't supposed to go in for the kill yet, either. I wanted you and your lot to have your say before she zapped him unconscious."

    "I've waited long enough." the raichu replied, unapologetically, and continued taking out her rage on Slender Man.

    "Much as I wanted to give him an earful," said the smaller of two black furbies, "it wouldn't make any difference as far as he is concerned."

    "Mmmm-nomnomnomnom. These things taste great."Eww, gross, they're eating them!" Erin said, watching first one furby, soon joined by others as they began chowing down the tendrils they had bitten off Slender Man.

    "Don't eat them all, we have to save some for Toby when he gets back." said Jessica Smith.

    "So gather up as many fallen tentacles as you can and make tracks out of here. I'll help." The first woman instructed, and began helping Jessica Smith and the furbies to stuff as many Slender bits and pieces in the pack as they could.

    But they hadn't shorn slender Man of all the tentacles by a long shot.

    "He might even be re-generating new ones as he lies there, sleeping," Erin suggested.

    "Oh, probably, but that doesn't matter. Let's not waste time talking. You only have minutes to get out of here."

    "What are you going to do?" Robert wanted to know.

    "First, try to put out that fire.

    Then what? Erin asked.

    "You will find out in time. You just can't be here to witness it personally, not if you want to live another day."

    Jessica Smith shuddered. "What is it going to be, a nerve gas attack?"

    "You will learn what it is from a safe distance." came the firm reply. "Now get going!"

    "Okay, let's go." said Jessica Smith, and she ushered the furbies back into her now over-full pack.

    "So that's it?" a small furby with purple fur and a green stand-up mohawk protested. "That's all we get to do?"

    "I'm afraid so, Kitri," Jessica Smith replied.

    "All that training - for this? Oh I can't believe it."

    "Aww, she's so cute! Amber exclaimed.

    "Shut up!" Kitri snapped, glaring at her.

    "Hooh, boy, would that tick Toby off if he was here." said an all white furby.

    "Enough!" The woman in charge barked, scowling at the group of furbies. "I don't like this any more than you do, but there will be other missions."

    "Big deal!" Kitri shot back bitterly.

    "Cool it." Jessica Smith admonished.

    "I thought it was going to go down differently too, but, that's life. Now beat it before that fire gets any closer, or Slender Man wakes up and sets things in motion."

    "Which way do we get out of here?" asked Robert.

    "That way." The instruction was issued with a gesture indicating a narrow but clear path.

    "Thanks." said Erin.

    "Yeah, thanks. Bye." Robert added.

    The ex-proxies ran off.

    The woman in charge heaved a sigh and dabbed her forehead with the back of her hand. "You too. Get out of here!"

    "Come on then,," Jessica Smith looked at her, "Let's go together."

    "No, I'm overseeing this."

    Jessica looked panicked. "You'll get hurt or killed!"

    "No, I won't, once he's awake and the fire is put out." she whispered something in Jessica's ear, then continued, "I have it well in hand. Take this little raichu with you, though. she has accomplished what she needed to do here. I will return for her when all has been done."

    "No, I want to stay with you and watch, maybe even help." the raichu objected.

    "You've done enough. This is for your own safety as well as everyone else's."

    Jessica Smith nodded. "Sorry about Kitri's outburst."

    "That's okay, let-downs are never easy. Later." The woman handed the frowning raichu off to Jessica Smith, then motioned her to leave.


    The nightmare of his imminent beheading was enough to make Slender Man awaken in a state of initial panic. The smoke smell reminded him that he still needed to deal with the proxies behind setting the fire, and he began to stir.

    "What's the matter, Slender Boy?" a female voice cut through the silence.

    He looked up, and to the side, then took in a sharp surprised gasp.

    It was her… The face that haunted his dreams.

    And he was fully awake!

    She sneered. "Did you really think you could just get rid of me by waking up?"

    Slender Man wasn't about to show her any sign of being unnerved. He returned the sneer, saying, "I haven't got time for your silly games. Now if you will excuse me, some mischief-makers are in need of a lesson."

    "They know what you did to them and their loved ones. They deserted you."

    Now Slender Man was faced with two problems he didn't know how to cope with. One was that some proxies had actually turned on him and lived. He sure would like to know which one of them stuck that electrocution gismo on him, and teach them a lesson they wouldn't forget if they survived it. But then there was this person who wasn't a proxy, and showed no fear. How had she managed to go from being a dream to this?

