Fiction Lands Creative Writing Role Play

No dice or levelling up, not limited to fanfiction or original fiction, but a mix so that characters from various established fiction and your own had can interact.

Fiction Lands Creative Writing Role Play Help Center

Q: Fanfiction VS. original fiction VS. crossover/mixed?
q: What's "Character", "In character", and "Out of character"?
Q: If OOC means out of character, what does OC mean?
Q: How do I distinguish between describing them, and a character I didn't originally create but love to role play/write about? I.E. Batman, Luke Skywa
Q: What if I just want to write/rp only original characters, or fan fiction within its canon universe?
Q: Why don't you have a writing critique forum?
Q: Is there a limit to how many posts I can make?
q: Do I have to submit character sheets before getting into the writing/roleplay?
Q: So are there limits to what can/should be done in the general rp?
Q: What if I want to play a canon/famous fictional character that's already taken?
Q: Since the general mixed rp/writing section permits our created and famous fictional characters to interact, is there going to be a certain god or p
Q: what's shipping?
Q: What shouldn't be done here?
Q: What is foefiction?
Q: "Ur talking about weeaboos."
Q: "But isn't this for fandoms?"
Q: Fandoms VS. fanbases?
Q: "Oh good! Finally a rp for anti-bronies! MLP and bronies are cancer! I need some bleach."
Q: "*Cringe* You mean I have to like MLP and bronies?"
Q: "You are ignorant and prejudiced against memes. Memes are funny. They aren't chain letters."
Q: But they make people laugh."
Q: "Obsessive fandoms are actually like religion. I'm okay with fandoms but I hate religion. It should stay out of things as serious as politics and i
Q: Who or what is Mary Sue?
Q: Realfics? what are those? Real - fiction? Oxymoron. Irony. Huh?
Q: What are songfics?
Q: What's "Sue-ish"?
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