    Then he became aware of an unfamiliar sound, in the distance. In all his teleportations, He'd heard rushing water before, but they had always been streams and rivers in places outside his woods, never from within them.

    "What's happening here!?" slender Man jumped up to go investigate.

    "Something that should've happened years ago, Slender Boy!"

    Slender Man bristled. He remembered someone calling him that. Sure, the shadow enemy. But this wasn't a shadow, this was definitely a woman. He didn't remember the one who had netted him years ago, calling him "Slender Boy" she had been the one to call him "bread dough" just before carving a face on him with some sort of laser pen. She had disappeared, and he was never able to locate her to get his revenge. That was still something he planned on doing as soon as he had this proxy mess sorted out.

    Recalling that scene, he realized they weren't the same person. The girl with the net seemed almost playful at times. This new guest couldn't have appeared more serious. Her gaze was unwavering with a very stern expression. She seemed more like the one who had exterminated Eyeless Jack and tossed Smile dog out a window at the Manor. There hadn't been a gathering there since. Oh yes. The ticked off elf girl. Could it be? He shuddered as he put it together. Since the manor situation, Slender Man often had nightmares of her scowling face, always preceding some sort of danger to himself. But then he would wake up, and tell himself it was just a silly dream. But what happened at the manor was not, and he just didn't know what to make of that, other than plan on taking revenge should he see that elf in person.

    Now, here she was, and he couldn't stop his blood running cold.

    So then who was Jessica Smith? Net Girl, (he never did get her name), had teleporting capability. Whoever this was, he still hoped to intimidate into submission, whether she had anything to do with the manor or his nightmares, or not.

    "Just who are you?" he demanded. "Who do you think you are coming in here and talking to me that way?"

    "I don't 'think' I'm anybody, Slender Boy, that's your thing. You've thought an awful lot of yourself and you managed to scare some people into thinking you're some kind of deity, and others just played along for the 'lulz' as the trolls say." She looked balefully at him. "I don't go along with any of that crowd. Their stupidity, left unchecked, culminated in - "

    "You haven't told me who you are!" Slender Man bellowed, cutting her off. He hoped that would intimidate her into silence while he tried to figure out why she still hadn't started showing any signs of fear or weakness before him.

    Her scowl intensified.

    He lowered his voice to drawl out menacingly, "Jessica Smith." attempting to psych his enemy out by guessing her name.

    She came as close to a laugh as he had yet seen from her, and it was a derisive laugh. "I'm not Jessica Smith. You just missed her, actually. She *was* here, but she and your ex-proxies have safely vacated the area. So now it's just - you - and me."

    "Then I'll kill you!" Slender Man roared. Then he realized some of his tentacles were gone. "What did you do to me!?"

    "Nothing yet. But keep going if you want to lose more of those." She indicated some tentacles. "They're definitely not going to help you out of this mess."

    "So you're not Jessica Smith. You can't be that other girl with the net, or that weird elf girl who had it in for Eyeless Jack at the manor."

    "Yeah, that's it, elf girl." the woman exulted with a wicked grin. "My gosh, it took you a long time to figure that out. you may refer to me as Hanima."

    Slender Man winced. He was hoping it would be "Net Girl". Much as it wounded his ego being toyed with by her, it was still better than possibly ending up dead. If he could just figure out what her weaknesses were, even this tough girl would lose her nerve eventually. So Slender Man kept staring at her and doing what he did to scare everyone else. Surely this woman would eventually lose her focus and crumble. They all did when Slender Man wore their mental faculties down enough.

    Hanima continued."You were given an undeserved three-year grace period, not my choice, exactly." she said venomously. "One of my friends confronted you, ages ago. It was she who was supposed to annihilate you, since there was a time when she used to be creeped out by you. I could've easily done it, but wanted to give her the honour. There were some other things to get done before that. We both wanted to get others in on it. But life happens, and people get swamped with tons of other stuff. But you might as well know that Laughing Jack and Salt won't be coming to your aid. We took care of them."


    Now, all doubt was removed. "Elf Girl" and "Net Girl" had joined forces against him. But currently, half that equation was missing, and Slender Man planned to use that against her.

    So where is your friend? It appears you are alone, no one to back you up." He taunted.

    I don't need backup." she replied curtly.

    Slender Man couldn't understand it. Why was she not even starting to show the signs of discomfort that overwhelmed people in his presence? Why was the electricity he aimed at her having no effect?

    Hanima continued. "My friend is currently unavailable to do mission work as far as I know, and it is three years to the day that - " then she paused as if considering. Her eyes narrowed. "there's something else you need to know about this elf girl. - she doesn't forget things easily, or give up when she really wants something. Years after a disgustingly covetous character on some show paid another character to torment another with horrific childhood memories to the point where the victim cried, out loud, like a baby, I could have cheerfully wrung their freaking necks - both tormentor and the one paying her. Years later, my niece probably doesn't remember those characters at all, and my Mom vaguely remembers the tormentor as a wicked witch, and instigator as a spoiled brat." She lowered her voice to an unnerving near-whisper to emphasize, "But I remember their names, and I remember what they did. and I would go after them and wipe those smug smiles off their faces today if given half a chance."

    Slender Man never thought he would be confronted by anyone with this kind of personality. He didn't know how to react, so he just waited uneasily for her to finish speaking. Meanwhile, he flexed and shook his tentacles and tendrils, and tried to summon what power he used to make children quiver and submit to his will. Once Hanima started showing signs of cracking, Slender Man would have the upper hand, and he planned to make sure she knew it.

    Hanima's cold stare never wavered. "Do the names Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier ring a bell? Do you remember what they did to Payton Leutner on May 31, 2014?"

    Slender Man flinched, but tried to cover his fraying nerves with indignation. "You're still mad at me for that?" He straightened up as tall as he could go, and did his best faceless stare down at the elf, turning his laser carved face away. The blob of a round head formed facial contours on the blank side facing Hanima.

    She glared furiously at him. "You must've thought that was your greatest accomplishment. Getting a bunch of fictional people doing everything for you was one thing, but that you somehow managed to get a couple of girls in my world to believe in you that much..."

    "What of it? You think your little tantrum is going to make me feel bad about it?" He taunted."

    "Oh, please!" Hanima began to retort. But she had offended him, so he kept going.

    "The only thing that annoys me," Slender Man ranted, "is how the other fans reacted. You know, you're probably the only one who really understands me, little elf."

    "Understanding doesn't mean sympathizing." She replied.

    "All right, I'll admit it." Slender Man said. "Those other fans made posts about how those girls gave me and a whole genre a bad name." He watched Hanima's expression turn scornful, then continued. "But I can read in your face that you disagree."

    "Can you also read that you still get no fear and adoration from me?"

    Slender Man tried a different approach. Clearly the elf knew about his exploits, but maybe she had no idea he could seem sympathetic when he wanted to be. He stepped toward Hanima and put a large, white hand on her shoulder. "You seem to be such a lonesome elf. I know about loneliness, too."

    But even this didn't throw her off. Hanima tossed his hand off her shoulder. "Cut the crap!" She made a wiping motion as if she was trying to get something disgusting off her shoulder. "It won't work! Fact is, you're too stupid to be sympathetic, or feel bad about anything other than not getting your own freaking way!"

    Vexed, Slender Man threw as big a burst of electricity and crushing mental-zapping force at her as he could.

    Nothing happened. The elf remained resolute, and in control of her faculties.

    Slender Man tried one more angle. If she wouldn't scare or fall for his sympathy ploy, there was another idea that just might do the trick. It even worked with Jeff for a time.

    "If you'd just let me help you, you could have more power than your wildest dreams. Don't you see, you and I, we could work together if you'd give it a chance." He appealed. After all, who could resist the call of power and popularity?

    "Oh, you have got to be kidding!" Hanima said incredulously, looking at him with disgust."That idea is utterly beneath me, and the only thing I'd wanna share with you is a plague."

    Pride wounded, Slender Man leered down at her, then gave a loud roar.

    Instead of shrinking back in fear, Hanima stepped toward him, looking as if she wanted to tear him to pieces.

    Slender Man backed up, just to see what she would do next.

    Hanima advanced on him.

    Slender Man smirked. "As I was saying, your understanding is correct. I couldn't be happier about what happened in your world. But now you're in mine, and you won't hold out much longer and then - "

    "You still have no idea, Slender Boy. I always hated you, even before the stabbings in 2014. Those horrendous acts, and everyone else's reluctance and indifference to even say anything against you, only made my rage more intense - with - each - passing - day!"

    Slender Man winced, silently rebuking himself for his inaction. But he was curious about how long she would keep this up before suddenly crumpling in fear on her own. After all, the longer she mouthed off at him, the more he would savour her demise once she came to her senses, if only he could figure out how to get to her short of outright smothering her. That would be a far too quick and easy death.

    Hanima went on. "I would've gladly ended you the day I learned about the stabbings, but silly me," she gave a bitter chuckle, "thought I could get a big group effort going. To make them lose their fear of you, and to make you realize just how despised you are."

    Slender Man sharpened his false face contours both out of anger and as an attempt to intimidate Hanima. "Instead, I will make your death agony especially prolonged when you get smart and fear me. Your torture will be like nothing I've done to anyone before - "


    "Shut up!" She suddenly shouted, glowering up at him. Then she resumed her rant. "It was never enough for me to have just a few people like Jessica Smith against you. I always wanted people from my world uniting with me in implementing your demise. But everywhere I looked, all I found were people going 'Slender Man is so scary! Slendy is awesome.' 'Slender Man creeps me out so much.'" Her features distorted with contempt. "They're not interested in taking you down - AT ALL!" She fumed. "Well I can't wait decades for this to happen, so once again, this is something I have to do myself!" The words were spat out with such coldness, unnerving Slender Man once again.

    Slender Man gaped, or at least, he did the equivalent if it couldn't be seen as such visibly. Except for Net Girl, Elf Girl, and the shadow, never before had he been met with such fearlessness. Sure, some people showed a bit of bravado in the beginning, but that had always evaporated within moments. But if this was really the same girl who beheaded Eyeless Jack, she wasn't fooling.

    "Understand?" She said sternly, with a look to match.

    His nerve broke. "I understand you're not getting me." slender Man moved away from Hanima, but the trees he ran to, suddenly pushed him back with an angry shout.

    Hanima grinned.


    When Slender Man stood up, stunned, he found his suit was all wet. he looked around, baffled by the absence of rainfall, but more than a bit perturbed. "What is wrong with this place!?"

    Perhaps it was only a sudden gust of wind through the trees, but it sounded very much like they said, "You!" in reply.

    "It has awakened and is finally rejecting you, Slender Boy!"

    There came another gust of wind.

    "Stop calling me that, Elf girl!"

    "Hah, and you actually think that offends me." Hanima shot back. "This is just the start of things going badly for you at last! Do you remember that shadow thing which kept bugging you until recently?"

    "Wait, how would you know about - " Then it dawned on Slender Man. "That - was - you!?"

    "It was from me. I couldn't go do you in myself since I was waiting on my friend, and fellow chain-smasher. Don't know if you've heard of us Chain-Smashers, Meme-Manglers, we're not notorious like you. We're not even anything like famous. anyway, she gave me the idea of a mirror person during one of our chain letter smashes. I sicked my shadow person on you, until the date for your end was decided... Today."

    "You mean your end." Slender Man had enough of letting this elf get the better of him. He shot out some tentacles, one of which, Hanima grabbed hold of and bit. Slender Man yelled out a curse in pain and instinctively pulled away from her bite, but she hung on so fiercely that the tentacle broke, coming off at the bitten area.

    Hanima suddenly grinned. Noticing a rock sitting beneath a tree, she moved to pick it up.

    She was just in time.

    Ditching the tentacle idea, Slender Man opted for using his regular limbs to deal with Hanima. He thought he had the upper hand by picking her up. "Just you wait, little elf." He growled.

    She appeared to struggle, but then she swung the rock at his head, hard.

    Blood gushed.

    "Few more whacks should do it." she said.

    Readjusting his position, he tried to pry the rock out of Hanima's hand.

    She let it fall, but curled up to bite one of his fingers.

    He let out a truncated yell and flinched.

    Then she kicked at him furiously. The kicks found their marks. Blood started dripping out from beneath Slender Man's pants.

    He released Hanima so he could try to relieve the pain in his knees and shins.

    While in that prone position, he took another blow to the head, this time from behind.

    "I've wanted to do this for ages!" Hanima ranted.

    Forgetting about his painful knees and shins, he whirled around to deal with Hanima again. But this time, he found that he couldn't touch her.

    His hand only got within a centimetre, and then he inexplicably couldn't move it any closer. He tried engulfing her with a few tentacles, and ran into the same problem.

    Hanima stared at him with a toothy grin and a very wicked chuckle.

    Even up to this point, Slender Man had been holding out hope that Hanima was just a case of seriously prolonged bravado that would eventually get scared into submission. Now he realized without a doubt that he was dealing with something much different, something which he had no power or control over.

    A sudden wave of terror hit him, and he reacted the same way as anyone else in this state.

    Slender Man retreated from Hanima to run for shelter. Once again, he got shoved back by another tree.

    Slender Man gave up on the trees, and headed for the bathroom complex, with Hanima in hot pursuit.

    Water rushed fast and furiously at his feet now, and he wasn't sure the ground itself hadn't actually started to heave under his feet. Several times, he stumbled. Branches snagged his suit as he hurried on by.

    Water poured into the complex.

    Slender Man climbed on to the vanity to sit and think.

    "It's no use running from it, the water is only going to get higher." said Hanima.

    "Oh, well, this isn't the only place to get away." slender Man scrambled out, then ran awkwardly, trying not to slip and fall on tree roots that stuck out of slippery ground. The water was knee-high and making for slow going.


    "Oh, this stupid flood!" He grumbled.

    "It put out the fire your ex-proxies set. So that's one thing you have to be thankful about."

    "Keep quiet or I'll - "

    "You already tried that, remember?"

    "You don't know what I was going to say!" Slender Man retorted indignantly.

    "Doesn't matter much. It was only going to be some threat to my life, just as you do with everyone else, and I've got all my bases covered! Remember, I had three plus years to make you my special project!"

    Slender Man kept on running, until he caught sight of the red tower. He decided to take refuge there, scrambling inside and climbing to the very top.

    Trying to compose himself, he looked around and out a window. What he saw made him begin feeling seasick.


    The water was a furious rushing torrent at the bottom of the tower, inundating it one and a half stories up. waves were starting to roll.

    Minutes later, he heard someone running toward him and trying to catch their breath. "Oh, I can't believe it." He muttered, and looked toward the source of the sound.

    Sure enough, there she was.

    "Stop following me, you elf, get away!"

    Hanima took a few moments more to catch her breath, then responded. "Uh-uh, the note on the side of the tower says 'follows' and you'll never be free of me as long as you're alive."

    The wind howled, the tower swayed.

    "Stalker elf. Ugh." slender Man acted disgusted.

    "Oh yeah, elves can do that, too, Slender Boy, you might've heard of Zippy? He got a bit too attached to someone whose house he was stationed in one Christmas - anyway, *you* have a problem with stalking activity because?" She looked accusingly at him.

    "That's different. I'm Slender Man. You're supposed to be a nice little elf, I think."

    Hanima guffawed.

    The tower rocked.

    Slender Man glanced nervously out the window.

    Trees were being flung about like match sticks. Vehicles and smaller buildings were toppled and rolled.

    "Oh, I can be a nice little elf," Hanima said in a mock timid voice, which rose to a threatening snarl with, "until somebody gets on my bad side."

    Another wave shook the tower.

    Slender Man shuddered. "This has got to subside soon."

    Hanima suddenly grinned and said cheerfully, "Oh! And guess whose idea this ocean is."

    Two trucks collided and were reduced to scrap. The tower rocked and leaned.


    "O-Ocean?" slender Man stammered. "No! It can't be!"

    "Yeah. It's only equal to the amount of all the tears you caused in all the time travelling teleportation conquest crap you did!"

    slender Man reached out to Hanima in a panic. "You got to help me out of this, elf - I mean... - what's your name again?"

    "Hanima." she replied, and shoved him away. "You just told me to leave you alone a few moments ago."

    "Oh, have a heart!" Slender Man pleaded.

    Hanima suddenly turned on him with ferocity. "You, telling me, to ' have a heart'? You dare make that kind of request? How many people begged that of you with their dying breaths?"

    The water was two thirds of the way up and the waves only went higher and higher with each roll.

    "No! Hanima, please! Make it stop! Don't let the ocean get me!"

    Hanima let out a peal of laughter, then mocked him. "'Don't let the ocean get me!' Oh, that's hilarious! I wish my friends and anyone who was ever afraid of you, could see this."

    "Do something! Stop it! Slender Man shouted, going into full panic.

    "It's an ocean, Slender Boy, it's going to do what it darn well pleases!"

    The tower rocked with the waves, tipping further and further. Foundations creaked and groaned.

    "Help!" Slender man screamed, scuttling to and from the window. "Help! I don't wanna die!"

    Hanima stared impassively at him.

    "Don't let me die!"

    "Why on earth should anybody even try to save you?"

    Slender Man went down on his knees. "This is my LIFE! I can't even teleport out of here and Hamgod knows I've tried!"

    Another pounding wave.

    "That's the whole idea, Slendy, you've done too much for too long. Even if you could get out of this alive, you wouldn't change," Hanima said bitterly, "you'd be the same sadistic piece of crap you have always been! And, you'd have an even bigger ego about surviving this."

    "I'll give you my woods, my mansion, everything!"


    "Just stop it! Do something!"

    "It's too late for that, you can't give me what the ocean has taken from you. I wouldn't even accept a billion bucks from you, and the only thing you'd give me if it was possible to save you, is agony."

    Slender Man shuddered and let out a whimper as another wave hit, cutting Hanima's speech off.

    Hanima got in front of him and right up in his face to continue. "If not directly, you'd go after my loved ones, and your thought life would be filled with all kinds of heinous suffering you'd wish on me."

    "I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!" Slender Man screamed, flailing about.

    More ocean motion.

    "You have no chance, Slender Boy."

    "Help me! Save me! Help! Help! Help! Don't let it kill me!"

    "Time for you to get smashed, mangled!" said Hanima. Let the good times roll!"

    Just then, a great wave hit the tower, gushing over the top and breaking it up, plunging Slender man headlong into the furious waves of the Urmila Ocean.


    Slender Man screamed in abject terror and flailed wildly about, looking desperately for something to hang on to.

    There was no sign of Hanima.

    When slender Man's head was submerged, he heard all the cries of those he had caused suffering, echoing through time and space.

    When he could get his head out of the water, all he heard was the howling wind and roaring ocean.

    Any debris he got close enough to grab, came at him so violently that it drew blood. His flailing tentacles sometimes got caught in twisting, sinking trees or some other wreckage.

    Slender Man tried to raise his voice in authority, though he had a sinking feeling it wouldn't work. "Stop this right now!"

    It brought no relief.

    "Hanima! Help me!"

    There was no answer.

    "Ocean! I command you to stop!" Slender Man did his best attempt at a bellow. Not easy in the midst of a crashing, pounding, stormy sea.

    It did nothing but make him look utterly stupid, but at this point, he couldn't have cared less if the whole world was watching. all he wanted was out of this nightmare.

    The ocean showed no mercy. If anything, it seemed to be even more violent as it heaved and swelled, heaved and swelled, tossing slender Man like a piece of driftwood, pounding at his woods and everything in it, turning structures and great trees to bits of debris which surfaced from time to time, but eventually disappeared.

    slender Man's ordeal went on and on, Urmila's punishing waves and rough wind when his head was above water, screams, cries and shouts when below. He was twisted and pummelled in every direction, torn this way and that. Tentacles got smashed to pieces between rock and metal and anything else being hurled by the stormy sea. Skin and flesh came off. Blood ran. Muscle tore, and bones were broken. It was getting harder and harder to get his head above water. His moans and curses were unanswered except by more waves.

    Then, when the ocean had reached its capacity, being that the amount of water now included the amount of tears shed by people in Hanima's world due to the real life stabbings, Urmila had one more horror in store for Slender Man.


    Whether this was happening to the whole ocean or just the part of it he was in, Slender Man didn't know, but the temperature rose rapidly until it was boiling and steaming.

    Slender Man struggled and screamed in vain. There was no escaping Urmila's scalding fury. Battered and torn, bleeding out, and weakening with every punishing second as the relentless ocean took more from him than he could give. Slender Man's head submerged longer each time it went under, until he finally succumbed.

    Not even this was enough to quiet the ocean. It kept storming until Slender Man was eventually dashed to pieces against rock formations, large chunks of debris, and by the violent motion of the waves themselves. Dead, boiled, and reduced to nothingness.


    That ocean pounded and churned until it had washed away all trace of Slender Man's woods and anything in it.

    From that time on, any ex-proxies that went looking for the mysterious woods from which they had gone to seek out Slender Man, would be met with nothing but their usual surroundings as if those woods had never been there; all interdimentional portals leading to that nonexistent wood, gone along with it.

    Such was the death of a slaver and murderer. Yes, all bad things must come to an end, too.

    As for the others, the ex-proxies made it home safely, Jessica Smith and Hanima returned to Mission Headquarters to report and celebrate the end of Slender Man.


    End note: The music links in this story section are to various artists performing Chopin's Etude 25-12, which has been dubbed "Ocean". Chopin is said to have composed this around the time Russia had attacked Poland, so that would have been upsetting to say the least. Besides sounding like an ocean probably by accident, there is so much in this music, struggle, fierce determination, hope, fear, and triumph. What better piece to fit with this story than this?

    Finally, Chopin Ocean Etude Op. 25 No. 12_ Machiko plays classical piano despite arthritis.

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